Friday, January 11, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Isn't it funny how folks have different nicknames for the various days of the week -- the "over-the-hump" Wednesday and T.G.I.F. Friday? I suppose it comes from the days when different jobs were assigned to different days. We are all so lucky to have modern appliances so we can accomplish all the jobs in a single day.

This has been a rather busy week around our household. The weather has suddenly turned warm and has given me the opportunity to get out in the garden to do some rose bush pruning. It is a daunting task each year as I have over 100 rose bushes. I try to get to them towards the end of December but just did not get the time this year. They seem to be fine with it as they are still producing some lovely roses. I actually picked two nice bouquets yesterday. I will cherish these last ones before the bushes come back with their spring flowers.

Yesterday was a day for getting the cars in the shop for regular servicing. I took our car in, got a ride home and then picked up my mom's car and took hers back when I picked mine up. All are in fine shape now and good for a few thousand miles more before a lube and oil is due. It is a nice feeling.

Our son's fundraiser for the CHP officer was a tremendous success. All three restaurants had their busiest days since starting -- 13 years ago. The community came together and really supported this family by eating pasta!!! Yesterday the "boys" were able to present the family with a check of close to $11,000.

Our #4 son sent us a photo of our newest grandson which I must share. I have already put the family phot on the fireplace mantle. (I have to get this picture thing down better as they automatically go to the top of the page and not where I want them inserted. Any help out there???)
Midlife Mom has tagged me for a meme on eight weird things about me. I'm not sure how to pronounce "meme' or what it really means, but I think that I need to make a list. So here goes:
1. I LOVE cleaning. The dirtier something is, the better I like it.
2. I have never met a machine that I did not like. I used to do all my own engine work on my car before I got married.
3. I am obsessed that dishes must drain dry. I feel dishtowels harbor all sorts of germs.
4. I do not like sponges for my dishes -- only dishcloths which can be bleached.
5. I can't stand going barefoot. Shoes go on first thing in the morning. Pretty weird, no?
6. I am a fabric hoard. Every nook and cranny in my house has fabric stashed in it.
7. I cry for any reason -- happy or sad. I often say that I am hooked up to the local water company.
8. I have awesome in-laws. I am so blessed with my children's choices.
Now, I wish I had someone else to tag. Hopefully I will once I get this blogging thing going.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Meme is pronounced like 'dream'. Don't know where it came from. They are fun because you learn things about fellow bloggers that you wouldn't otherwise get to know. I should have put the fabric hoarding one in mine too! ha! To get people reading your blog you need to go onto other blogs and start leaving comments and invite them over to your blog. It takes a while but you will get a following. Also let your family members know about it so that they can read and leave comments. Well unless you don't what them to know! lol! Just make sure you go to blogs that are ones that you know are okay like if you go to my 'favorites' you know they are all okay. They are right on the left hand side of my posts and you just click on them and they will link you to the blogger. The pictures always go right to the top of the page but then you can move them to where you want them. Just click on them to so that the line is around them and pull them down to where you want to put them. You might have to pull by going over to the down arrow on the right side. Then you will have to backspace to get your writing back up to the beginning. Was that as clear as mud? It's just how Blogger works. There is a way to have the pictures go to the paragraph that you are working on, my computer teacher started me on that this week but I still don't know how to do it. I WILL learn though!

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting and saying hi. It's always nice to 'meet' new blog friends.
    I love the photo your son sent. That is the sweetest baby!!
    How lucky you are to have so many grandchildren.
    I enjoyed your meme. It made me smile :) You LOVE cleaning?? I don't mind it, but there's so many other things I'd rather be doing :)
    I'm so glad the fundraiser went well. What a horrible experience that poor family must've been through.
    Good luck with the photos. I use Picasa to send mine to blogger (you can send up to 4 at a time). I save them as a draft and then write the text afterward. Picasa is a free download from Google. It's a wonderful program. Feel free to ask questions if you need more help!

  3. Love the picture! It's adorable. I just right click and copy the picture after it posts at the top and then right click and paste it in the text where I want it. (don't forget to delete the top one.) You'll catch on quickly. Feel free to email me any questions and I'll try to help you!
    You did fine on the meme. I always enjoy learning new things about blogging friends!

  4. Hi there! How nice to meet a new friend! I think your meme is hilarious. Cleaning???? Feel free to visit the UK any time! And I am absolutely like you with the fabric hoarding. I love to look at the stacks and stroke them and dream about what I will make. Like in 2050 at this rate, when I am 90 something. But I have to confess that I seldom have shoes on. I love going barefoot!
    Don't worry... you will get used to dragging photos about and it all gets easy before you know it. Welcome to our little corner!

  5. Enjoyed your blog..There is so much I don't know yet about blogging..

    You're doing great..
    I hope you have a great weekend..

  6. Oh, how i wish you would visit me when the cleaning urge hits! I like things to BE clean, but I don't necessarily want to do the cleaning! :)

  7. I am just now making the switch to rags for my dishes and all cleaning jobs, after being a paper towel junkie for years. Am considering ditching the baby wipes too, because I'm highly dependent on them. We use cloth diapers, but if I don't use at least ten wipes per poop, I can't, in good conscience, rediaper the baby.

    Fun to read! :)