Thursday, April 22, 2021

Quilts, Monarchs, Flowers and Such

 The main problem with posting so seldom is trying to capture everything in one post.  It has been a busy month around here.  

Sewing started the month off with a gifted quilt for a friend of my DIL who just started chemo for breast cancer.  Snails Trail seemed like an appropriate pattern for the slow months ahead of chemo, radiation, double mastectomy and reconstruction.

The camera angles make one look quite long and thin while the other is square,  It is actually a generous sized throw..  

It progressed to more fun sewing, baby burp cloths and a Christening gown for a baby shower for our eldest granddaughter.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the gown, but will do so at the Christening.  

Then we slipped off to Hawaii for a week of complete relaxation.  It was heavenly!  The view from our balcony was glorious and we enjoyed the sunsets everyday.  The flowers there were also fantastic.  

Can you spot the courting gecko?

This masterpiece was hanging in our hotel lower lobby, artist "unknown". 
A reminder to label your quilts!  (110" square)

From our room we had a view of the hotel gardens below us.  It was such fun to watch the progress of their plantings from when we arrived.  I wouldn’t mind that job!

It’s always fun to return home and see what is happening in my own gardens.  So much is blooming now.  

Cymbidiums.  Many of these once belonged to my dad.  He had quite a green thumb.

Clivia.  These were all started from seeds that my BIL gave me.

Roses...I love this one.  It is called Tuscan Sun by Jackson and Perkins.   

We’ve had so many monarch cocoons this year.  Many have flown free already, but I have several left to hatch.  One is going to break free sometime today and I am trying to capture it on a video.  It’s soooo close.

Lastly, this past week our daughter’s Golden Retriever had ten puppies.  OMGoodness....cuteness galore.  Fear not.....that is not a handmade quilt, but would be worth it.  ;-)