Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

My cousin and his wife are arriving in town from Iowa this afternoon.  We were hoping for sunny weather, but it appears that we are going to be experiencing our coldest storm for this date in thirty five years.  Oh yeah!  They have even said that San Francisco may see snow flakes.  There is a very slim chance we may see some as well.  What is with that?  No matter, we will have a wonderful time visiting and hanging out together - rain or shine.  I was just hoping that they would be able to enjoy a little warm weather after the winter they have had.

We had a great weekend with the christening of our newest grandson.  It is always such a delight to welcome a new baby into the faith.  Our very good friend, Fr. G, did the baptism.  He said that this was the 42nd baby from our extended family that he has christened.  As well, he has done most of the weddings and a few funerals.  I cannot imagine our lives without him.  Of course my camera went dead when I started to take pictures so these are the best that I could get.

The trip to his church took us along the beach.  It was such a gorgeous day and we stopped to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the waves.  They were having such fun chasing each other in and out as they rode the surf.

I've been playing a little catch up on my quiltalongs after being away for several trips.  It has felt good to get into the studio and do some sewing.  I had some shirts and sweatshirts to embroidery as well so that machine was running while I was playing with my blocks.

Civil War Quilt Along

Block #15 of the Thread Head Quilt Along.  I still need to catch up on #16 and 17.

Birdie BOM

My niece asked me to make a few burp cloths for her to give as a gift.  These are always so much fun to make.

Needless to say, I will be away from my computer for a few days while we are enjoying our houseguests.  I will be checking in again sometime next week.  I hope everyone enjoys their week ahead.


  1. what lovely family pics. enjoy your visitors.

  2. Enjoy your company!
    What beautiful Christening photos! This is such a special time.
    Great blocks!
    The burp pads are adorable.
    I want to go to the beach.

  3. Precious family photos...enjoy your time visiting with your relatives! (and trust me, if they are from Iowa no matter how cold it is there it'll probably feel warm to them!)

  4. i love those bibs...I saw on the news where north of you san fran could get their first snow fall since 35 years, WOW...I hope it don't get too cold for ya.

  5. Gee....Julia said everything I was going to say!!! (So just read hers again, okay? LOL)

  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures. What a beautiful family. Have fun in the snow!!!

  7. Great post. I'm glad you are feeling better. Hopefully your guests will see a little sunshine. Have fun and enjoy them!

  8. Love the pictures of the baby and that special time. The burp cloths are darling. Do you have a pattern? I may try to embroider some this weekend. I love what your say on them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a lovely family....and blocks...but I so enjoyed the ocean scene...I miss the ocean soooooo bad.

  10. Great family photos!

    I like your civil war blocks better than mine, wanna trade?

  11. I'm sorry the Iowans won't have lovely California weather, but I know you'll have a great time just being together.

    The trip to the christening and the event look so lovely. What a nice family picture.

    The quilt blocks are all so great - you do such beautiful work.

    It's hard to believe it has been such a long time since I was using burp cloths with the twins - tie just flies!!

    Have a great visit and I look forward to you visiting me - well at the blog anyway!

  12. I heard on the weather channel that you might get some snow! Oh my goodness, that will be a sight! We are getting some here today and it's supposed to go all day long. I am down with that coughing creeping crud so don't plan to go out anyway. It's very pretty looking out though, I love it! Can't go snowmobiling though as the kids are away and I don't feel up to it anyway. I might just tip over again and I don't want to do that by myself! ha! It could be a long walk home!

    The baptism pictures are lovely! Just a beautiful family! What is it with cameras lately? Maybe you caught the camera curse from me! How blessed you are to have Fr. G as a friend, it makes it that much more special to have him do the services for your family.

    What a beautiful sight along the beach! Reminds me of when we were in Hawaii and I looked out the window and saw whales playing together. What a sight!

    Your blocks are so pretty! I have been doing a little sewing but I think I know why I don't like to be downstairs in my sewing room. There are no windows to look outside and so there is no sun shining in. I am thinking I may make a mini sewing space in the new sun room so that I can see what is going on and enjoy the view. I must get busy designing that space as I know which wall I want it on, or I should say which corner I want it in. :o)

    Have fun with your house guests, I hope they do get some nice California sunshine at least part of the time they are there!!!

    Love to you and E! xoxoxox

  13. Beautiful family.Thank you so much for wishing me congratulations on my pregnancy. I will try to get some baby bump pictures posted in the next week or so. Have a wonderful time with your company.

  14. What a beautiful family photo.
    I am sure your company from IA, will enjoy any warm weather sun or not.
    Hope that your time with them is filled with lots of fun.

  15. Congrats on your grandsons Christening.

  16. I love the picture of your wonderful grandchild being baptized!, and of course the dolphins!
    I hope your weather warms up while your visitors are there. It is unusual for you to have cool weather, isn't it? Hope you have fun.

  17. Lovely pictures, lovely family, lovely blocks! Wonderful :) Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Lovely baptism photo's...who are all the children? I am guessing your grandchildren...but surely not all siblings of the baby??

  19. How lovely to share that blessed event with you. Your blocks are just wonderful!

  20. Burp cloths, here we just use muslins. They are pretty.
    Hope your weather was not too bad.
    Friends from here arrived in San F. the day after the snow arrived and they were shocked expecting warm weather!

  21. Nothing is as special as a child's baptism..great blessings to all.
    My grands enjoyed running in and out of the surf this past week..I love to be with them..hugs, Baba

  22. Congrats to the family with the baptism! Always makes for a wonderful family day...
    Your blocks are wonderful! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  23. Love your blocks for the Thread Head quilt along! I've been thinking about joining in, so perhaps I just need to take the plunge.