Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bit More Sewing

The week has been rather quiet as we have tried to keep it unscheduled while waiting on the newest grandbaby.   It will be very busy next week as we watch two little ones while Mommy is in the hospital.  It looks as though she will make her scheduled C-section date on Monday. 

So....I have had some free time to do some sewing around here.  Other than mending that has been piling up, I worked on my next six blocks of the N.Y. Beauty quiltalong.  The blocks seem to come quickly so I am still two blocks behind and now the new set is here too.   The hardest part is selecting the colors of the batiks.  It is definitely scrappy and all from my stash. 

I sewed a skirt for one of the granddaughters who has a birthday on Easter Sunday and then had some extra fabrics so I made a small tote for her as well. 

I finished the little Easter dress off with a hat and bloomers.  I hope she will keep the hat on as she was having quite the fun removing it when I tried it on her.  Hmmm.

The hummingbirds have returned from their migration and I think they brought all of their friends.  I am finding that I have to fill the feeders twice a day around here.  I may need to get a job just to support the birds!!!

The yard is all in bloom with the nicer weather we have been enjoying.  The iris are blooming in my iris garden and they look so pretty.  It is interesting to see that they bloom in colors.  Right now the purples are out and then the yellows and pinks will bloom later.

I mailed off my mug rug to my birthday partner in The Year of Mug Rug Swap.  Her birthday is in April. 

Other than that, the week has been quiet and enjoyable with little ones stopping in for visits.

I'm wishing all of those who celebrate,  a blessed Easter.


  1. Your NY Beauties are beautiful. :o) You stay busy and always make pretty things. Looks like you have lots of excitement soon.

  2. Those NY blocks are beautiful, as is the skirt and tote. Reminds me of the days when I sewed clothes for my daughter. Now I have 4 grandsons and no granddaughters. Your flowers are gorgeous. My hummingbirds haven't shown up yet so my red water is just evaporating here in central Texas. Where are you?

  3. Wow the New York Beauty blocks are to die for. They look like medallions. I really like them all but the two on the top row at either end are my favorites. I never had a little girl to sew for and I know I would have loved it. Love the birthday mug rug and your yard photos are beautiful.......

  4. Gosh!!! my Iris are just starting to peek through the ground.....I have some the same color as yours; beautiful....I walk around the gardens everyday; looking for Soon!!!

    I love all of your pieces, really beautiful work. The NY Beauty is wonderful...and the bag and skirt; love that!! All of it`s adorable.

  5. Love the dresses - how sweet! It makes me wish I had done more for my girls this year.

    And as always, crushing on your NY blocks. Such beautiful pieces.

    Praying for a safe delivery!

  6. Lovely job on those dresses...and the accessories make them even cuter! Be sure to take lots of photos:)

    Are my eyes deceiving me or are there 9 hummingbirds in your photo? Wow! That is amazing!

  7. Your New York Beautiful look great. I wanted to do that QA but too much waiting to be done. Your sewing for grandchildren is beautiful! Our hummingbirds are not as cordial as yours. When one is on the feeder, they chase all the rest away! Happy Easter.

  8. Quiet but busy! Love the blocks, love the skirt and tote, love the little Easter outfit! And wow! You do have a lot of hummingbirds ... guess I should get my feeder out.

  9. Love the skirt and tote and the little one's dress and bloomers and hat! Adorable!

    I really, really like the New York quilt.......I think that is going to be gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful Easter! And yes, you will be very busy next week.

  10. WOW love your NYB blocks. Great colours....
    How lucky are both girls. Beautiful skirt and matching tote as is the Easter dress, hat and bloomers.
    Gorgeous cupcake mug rug too.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  11. Your skirt and dress are just so beautiful. I think your gds are so lucky.
    I would love to have a little tote like that one.
    Happy Easter to you and yours

  12. Wow! Those blocks are fantastic! Do you paper piece them?

    Love the little dress with matching bonnet and bloomers. I use to sew for my three little girls; lots of pretty Easter dresses.

    And, I also have lots of iris plants, just starting to bloom. Aren't they gorgeous?

  13. Hi Mary ~ Nice sewn garments, beautiful quilt blocks, adorable hummingbirds and flowers......How I love this post!

    Have fun caring for the little ones while their Mom has a new baby!

    Have a happy Easter!

    Love, Karen

  14. Those squares are fabulous...

  15. W.O.W. !!! Wots of Work...completed!

    So many cute made! And the "beauty blocks" are BEEEYOUteeeFULL!


  16. The new York beauties are splendid and all the other projects you made are darling

  17. Those NY Beauty blocks are gorgeous -- and intimidating! Love the matching skirt & tote - they look great together.

  18. You are so clever with the needle Mary. Will be thinking of you on Monday and although exhausting, what fun to have the little ones.

    Happy Easter to you and family.

  19. Your NYB blocks are gorgeous! Love your other projects -- and your irises are lovely. I'm posting mine on Lilypad tomorrow if you want to take a peek after church! Happy Easter!

  20. Oh that little dress has bloomers and a hat? Wow. Darling. Love all your hummers! We saw one at my feeders the other day. Hopefully more will come. Happy Easter!

  21. Your grandgirl will love the skirt and matching tote - she'll be stylin' for sure! And the little outfit - adorable. None of my girlies has ever kept a hat on when they were little.

    Our spring flowers are coming out well, but not as profusely as last year - none enough snow this year, I fear. Can't wait to see the irises.

    Have a blessed Easter! Sorry I've been absent so long.

  22. That mug rug is adorable! Is that a pattern or did you design it yourself? Such beautiful Easter dresses! Lucky girls!!! Sounds like you are in for an exciting week :-)

  23. boy have you been busy! LOVE the blocks and those dresses are adorable!!!!

  24. HI!!!
    I love the dresses and ALL your work! I would love to have a palm tree mug rug! how much are they and wondering if i can order one from you??????

  25. I have never seen so many hummingbirds!! We see one in the summer and I am thrilled.
    Your NYB's are amazing - every time I see them I am tempted to join - but they just seem too hard.

  26. Your NY beauty blocks are stunning. The Easter dresses are darling. Love the ric rac on the little bag.

  27. Just wanted you to know that Mom came through the surgery good. Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for her!!!

  28. I love those NY Beauty blocks. The color combinations are great. I love the skirt and matching tote that you made for your granddaughter. You are amazing, where do you find the time to do all that you do?

  29. Love the skirt & tote! What a great post!

  30. Thanks for that tip about freezing the tomatoes in sm. cupcake sizes...GREAT idea & I will surely use it this summer.

    Sorry that I am a 'no reply' blogger, but my email addy has my last name in it & I hate to have it out there.

    I do, however, have a generic email link on my blog if you should ever want to communicate. Just click on the "Rettabug" word!

    Thanks again, Mary,

    p.s. Your NY Beauty blocks look fabulous & so do your IRIS!!

  31. Great to see the sun and surprised to read of the storm coming in in a later post.

    Still horrendously wet here. Got caught last night in flooded roads and today got caught in a hail storm.

  32. I love all of your projects...Today I am going to put away the paint cans and rollers and sew!!!!!!!!
    I especially love those quilt blocks. they are real beauties"!