Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy June

With the busiest month of the year behind us, I feel as though there is a fresh start to the new month.  Life is good!

Sewing took a big hit in May.  Most sewing came in spurts here and there.  I love a good empty day where I can sit and sew till my heart is content.  The bits of stitching here and there always seem to leave me feeling scattered and looking for something quick and easy.  

These leaves fit into the schedule.  The idea comes from a photo of a table runner that I had attached to my "dream" board.  

Several years ago when Block Lotto was up and running, I won a set of Birds in the Air blocks one month.  I came across them recently, but I need to make more in order to make a quilt with them.  Again....a simple design that can be quickly sewn together.  I added another eleven blocks to the stack.  

That makes for a pretty pathetic 17 blocks for my total this month for the 350 Blocks Project.

When we moved here about thirty five years ago, we put a sand volleyball court in the backyard.  It saw a ton of use, but over the years the soft sand had blown away.  With a new generation of grandchildren playing now, we decided to upgrade the court to a more functional play space.  This month saw the transformation into a sports court that has provided many laughs.  We've learned to play pickleball and are really enjoying it.  I just need to get better at figuring out how to call the score!!!!  Sheesh!  Wonder if anyone has ever thought of a simple scoreboard.  :-)

The weather has been fairly cool for us.  The flowers continue to bloom, but the tomatoes are slow in setting fruit with our cool nights.  The vegetable garden has been a constant battle with rabbits this year.  Any good hints????

The streptocarpus are gorgeous and are transplants
from my father's from many years ago.

I believe this is a begonia of some sort.  It is a volunteer plant
that makes its appearance each year in several of my pots.

This is a Mandevilla vine that eventually grows over the 
patio cover by the end of summer.  My trellis is a 
crib spring.

So.....bring on June and summer.  I'm excited that it is here.