Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blogger, Blogger, Blogger!

I know that I am only one of many complaining about all that is going on with Blogger.  I do hope they can make it easier for us in the end.  Meanwhile, thank you all for your continued comments.  Not only can I not see them without going to my blog, I also cannot access your e-mails by clicking on your links.  I think that is a Microsoft/AOL problem, but it is beyond frustrating.  In the meantime I am starting a separate address book as I accumulate your e-mails.  Wish me luck with that one!

As we say farewell to May, my Heart a Day for May comes to a close.  It was a fun little project and it did keep my restless hands busy during a month where my sewing machine saw very little action.  I know the month has thirty one days, but the last one will go on the back of the quilt.

Another small quilting project for the month was my Minis and More.  This month we were to choose our own project so I decided to use one off of my endless list of "want to dos."  It is a free pattern and can be found HERE.   The Minis and More Parade can be found on June 1st HERE and HERE.   Thanks Michele and Sherri.

For the last few years I have been involved with four gals in a group called Sewing With Friends.  In the past we have done a round robin, a row robin and a year of fabric postcard exchanges.  This year we are exchanging table toppers/runners.  The first is not due until the middle of July, but Ida finished hers and sent it to me already.  It was wonderful because I was able to use it for our big Memorial Day party.  Thank you, Ida, I so enjoyed decorating with it.

We celebrated Memorial Day on Sunday with the whole family.  We fired up the wood burning oven and did pizzas.  It's a great way to feed a large crowd as everyone can prepare their own pizzas.  The older girls rolled out the doughs and took topping orders from the younger ones.

We celebrate our 49th anniversary on Thursday.  I have no idea where the years have gone, but it has been a beautiful life.  We are so blessed.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May Days

The worst part of being a random blogger is pulling a post together after so much time has passed.  I do need to get better at this blogging thing.  The days pass so quickly and before I realize it, a month is gone and we are halfway to Christmas again!  Yikes.

There has not been a lot of sewing going on here, but I am managing to stay up to date on my Heart a Day in May and my Temperature quilt.

I try to prep several heart blocks at a time and then stitch them in the evenings.

The temps have been out typical May Gray here for the last few weeks.  I am looking forward to some warmer days ahead so I can see more color in the blocks.  Those greens need to go and stay gone.

The college grandchildren are all home for the summer so we have been enjoying their company.  They have all had the chance to meet their smiling new cousin.  He is such a happy baby.

My mom also met her youngest great grandchild last week when we celebrated Mother's Day.

Baseball season is winding down so many hours have been spent at the various fields.  Playoffs have begun which is always exciting.  Can you believe that these two players are in the same age group???

There is lots to do in the garden at this time of the year too.  We had so much freeze damage when we got that 27* night.  The peach tree took a hard hit just as it was setting fruit so the early peach gave us a total of six peaches this year.  The Plumerias also got a good snap.  Looking closely, you can see the new leaves trying to emerge below the frozen section.

In closing, I will share a photo of a little guest who came to visit while I was at my mom's yesterday.  He/she was not a bit intimidated.  I was standing less than two feet from him and he was perfectly happy to stand at the door as if he was coming to visit.

Monday, May 7, 2018

An Exciting Week

It has been such an exciting week around here and very little of it involved sewing.

Our newest grandchild arrived Friday evening - a little boy who is dearly loved by all.  He evened out the boy/girl ratio in the family.

The week took us north and south in the car as we traveled down to watch our grandson's baseball team, UCSM, play UCSD.  It was a beautiful day.  After the game we took him to dinner and then made the long drive back home. 

Over the weekend we headed north to watch our granddaughter make her First Communion at the Mission in San Luis Obispo.

Many hours in the car provided me time to catch up on the one heart a day project hosted by Happy to be Scrappy.

As well this past week, two of our granddaughters were in their school's musical, The Music Man.  One played Marian and one played the grandmother.  It was such a great show.  

Of course the week can't be all good.  While we were away a compressor broke and did some serious water damage to the wood floors.   I'll have a better idea of just how much damage once someone takes a look at them.  ;-(

We had such a late freeze this year so the stone fruit trees have been late in blooming.  The have finally emerged from their winter sleep and are just gorgeous.  

Donut peach


I wonder what this week will bring...........