Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

My cousin and his wife are arriving in town from Iowa this afternoon.  We were hoping for sunny weather, but it appears that we are going to be experiencing our coldest storm for this date in thirty five years.  Oh yeah!  They have even said that San Francisco may see snow flakes.  There is a very slim chance we may see some as well.  What is with that?  No matter, we will have a wonderful time visiting and hanging out together - rain or shine.  I was just hoping that they would be able to enjoy a little warm weather after the winter they have had.

We had a great weekend with the christening of our newest grandson.  It is always such a delight to welcome a new baby into the faith.  Our very good friend, Fr. G, did the baptism.  He said that this was the 42nd baby from our extended family that he has christened.  As well, he has done most of the weddings and a few funerals.  I cannot imagine our lives without him.  Of course my camera went dead when I started to take pictures so these are the best that I could get.

The trip to his church took us along the beach.  It was such a gorgeous day and we stopped to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the waves.  They were having such fun chasing each other in and out as they rode the surf.

I've been playing a little catch up on my quiltalongs after being away for several trips.  It has felt good to get into the studio and do some sewing.  I had some shirts and sweatshirts to embroidery as well so that machine was running while I was playing with my blocks.

Civil War Quilt Along

Block #15 of the Thread Head Quilt Along.  I still need to catch up on #16 and 17.

Birdie BOM

My niece asked me to make a few burp cloths for her to give as a gift.  These are always so much fun to make.

Needless to say, I will be away from my computer for a few days while we are enjoying our houseguests.  I will be checking in again sometime next week.  I hope everyone enjoys their week ahead.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In a Fog

I have literally felt like I was in a fog for the last few days.  Somehow I managed to contract that nasty stuff that was going around.  Ugh!  I finally dragged myself to the doctor and was relieved that it was something that could be treated with an antibiotic rather than stay the course until it left my body.  I am actually feeling human again as the song in Beauty and the Beast goes. last post was from the sunny beaches of the Florida Keys?  Well, this post is about a giant contrast.  As many of you know, each year we take a family vacation to the Sierras for some snow fun.  Is it any wonder my body revolted from the temperature extremes?

Looking good!

Plenty of snow this year.

We rent the same condos each year and everyone does their own thing.  Some are skiers, some love snowboarding and others just enjoy sledding.  It's a wonderful time for hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  
I can never tire of the view from our condo.

Cousin love.

The girls!

Snow fun.

Growing up too fast.

The techy guys.

Everyone loves a baby.

Snow goggles???  Are you serious?

Hanging out before dinner.

Whew...what a ride!

Happy birthday to Mr. P!

Before skiing.

You want me to wear this too?????

My turn!!!

On top of the world.

That was one deep hole.

The girls performing a skit for everyone.

Grandma time.

Time for lots of games too.  Bananagrams and Mah Jongg were the biggest hits.

Today I have been busy sewing away.  I had promised two of the girls dresses for the school family dance this weekend and have not felt like sewing them until today.  

I was a part of the ALQS5 swap this year and my partner's mini quilt arrived.  It is just gorgeous and I have a special place in my studio for it.  I wish she had a blog because her work is spectacular and I would love to follow what else she is doing.  My mini is making it's way to England so I can't show any pictures of it yet.  

This is so much prettier in person.
It looks like we are in for a little more rain for the next week.  I just want it to be out of here by next Wednesday as my cousin and his wife are coming for a visit from Iowa.  I am sure they would love to have some nice weather to warm them up.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for them!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From the Pacific to the Atlantic

It never ceases to amaze me that travel is so easy for us these days.  Last Thursday morning our plane took off flying out of Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean and that evening we were enjoying the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.  Amazing!!!

Midlife Mom and I get to meet up once a year at a gorgeous resort in Key Largo while our husbands have a meeting.  I do think that this was probably the nicest weather we have had in the seventeen years that we have been able to do this.  It was warm and sunny with little humidity and no rain.  Needless to say we had a marvelous time.  MM and I really got a chance to get together often which does not generally happen with events tightly scheduled.  It was just what we both needed as we so look forward to our visits.

The event has a yearly theme and costumes are provided for the theme night. I'll let you guess what this year's theme was.

Right out of the 60s!!!!

Love the lava lamp!!!

It is sad to report, but I remember living through those days.  Then again....maybe it is good that I can still remember it.  We got to talking about the terrible drug scene at the time.  My husband was going to college in San Francisco during those years and was very close to the Haight Ashbury district.  There were many sad cases up there, but perhaps the memories of what made a big impact on society was the Charles Man*son family.  They lived very close to where we lived and we used to go horseback riding on the Spa*hn Ranch.  Of course we all thought those people were "freaky" looking.  Little did we realize how dangerous they were.  So much for thinking that the 60s were about peace and love!!

The mode of transportation while we were there is a golf cart.  They are so much fun to drive/ride in and it is always fun to explore. 

I just love the colors of the buildings - blues, yellows, pinks.

The signature flagpole.

View from our balcony.

The marina with many pelicans.

I loved this orchid tree.
This year I went to visit their Art Gallery as they were having a one day art show.  Check out these wonderful brass eggs in the show.

We did venture "off campus" one day to go to a biker hangout that we always pass on our way to the resort.  I'll suffice it to say that it was interesting and we did have a blast.  The best part was a couple of ladies dancing to the cowboy band that was playing.  They were amazing!!!!  These gals were nearly 80 and danced like nothing you have seen before.  As well, they were dressed in their full skirts, petticoats and cowboy boots.  I am hoping that MM got some pictures of them as I only have it on video.  They were a hoot!

MM and her dear hubby.
 Sadly, all good trips must come to an end and this was no different.  Once again we awoke to the sunrise over the Atlantic and saw the setting sun over the Pacific.  Again....amazing! much of my hand sewing did I get done while I was there?  Very little!!!!  I did take it with the best of plans, but just did not get a chance to do it. 

Joanne asked me if I had a picture of my blocks for the Thread Head Quilt Along.  It has outgrown my design wall, but I did lay them on the floor to take a picture of them.  The floor was also getting a little small so I just starting putting the blocks down.  I need to get blocks #15 (and probably #16) done soon.  There will eventually be 20 sets of blocks.

When I returned home there was an envelope from Leona waiting for me.  I had admired a wonderful quilt she had made with a Loralie panel.  It was all sewing themed and just precious.  She sent me a panel that she had and I can't wait to make a quilt for my sewing studio with it.  Look at how cute even the border is on it.  Thank you, Leona.