Thursday, September 10, 2020

Mid September

 It's hard to believe that we are now into the middle of September.  I might add that this last month seemed to go at breakneck speed.  Fall is in the air in spite of our record breaking heat over the weekend.  The skies are quite smoky here and there is a pinkish orange tinge to everything.  The sun has been just a pale pink spot in the sky with no sunlight peeking through.  It is quite eerie, but the fires are not near us this time.  My heart goes out to all those in the line of the fires.  

September means new blocks were made for our Gridster Bee queen this month.  This is a free block from  I'm looking forward to seeing Bette's (IG @beachyquilter) finished quilt.

As well, I am in a small group of fellow stitchers who have been sewing together for years now.  This year our project is call "Sow's Ears".  We were to send an unloved piece of fabric to each member and they were to create a "silk purse" from the sow's ear.  Ida sent me this incredible project.  

The detail from start to finish is amazing.  My sow's ear fabric is the pouch on the inside and the handles.  It will be such fun to grab and go for portable stitching.  Thanks so much, Ida.  

As summer winds down, it is time for the tortoises to head into hibernation.  This is our tortoise that thinks she should be a house tortoise.  Every time the door is left open, she makes her way into the house.  Need I add that the dogs find no humor in seeing this.  

I've had this little guy for several days lately and I love how he lines up his trucks and tractors.  

Lastly....the final bloom of the plumerias for the summer.  I LOVE this color so it is always worth the wait.