Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring in the Garden

It seems that this is the time of the year that the garden beckons me outside more and more.  Other than the countless weeds that multiply faster than rabbits, things are really blooming out.  I have quite a few Cymbidium orchids that are always so pretty at this time of the year.  Many of them are plants from my father who has been gone almost thirteen years.

I love this little green one.

The cactus is also blooming.  I just love this plant with the giant flowers.

Other than the blog hops, I have been sewing some.  Months ago I participated in a Low Volume Swap and I have been playing around with them.  I am just sewing the blocks together as I make them to encourage random placement.   I think I will do eight rows so I am halfway there.

The blue dotted block is coming out because it really does not play well in the mix. 

I had a couple of the granddaughters over to make themselves some costumes for their spring show at school.

My mug rug for our swap is made and sent out to Linda (who no longer blogs).  Linda loves Doxies and has several at her house so when I saw this mug I knew who had to own it.

This is the gorgeous mug rug that Linda sent to me.  The tiny flowers are so perfect and so pretty.

I've had a lot of fun mail arrive lately too, including this wonderful package from Shanna.  I had won the charm packs, but Shanna send this entire box full of selvages since she knows that I collect them.   Between Shanna and a high school friend of mine, I am slowly getting close to starting my selvage quilt. 

Have you seen the lovely blue canning jars that Ball has come out with to celebrate their 100th anniversary?  Even if you don't can, they are wonderful for vases or tall glasses of lemonade.  Since I can, I am looking forward to using them.

I've joined my first ever Bee - Japanese Xs and +s.  I have enjoyed seeing this block and look forward to swapping some each month.

My goal for this month's Lovely Year of Finishes and Monthly To Do List was to finish all of my blocks for Easy Street.  I am happy to say that they are all done. Now I have to sew them all together.  I must have the last Easy Street completion.  I hope to finish before the next one comes out in December ;-)


We have grandchildren staying with us for a week starting tomorrow so I will have very little computer time.  I'll check in when I get a chance.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shake Your Pom Poms

Today is the big kickoff for shaking your pom poms brought to you by Madam Samm and Thearica.  These gals have done a wonderful job putting the hop together and I am shaking my pom poms to cheer for them.   Rah...rah....shishcumba!!!!!

Whatever could I do with pom poms?????  I had no idea when I signed up for this hop, but I remembered wrapping yarn around pieces of cardboard when I was younger as I tried to make pom poms.  After all....we did made our cheerleader pom poms ourselves waaaaay back then.  Nowadays, Clover has an amazing pom pom maker tool.  They make different sizes of pom poms too...easy...peasy.

Taking inspiration from the abundance of new bunnies in the yard this month, I started with one.....

Then I grabbed more yarn out of the basket and some fabrics to coordinate with it to create this.

Of course there are all kinds of pom poms one can make.  If made a bit longer they are called tassles.  I used these on an afghan that I made. 

Do you know how it is when you have something on your mind and you can't "shake" the idea?  Well....I was walking down the sidewalk and saw these pods.  Thinking pom poms, can you guess what idea came to my mind?

Ta da!!!!  TINY little pom poms!!!   Beady eyes and all.

Be sure to visit the rest of the pom pom makers from today and the rest of the hop.  I am sure we will see many fabulous ideas and you will soon be out shaking YOUR pom poms.

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April 25

April 26

April 29

April 30

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Showers Blog Hop

Today is my special day to show you my mug rigs for the April Showers Blog Hop. 

First of all I need to send a big thank you for the wonderful job done by Madam Samm and Erin for the fabulous job they have done putting this hop together.  We've all had a great deal of fun....right?  I am sure we have also been greatly inspired by all of the creative work.

When I heard of the Mug Rug Blog Hop I jumped on board immediately.  I LOVE mug rugs and I love making mug rugs.  They are instant gratification and allow you to try some techniques that you may not want to use in a bigger quilt.  They are also so much fun to swap.  I keep a little stack of them close by at all times to use as coasters.


Although our rainy season is finished in March, we did get a bit of a shower on Easter Sunday. Spring here does not involve the drops falling from the skies, but these are a few of my April thoughts.

First off would be the gorgeous flowers blooming. It is also the time of the year that I freshen up my pots. An added "pot" this year is my mug rug. See how well my flowers are blooming already!!!

I can even pick my flowers for guests that come to join me for a cuppa.

Anyone who knows me also knows of my love for frogs. This time of the year the frogs are croakin' like crazy in the garden so I had to do a little mug rug in their honor.

 I love my mug and use it all the time, but now I have an accessory for it.

With the longer hours of daylight the chickens also start laying their eggs again. No more store bought eggs with the pale yellow yolks!

The birds chirping is one of the things I enjoy hearing the most when I am in my sewing studio. Springtime is always quite active in my backyard when the birds arrive. This little mug rug is one I made and keep at my sewing machine.

One last April event is the arrival of our migrating hummingbirds. With them comes my purchasing of the giant bags of sugar at Cost*co each week. LOL We have 6 - 4 cup feeders that need to be filled EVERY DAY, but we love having them for the summer.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek and be sure to pop over and visit all of the others sharing their mug rugs on the final day of the hop.  I know that those of you who have participated in the hop probably have a mug rug or two, but do you ever really have enough????   How about if I give away the hummingbird mug rug?  Just leave me a comment and let me know if you are interested.  Following is not necessary, but always welcomed.   I will choose a winner next Monday evening, April 22.

Mary @ Needled Mom (you are here...thank you)
Fredrika @ Feltfree på Åsly
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt






Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Sewing

I love sewing at this time of the year.  I have the windows and doors opened in my sewing room and enjoy hearing the birds busy chirping away outside. 

We've had two granddaughters with birthdays this week so I have done a bit of sewing for their gifts.   This little dress will be a nice,  cool summer dress for a toddler and I love the fabrics.  Oh, to be to be able to wear all of these ruffles!!!

Another granddaughter loves skirts so I made her a sweet summer skirt in colors she likes. 

For years we have had one of the "box" televisions in our family room.  We had a cabinet actually made for the area to fit the TV.  That was about 18 years ago.  The television worked fine and we saw no need to update to a fancy new one as long as it was still working.  I think I dreaded it because it involved doing something with "the cabinet".  Well....the speakers finally went out on the old box and the time to replace it had come.  I am glad it is done, but what a mess it was when undergoing the process.  In the end, we decided to mount the new TV on a swing arm so it sits on the outside of the cabinet.  It is not perfect, but it beats remaking the entire cabinet.  Note to changes too quickly to make cabinets that last much longer.

I've been working on a few projects for upcoming blog hops.  The first one is for the mug rug hop called April Showers.  My day is the 18th so be sure to check back then to see what has been occupying my time lately, but there are delightful mug rugs being shown each day.  Hop over and check it out.

Go and enjoy the weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals

What is it they say about a day late and a dollar short????  I am a day late in setting my April goals, but I have had groups of little ones here for the last nine days so I do have a good excuse.  There was little computer time, much less time to think about goals. first goal this month will be to work on two blog hop projects that I will be participating in this month.  Then I really want to finish my blocks for my Easy Street quilt.  I would love to say that my goal would be to finish it completely, but I don't think that will happen.  I still have this box of pieces to assemble.

Next,  I have several friends and grandchildren with birthdays this month so I need to come up with some small birthday gifts.  I will be linking up my projects with Pigtales and Quilts To Do List as well as a Lovely Year of Finishes.

I met my goals for both last month with my Easter sewing and my quilt, but I was able to squeeze in a bit more sewing as well.  Here are a few pictures of my finishes with faces attached to the clothing. 


Our Easter was wonderful in spite of the rains that decided to pour down on us for awhile.  The children never seem to be bothered by it and enjoyed their time together.
One last thing to share is how beautiful the clematis is when it is in bloom. 

Enjoy your week.