Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday's Glory

The sun is shining and it is a glorious day. There is nothing like a good rainstorm to wash the plants of all the past year's dust and ash which, in turn, makes the entire area appear to sparkle. This past storm was quite chilly for us and left a wonderful snowcapped mountain landscape all around us. The photo does not do it justice as it truly looked as though it was glowing. (I'll eventually get this blogging with photos down.)

Meanwhile the weekend was just a wonderful time to settle in with some great projects, cooking and enjoying the warm fire.

Christmas is officially over at my home. I packed away the last nativity set this a.m. and my house looks so bare. They were still singing the Christmas carols at church yesterday morning, but I am certain this will be the last week. They sang one of my favorite songs, The Wood of the Cradle. I guess I could continue to play the tunes around here but that would be rather silly in January.

We had a young CHP officer injured very severely in an accident in December. We have all been praying for him and his family. Since he was a frequent customer at our son's restaurants there is a big fund raiser for the next two days. I will include his brother's website so anyone else can follow his progress. The man that was the cause of the accident is to appear before the courts today to be charged with DUI and other charges. It is a very sad story.

This evening we are having my FIL over for a leg of lamb dinner. We were all discussing hot malasadas on the way to church yesterday. Have you ever eaten them? We used to have them from the local stands when we lived in Hawaii. I made them for the children growing up and they always loved them. Well.....I have a batch rising right now. My mouth is watering as I imagine the delicious first one -- hot and covered with sugar. YUM! It is definitely NOT included in the new year's diets.

I hope all have a wonderful week.


  1. What are malasadas? Anything associated with yeast and sugar makes my mouth water!

    Glad you weathered the rain storm okay. The picture looks great, I was going to send you instructions on posting pictures but I see you have it all figured out! What a view!

    So sad about the CHP officer. DUI is such a huge problem and I just don't know what the answer is. The police pick them up and then they are right out driving again. I will check out the website right after I finish this comment. I hope the young officer comes out of this intact and able to work again.

    We got our flight schedule for Ocean Reef today. Another three hour layover in Philly. We just don't have much to pick from if we fly out of Bangor. Could fly out of Boston and have tons to pick from but then we would have a 4-5 hour drive home depending on weather. I guess I'd rather be sitting in an airport then on the road in a potential storm.

    We are taking down our Christmas stuff at church on Thursday. It's so pretty we hate to but it's just time. Once New Years is over it gets a bit old for people to come in and see Christmas stuff still up. I have everything down here at home except my real wreath on the front door and that will go on trash pick up day next week.

    R is in NH today and won't be home till late tonight. He said it is just crazy there with the politcal stuff going on. Our manager there said he got 6 phone calls last evening and people coming to the houses all day long. Glad it's there and not here!

    My niece Funsize is coming over in a few minutes after she gets out of work. She is going to do laundry and we'll have some supper, something easy like pancakes or french toast. I took my sister out for lunch today as it's her birthday so don't want a big supper. She turned 50 today.

    Guess that's it for today. Take care! We'll be at Ocean Reef before we know it!!

  2. So glad you stopped by to say hi! Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Thanks so much for your prayers for my Grandpa.
    I'll be back to visit again!