Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Post Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving arrived.  It has been such a strange and unwelcomed year, but it has helped us to count our blessings.  We have found blessings in simple things this year, things we generally take for granted.  We have found time to explore new avenues, some because we wanted to and others because we had to do so.  Now we head into the Christmas season and the putting of 2020 to bed once and for all.

My latest adventure in my creative world has been working on a quilt filled with luscious Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I was so inspired by an Escher quilt that Ramona made and knew I had to tackle a similar  project myself.  The geometric design is right up my alley.   This is a quilt that could go very wrong VERY QUICKLY, but my first four rows have gone together well.  I love it.  The depth of the interlocking cubes is fascinating to me.  

This one is called Escher Cubed and it is constructed using 60* triangle pieces (with y-seams) in proper color combinations.   

I also finished my fall quilt that was this year's Autumn Jubilee quilt from Carole at From My Carolina Home.  I believe it is still a free pattern. We have been enjoying it throughout the season and look forward to decorating with it for many more years. I quilted it using Dream Wool batting so it has a marvelous texture to the quilting.

Of course, any quilt on the floor is meant to be slept on.  There were two on it until I admonished them.  Note how one takes the discipline!!  Sigh.  

Our Gridster Bee block for the month of December is for a feather block.  I love the block even though I did have some issues with printing it out.  My first one ended up being a smidge too small so I have one to keep for myself!  It is a free download from Zen Chic.

As the weather has turned a bit more fall-ish here, I have had requests for some flannel nightgowns from the granddaughters.  I used my ruffler attachment on my Singer 201 and just loved how it did the ruffling so perfectly.  

While working out in the garden, we came across these two little guys.  They must have hatched sometime this fall and managed to survive.  I did not see the momma lay this batch of eggs.  We did adopt them out to new homes as they needed to be rescued from the birds who like to eat them when they are small.  

In the garden, the pomegranate tree is absolutely loaded this year.  We've been juicing them and giving them away as fast as we can!  As with any tree like that, when it rains, it pours.  They will be good for Christmas decorating too.  

We have just finished off what I assume will be the last of the tomatoes for the year.  The temperatures have been a bit too chilly for fruit to set these late November days. 

Onwards into the Christmas season.....