Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sand and Surf

We took a break from our lives last week for a few days of RandR.  We headed to a place that we consider a little slice of heaven - Hawaii.

Many years ago my DH was a Navy pilot and stationed on the island of Oahu.  Naturally, we enjoy returning and seeing the changes made over the years.  We love the easy life on the North Shore and like to base ourselves up there. 

Everyday we watched beautiful sunrises from our balcony and gorgeous sunsets as we sipped Mai Tais and Blue Hawaiis at the outdoor lounge. 

Our homes where we lived have often changed over the years, but it is always nice to revisit them and recall the terrific times we enjoyed. 

This was our house.  It has definitely seen better days.  Our view stretched the entire coastline from Diamond Head towards Makaha.
There were no gates when we lived up on the 8th floor of this building.
...and this was our backyard!!!!!

The hospital when our second son was born. 
We loved the week filled with awesome views, warm temperatures, great eats and carefree living.

Lots of time for looking upwards at the graceful palm trees.

Diamond Head
Surfboards are as good as hoses on a fire truck.

If we had not had the wonderful recommendations for the shrimp trucks, we would have never stopped.  They were fabulous and most generous in their servings.

Even the limos stop here.
There were chickens running loose everywhere.  This little one had managed to get on the road and we all stopped while mom carefully got it over to the side.
Loved the dog with a lei on the beach.

The BEST shaved ice on the island!!!!!

Our final glimpses of the wonderous colors as we left.  I can't wait to return!

How much sewing did I get done????  I picked up my cross stitch project on the flight home.  It was a long flight though so I did get a few stitches done. 

BTW....I switched back to the old interface on Blogger and managed to access Blogger with no problems.  I guess it is the new interface that kept giving me the error message on my desktop.  VERY strange.  Any one else have that problem?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Changes, Changes.....

One takes a few days away and everything changes.  For some reason when I try to access Blogger on my desktop computer (where all of my photos are kept) I keep getting a nasty error message.  Until I can figure it out, I will give you a glimpse of a fun project that I had the opportunity to work on for Melissa Stramel.  Melissa is a very talented pattern designer with a beautiful family.  Her children make the best models for her work!!!

This is a new pattern called Picnic in the Park.   The design is delightful and the quilting, done by Lisa,  is beautiful.  Please be sure to check it out on Melissa's blog.  She has more great pictures of it. 

Pictures from Melissa's blog!!!
Updated....I switched back to the old interface and can now access Blogger on my desktop computer.  That was really strange, but at least I am not getting that odd error message.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

The Peeps have departed the shelves in the stores so I guess it is time to move on into thoughts of summer.  It seems odd to imagine it, but we have another winter storm bearing down on us this week with rain and  lower elevations of snow.  What an interesting year it has been for so many of us. 

Saturday evening we watched a couple of the smaller grandchildren while their family attended the Easter Vigil services at church.  We managed to get a bit of egg dying in while they were here. 

Easter was glorious with temperatures in the 80s and plentiful sunshine.  We all celebrated with a wonderful party at our son and DIL's home.  There were about 100 of us there, but you would never guess it with everyone spread throughtout the yard.   There were the Jolly Jumps, volleyball, races and lots of food. 

I believe those suits belong to another game!!!

Oh...this is where they belong!

Cousin snuggles.

"I don't like that BIG bunny!!"

The dog managed to find a place to escape from the people.

Even the Easter Bunny made an appearance for the egg hunt.  That caused quite the excitment!

Yesterday our #4 son and his wife presented us with our newest granddaughter - the best Easter egg of all!   Lots of fun baby snuggles ahead for all of us.  One can never tire of those.

So....this week will be a quiet one on the computer as we are keeping their other two little ones until Mommy is home from the hospital.  I will check back when time permits.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bit More Sewing

The week has been rather quiet as we have tried to keep it unscheduled while waiting on the newest grandbaby.   It will be very busy next week as we watch two little ones while Mommy is in the hospital.  It looks as though she will make her scheduled C-section date on Monday. 

So....I have had some free time to do some sewing around here.  Other than mending that has been piling up, I worked on my next six blocks of the N.Y. Beauty quiltalong.  The blocks seem to come quickly so I am still two blocks behind and now the new set is here too.   The hardest part is selecting the colors of the batiks.  It is definitely scrappy and all from my stash. 

I sewed a skirt for one of the granddaughters who has a birthday on Easter Sunday and then had some extra fabrics so I made a small tote for her as well. 

I finished the little Easter dress off with a hat and bloomers.  I hope she will keep the hat on as she was having quite the fun removing it when I tried it on her.  Hmmm.

The hummingbirds have returned from their migration and I think they brought all of their friends.  I am finding that I have to fill the feeders twice a day around here.  I may need to get a job just to support the birds!!!

The yard is all in bloom with the nicer weather we have been enjoying.  The iris are blooming in my iris garden and they look so pretty.  It is interesting to see that they bloom in colors.  Right now the purples are out and then the yellows and pinks will bloom later.

I mailed off my mug rug to my birthday partner in The Year of Mug Rug Swap.  Her birthday is in April. 

Other than that, the week has been quiet and enjoyable with little ones stopping in for visits.

I'm wishing all of those who celebrate,  a blessed Easter.