Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meeting AJ

It has been a wonderfully fun filled weekend. As I wrote this week, our newest grandson and his parents came for a visit. This was his debut to meet all of his cousins, aunts, uncles and great grandparents.....and of course to visit with his grandparents. Everyone always loves a baby and this was no exception. No one could get their fill of the cuddles and loving of this little fellow. The children were as excited as the adults. One would think we never had babies in this family!

The parents loved the quilt and I hope that baby will too someday. Of course everyone loves to take goofy pictures of babies. We are no exception. These are the pictures that end up in high school yearbooks and the children wonder why they had to be born into these families.

And I thought "Pee Pee Teepees" were to be used elsewhere on the body! Silly me!

This is a four generation picture with son, grandson, FIL and husband.

We are very fortunate that our grandchildren live very close to us. Eighteen of the nineteen are within ten minutes of us so we are able to be very involved in their lives. This son and DIL live about two and a half hours north so this is foreign ground to us. I really want to take in every moment of him while he is here and make a memory to hold onto. The way he smells, the little moves he makes are all imprinted for the time being. He will be so different in only a few weeks time. :(

On Saturday one of our granddaughters called and asked if we could come over to their house and see something. There are ten children in the family so it is usually a very active household, as one can imagine. One never knows just what it is when they call for a request to come "see something." We have been called to see snakes, baby squirrels, rabbits, birds, lizards and even strange looking bugs. This was the big surprise.

The kids are thrilled with it. It is a mule that they have been caring for at the ranch next door to them. The couple who live next door are letting them board him at their stables in exchange for help caring for the horses. (A GREAT deal) "Rudy" is a delightfully sweet and gentle animal. The kids all enjoy riding him and he seems to enjoy it just as much. He will definitely get his share of giving rides.

It has been a wild weekend of weather again for us. After the kids left to drive home, my husband and I took a drive to check out the creeks which normally run dry around here. They were all filled with treacherous looking water. Everything is starting to green up with the rains that we have had and it is that gorgeous spring green color. The burned areas that were so blackened in the fall all have a blanket of green covering them. It would be nice to have some rain all year around to keep it green, but it just doesn't happen like that. We should be in for a nice week of weather after this storm passes through.

This was a very unusual sight for us and I had to take a picture of it while we were on the road. We never get rainbows. I couldn't find the pot of gold because the end of it kept moving!

Then when we got home it was right in our backyard -- not the pot of gold, but the rainbow! This actually ended up being a double rainbow so it was even more special. I really needed a wide angle lens to get both sides of it, but the other side was just as pretty.


  1. What absolute sweetness! There is nothing like the miracle of a brand new little life and they do truly change so fsst.
    We're still having the bad storms, but everything is looking green here.

  2. Oh that baby is just adorable!!!! I know what you mean about them changing so fast, the next visit he will look totally different! I think you will be making that 2 hour trip more often now!!

    That mule will be so much fun for the kids, just think of all the attention he will get and all the treats! How did they come about getting him? He's such a pretty color too, ours was gray. One of my bloggy friends has one named Freddie.

    You are so lucky that you live in a warm climate when it comes to getting ready for these trips. I did find one pair of sandals today but there sure isn't much to pick from yet. I think I will just go with what I have in my closet and call it good.

    I got my Santa and Snowman grid yesterday in the mail. I haven't had a chance to look it over yet as I have been out all day today but after T goes home tonight I will get it out. R has a dinner thing so I will have a nice quiet evening.

    Love the four generation picture, but you should have been in it too! You had something to do with the whole thing not just the men! You had the hard part!

    What the heck is a PeePee TeePee??? Never heard of that! ha!

    Well T will be here pretty soon on the bus so I guess I'll get a couple things done before she gets here.

    See you soon!!!

  3. OHHHH!!! I ADORE babies!! He is so ADORABLE!! He reminds me of my boys. Oh no, I am wanting another baby now! Dont telly my hubby,lol! What beautiful pictures of your grandchildren! THey are so cute with the mule too. lol! We live really close to my parents and my boys always want to call them to come see things too! I love having them so close by.

    How nice to see a rainbow! I can hardly wait until spring!!


  4. What a beautiful rainbow! I saw a double on in Hawaii when we were there.

    What an adorable baby boy! I can't wait till the little girls get to come home.

    I just noticed that you only started blogging this month - I'm glad we connected - not sure how that happened, but it's good.

  5. I forgot to answer your question - the babies were not in the same sack, as you may know. But we were told recently that they could still be identical. I was surprised to hear that. Genetic testing would have to be done to prove one way or the other, and that is cost prohibitive. So I guess we'll watch and see how they turn out! Right now they look so much like their two big sisters did as babies - and they looked so much alike that if their name is not on the back, we can't tell which is which!

  6. oh he is simply beautiful!!!!nothing like a baby! cute pics!

  7. Your new little grandson couldn't possibly be any cuter! What a little doll, and oh yes, he's going to shake his head over those photos when he's older :)
    You're so lucky to have almost all of your grandchildren so close to you!!
    I think the pot of gold really is right your home, with your wonderful family surrounding you :)
    You did a truly beautiful job with the new little fellow's quilt. Just adorable!