Thursday, September 12, 2019


At the rate that I am getting posts created these days, I might as well just title them with the month.  Here we are into the middle of September already.  The grandchildren are all back in school and fall is quickly approaching.

The last few weeks we have had our dear friends from the U.K. visiting us.  The days were packed with activities which included lots of shopping, golf and quilting.

While the guys golf, Irene and I set lofty goals as far as how much quilting we can get done.  We tried for six quilts, but only managed to finish five.  If we hadn't got carried away with the grand opening of the new Home Goods store, I'm sure we would have made our goal.  lol

The first quilt we made was for their daughter and we did the Scrappy Majestic Mountains in gray.  Irene loved it so much that she was afraid that she would not be able to part with it.  So...we did another in blues.

Then we did a couple of twin quilts for the grandsons which I realized too late that we did not  photograph before they were packed away.

We finished the last one yesterday, just in time to pack in the bag for today's departure.  This last one was a beauty - a chain pattern using Kaffe fabric.  All three of these were queen sized quilts so you can imagine how the machines were humming.

I have been out of the loop on what is happening in blogland, IG land and all else so am looking forward to catching up with everyone.