Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Minding My Ps and Qs

This week we started on the consonants in our Repeat QAL - Ps and Qs.  I can actually start spelling words now.

It has been a busy week with birthdays here friends and family.  Last evening we celebrated three birthdays and will celebrate another two this evening.  Although as friends we don't really exchange gifts, I made a few small gifts - a mug rug and a needle case.

I watched some of the little ones last Friday and one of the grandsons came prepared to bake cupcakes.  He had even written the recipe down to bring along.

As we were getting the cupcakes in the oven, I found these two making use of the empty bowl.

One of the granddaughters had a cross country horse event near Solvang over the weekend so we went up to watch her perform.  She and London were flawless in their jumps.

I was very lucky and won this beautiful stack of RJR solids from Cindy's blog - Live a Colorful Life.  They look so pretty all neat and tidy, but I can't wait to untie the ribbon and start sewing with them.

The baby cockatiel is finally getting his face and neck feathers.  I love the ones that will eventually stick up on top of his head.  He is also getting very demanding when it comes to feeding.  The poor dad can't seem to get a break.  Guess it is just like all babies.

In closing....this is what happens when you leave your phone alone and the grandchildren are around.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This week brought us the rest of our vowels for the Repeat QAL.  We added the a, i and u to all of our e's.  I think there is a game show where one has to pay for their vowels....no??????

I'm looking forward to moving away from the vowels.

I worked on some of the Bullseye blocks for the Block Lotto this month.  This was a new to me technique, but kind of fun to create.

I also made good progress on a mini quilt for the ALQS10.  I have been a participant in this swap for a number of years now and absolutely love the way Kate runs it.  There is still time to join in if you are interested.  This year our mini quilt is only 10" square.  You can submit up to two quilts.  I have received the nicest quilts in return over the years.

I promised photos of our growing baby cockatiel.  It is still very vulture-ish looking, but improving as more and more feathers appear.  It is now starting to eat seeds on its own and the parents are encouraging fledging.  Dad is the only one still feeding it as mom has moved on to better things.  The baby loves being held and is starting to chirp a bit.

Last week.....

 This week......  starting to venture out on its own.

We had a wonderful weekend of celebrating all of the fathers in the family but I have no photos to share of it.  We were way to busy having fun together.

......but......we enjoyed our first BLTs of the year with our first fresh tomato from the garden.  This week the peaches are ripening. Although smaller than normal with the lack of water, they make up for it in quantity.   I know what my week ahead has in store for me.

I'll be back when the canning is done.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So.... how many of us are making the Elm Street QAL quilt?  This week the first sewing started and I had such fun choosing fabrics and putting my e's together.

My computer got sick this week so it has spent the last week in caring hands and has finally been returned.  I'm still trying to navigate around all of the new applications since it was all updated.

Meanwhile, I have had a little more time to spend in my sewing space which was great.  I managed to get my Round Robin quilt finished.  

The signature blocks were used on the back.

When our British friends were here in the spring we made her beautiful zig zag quilt.  There were a lot of leftover bits that were cut off the edges.  I squared those up and made usable blocks with them for a donation baby quilt.  

Then I backed it with the sweetest plush fabric.  It is so soft and cuddly.

I also finished my bee blocks for the MCM bee that I participate in each month.  These blocks were such fun to make and I think it will make a spectacular finish.  

We are forecast for a heat wave this weekend.  I am looking forward to it as it has been such a cool summer for us so far.  We were at my nephew's wedding last Saturday evening and people were wearing their ski parkas or were wrapped in blankets to keep warm.  It was crazy.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yeah.....it is finally finished!

The final stitches went in today and I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am to have this one finished.

This piece has traveled far and wide with me.

When I look at it over the years I will recall stitching it on airplanes, in boats and in cars.  It has traveled to Italy, England, and more states than I can recall.

I will remember stitching while waiting in hospital rooms......on the sunny porch with a tall glass of iced tea.......or early in the morning with my cup (s) of coffee.   Sooooo many stitches!

Today finally brought the last of those stitches.....and those teeny, tiny little glass beads.  Threading the beading needles was as challenging as using the filament threads in the stitches.

My trusty companion was very helpful when her excitement tipped over my little container of berry beads.  Sheesh.......try cleaning those little buggers up off the floor.

BUT.....it is done and I love the finish.  Now it is off to the framer.  Then there be years of enjoying it.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Three in a Row

For three posts in a row I have managed to put some new stitches in my cross stitch project.  I have FINALLY reached the end of the last shepherd.  I still have the final border to finish and then add the beading.  There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

This is where I was last week.

It was a crazy week around here so there was not a lot of machine time.  I did manage to get my bee block done for Kerry.  She is our June Bee Queen for our #Spellingbeequilt.  Her idea is to make a pixelated style provincial map of Canada.  My word was Manitoba.  

We have a couple of cockatiels that have laid egg after egg, but we have never had a hatchling.  They have finally succeeded in producing a chick.  I'm sure it is a face only a mother could love!!!  I hope it gets better looking soon.  ;-)  We have enjoyed watching both mom and dad feeding the little ball of yellow fluff.  

We are suppose to warm up for the weekend and I am looking forward to some summer temperatures.  Our May was cool and foggy and I am glad to be leaving that behind.