Friday, May 28, 2010

May Schnibbles and Hello June.

Wow....has it really been two weeks since I last posted?  As they say, "Time flies when you are having fun." 

It has been a busy and wonderful two weeks.  First of all, our very dear friends arrived from the UK and spent some very welcomed time with us.  The guys played a lot of golf while the girls shopped and sewed.  Two years ago when they were here, I had introduced Irene to quilting.  She went back with a small wall hanging.  This time we played with all of my strips and she went home with a full sized lap quilt.  I do hope that it fit into her suitcase!!!!!

She was saving the hand sewing of the binding for the long plane trip.

Although the weather was a little gloomy (and rainy) the first day they were here, it did warm up nicely to allow them a little of their requested sunshine.  They were with up for the first week and then we all left for Palm Desert for a business convention for our husbands.  Again, the weather was still on the cool side with a new storm that had passed through.  This is so unusual for us to see any moisture from March until October and we have already had three days of measurable rainfall and cool temps in May.  Despite that, we continued to have fun in Palm Desert and bid them a safe trip back to the UK yesterday.


Regretfully, I forgot to take my camera with me when we went to the desert.  It was one of those "duh" moments in packing.  Of course there was tons to take pictures of and they will all simply remain in my mind.  That would include the priceless photo of the two ducks that managed to walk into our room.

Our guest speaker at the spouses luncheon was Tim Gunn from Project Run*way.  I do not watch the show, but he was an interesting speaker nonetheless.  We also had John Wal*sh speak about his very tragic story and what his life has been about since that day in 1981.  I just cannot imagine the grief.

Today I have done a little sewing and trying to catch up with the end of the month swaps.  My goal was to get my Schnibbles quilted this month, but that didn't happen YET!!!  Maybe this weekend.  I did get it all pieced.  This month was a free choice pattern and I chose Gentle Art.  I love it and I love the fabrics - Cherish Nature.  I will be hanging this one in my sewing studio.

Block #7 of the Jelly Roll Quilt Along.

May's Barn Quilt Block.

I also received my PIF gift from Maria.  It is an adorable angel for my sewing room - all hand stitched by her.  She did such an amazing job on it and I will definitely have her hanging in a prominent position as she watches over my stitching.  Thank you so much, Maria.

Would you like to win an AccuQuilt Go????  Silly question, right?  Well.....Barb is offering one on her blog and you should check it out.  Please tell her that I sent you over.

As we enter Memorial Day please remember to fly your flag and pause to give thanks to all those who have served for our freedom.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yep.......I have been AWOL from blogging.  I really do have a good excuse so I shouldn't have to feel guilty.  Right?

It all started off when my mom's computer died.  We ordered a new one for her, but in the interim I loaned her my laptop.  I do have a desktop, but that is a little difficult to transport.  My desktop is so painfully slow that browsing is almost impossible.  To do a blog is not my idea of a fun day.  Soooo....I now have my computer back and will be checking everyone out again.

Yesterday I spent the day with some fellow helping me with tech support to set up my mom's internet.  After two hours (most of it having him repeat what he just said - such as "e, like in Tom" ), he told me I would need to get a computer guy to come to the house to check it out.  Hello??????  It turns out that my mom has been paying for her DSL for five years but has been using an unsecured network because she could not get online with her DSL.  Yikes!  Long story short.....after four phone calls and promises that they would return calls (NOT) she has a new cable provider coming out tomorrow to set her up. 

In the computerless time that I have enjoyed (?) I have actually had a wonderful time cleaning and playing.  My ovens and refrigerators are now clean, the garage is cleaned.  Closets, drawers and cupboards are also cleaned.  It is amazing what can happen around here.  One would think I was "nesting" or something.  Thankfully...that is not the case.

May is always a busy celebrating month at our house.  We have two sons, two grandchildren and a DIL with birthdays this past week along with Mother's Day.  Everyone was here last Sunday to celebrate.  The guys took excellent care of us - cooking and cleaning up.  As usual, it was loads of fun and the weather was perfect.

The MOMS relaxing on Mother's Day.

A little sidewalk chalk coloring.

A little sidewalk chalk eating!!!

Is there more on the body than on the patio?????

Now....that's a BIG grapefruit!!!!!

Chasing bubbles.

One of my cacti.  It is stunning when it blooms.

These blossoms are about 8" in diameter.

Along with all the celebrations and cleaning, I was able to play a little in the sewing studio.

Results of the RWB no sew swap that I participated in.  I had a few minor changes due to poor instructions on my part and one fabric that was iron sensitive.

Jelly Roll Quilt along.

As well, I must share with you some of the winnings I have had lately.

This was from Terry.  I love the varigated embroidery floss!   Thanks, Terry.  

I have been eager to try some sashiko and this will be perfect.  Have you seen Joy's work.  It is amazing.

I was lucky enough to have my name drawn in this month's Schnibble project.  It is a signed copy of Carrie's new book and two charm packs to start my next Schnibbles project.  I can't wait.

I will be AWOL again until the end of the month as we have the joy of entertaining houseguests from England.  As I write this they are flying across the pond.  They are our dear friends and we will be enjoying them to the maximum while they are here.  They are looking for a little "sunshine on their backs" as they wrote.  Let's hope we can provide it for them.   I will be checking back with you at the end of the month.  Be good and have fun.....can you do both????