Thursday, February 17, 2011

In a Fog

I have literally felt like I was in a fog for the last few days.  Somehow I managed to contract that nasty stuff that was going around.  Ugh!  I finally dragged myself to the doctor and was relieved that it was something that could be treated with an antibiotic rather than stay the course until it left my body.  I am actually feeling human again as the song in Beauty and the Beast goes. last post was from the sunny beaches of the Florida Keys?  Well, this post is about a giant contrast.  As many of you know, each year we take a family vacation to the Sierras for some snow fun.  Is it any wonder my body revolted from the temperature extremes?

Looking good!

Plenty of snow this year.

We rent the same condos each year and everyone does their own thing.  Some are skiers, some love snowboarding and others just enjoy sledding.  It's a wonderful time for hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  
I can never tire of the view from our condo.

Cousin love.

The girls!

Snow fun.

Growing up too fast.

The techy guys.

Everyone loves a baby.

Snow goggles???  Are you serious?

Hanging out before dinner.

Whew...what a ride!

Happy birthday to Mr. P!

Before skiing.

You want me to wear this too?????

My turn!!!

On top of the world.

That was one deep hole.

The girls performing a skit for everyone.

Grandma time.

Time for lots of games too.  Bananagrams and Mah Jongg were the biggest hits.

Today I have been busy sewing away.  I had promised two of the girls dresses for the school family dance this weekend and have not felt like sewing them until today.  

I was a part of the ALQS5 swap this year and my partner's mini quilt arrived.  It is just gorgeous and I have a special place in my studio for it.  I wish she had a blog because her work is spectacular and I would love to follow what else she is doing.  My mini is making it's way to England so I can't show any pictures of it yet.  

This is so much prettier in person.
It looks like we are in for a little more rain for the next week.  I just want it to be out of here by next Wednesday as my cousin and his wife are coming for a visit from Iowa.  I am sure they would love to have some nice weather to warm them up.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for them!!!


  1. Fantastic pictures - looks like so much fun!
    The new mini quilt is stunning - such an interesting looking technique.♥

  2. Your family time in the mountains looks like so much fun! Do you all have one big condo with separate rooms? When we all get together (rarely), we have each family until fix one dinner and each family does their own breakfast and lunch. We're having a reunion above Colorado Springs this summer at our church's campground. Can't wait. There are 55 of us, Mom and dad with their 5 kids and beyond.

    Sorry you've been sick - glad you're doing better! Hope it's gorgeous for the Iowa family.

  3. What a wonderful family, looks like everyone was having an awesome time.

    Love the dresses.

  4. what a great time.....looks like fun....

  5. What a wonderful family trip!

    The dresses are adorable.

  6. Mary, sorry you haven't been well. You know I did too for over 2 weeks. I'm glad you are better though. The family photos from the snow trip look fantastic. Love seeing your family and how fast they are growing. Thanks for sharing them with us - Hugs Nat

  7. Pleased to hear you were feeling better for your fantastic family holiday in the snow.Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Do you need the whole restaurant for dinner now? Your family is getting so much bigger.
    Hope you have lovely warm weather for your visitors.

  8. Sorry you haven't been well. Hope the antibiotics are doing their job now.

    Your family holiday looks like it was lots of fun.

  9. Happy you are on the mend! Looks like a lovely time as was had by all! Your group s growing by leaps and bounds!
    Awesome mini you received! Hope your weather works out pretty for the Iowa folks!

  10. Looks like everyone was having fun, love the views!
    Great pictures! Wow on the dresses & mini quilt!

  11. Glad you're feeling a bit better now that you're on medication for the "bug". Lots of that junk going on nowadays!

    Your family vacation looks wonderful....the kids are growing so fast! You are SO lucky to have so many grandchildren....Enjoy!

    Hugs, Karen

  12. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    Your family time looks like so much fun and that condo looks so inviting.
    Can you adopt me for a week? LOL
    Your dresses are so beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Glad you are feeling better. That bug is really awful and knocks the wind right out of ya!

    Wonderful pictures of your snow vacation! Yes, that was quite a temperature change for you. So glad all your grands get the chance to do all the fun snowy things that we do here in Maine and then they get to go back to warm and sunny!!! We are having rain today, not too hard but just enough to make things slippery on the ice. I have been to one board meeting and am headed out in a few minutes to another one. Two in one day is too much!

    The dresses you made for the girls are beautiful! I don't know how you whip them up so fast! I remember as a teen I used to make a lot of my own dresses and I made them on my mothers old cast iron treadle machine! That was when polyester was so popular and was sooooooo forgiving!

    Well must head back out, did get a couple hours to come home and check some blogs. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family, memories that they will cherish forever!

    Hugs! xoxox

  14. I'm so glad that you were able to get some meds to take care of your icky bug. It looks like your family has a tremendously good time in the snow - so much fun!
    The mini quilt you received is beautiful!

  15. Love your pictures! What a fun time! I love growing up too fast, techy guys, and the deep hole :) I have boys......too cute :) Thanks for sharing your family fun!

  16. Glad you're feeling better. Your pictures are just beautiful! The mini quilt is really neat!

  17. What a lovely family Mary. Looks like you all had a great time to.gether. I'm glad you are feeling better. You have made beautiful dresses for the girls. Will they pose for a photo. Would be great to see them on 'the models'. Take care

  18. Wow! What awesome family getaway photos!!!
    What a great idea for a yearly family gathering!!! With our oldest living in Wisconsin now, we were thinking it would be nice to meet half way with all the family for some family fun... It could become a yearly event! 8-)
    Lovely dresses! Very nice! 8-)

  19. Love all the pictures. Your grandbaby with the goggles is a favorite. Love your mini quilt.

  20. Wow. You have been a busy bee. Looks like your trip was a lot of fun. I love that view too. You have way too much fun!!!! I love it!

  21. what great pics~with family and fun. awesome adventure.
    we don't get snow here where I live, so we miss it.

  22. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time! The dresses are lovely!

  23. What memories you are making when you take a family vacation - times the children will never forget. Good for you! blessings, marlene

  24. Love to see families having fun together.

  25. I love looking at your pictures. No titles are necessary, the pictures tell the whole story.

  26. Wow it looks like fun was had by all. Those babies are the cutest! Thanks for sharing, the dresses are really nice.

  27. I love the beautiful dresses you made for the girls. They will mean a lot to them.

    Looks like you all shared some wonderful family time. Those memories are priceless.

    My family is from Iowa, and I know that yes, they would certainly welcome some warm weather in early March! I hope you have a great visit!

  28. Your family get togethers are always such fun, loved the photos and glad that you're feeling much better!
    The dresses are beautiful and the mini quilt really is gorgeous, pity she hasn't a blog!

  29. Oh your photos are wonderful! Such a fun family trip. I love seeing your kids and grandkids. Maybe someday we will be doing that when my kids are all older. :o)

    Your dresses are just gorgeous! I just showed them to my daughter and she thought they were darling. And your quilt is just so artistic! I love quilts like that but haven't seen anyone do one in a while. Great job!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  30. I just love the way your family does this every year!! Everyone seems to be having such a fun time and to have a new baby join in on that fun...just perfect:-) I so enjoyed looking at every picture and the place where you stay is gorgeous. Look at that scenery as well....very different from where you were a couple of weeks ago but still beautiful! lol

    I do hope you feel 100% soon!! Good thing you went to see the doctor and got some antibiotics. When I had to bring mom to the walk in clinic last month I was hoping she'd get antibiotics but she had the kind of virus that has to run its course. It lasted over 3 weeks!!

    Love those dresses you made, the girls will look so sweet in them. They are so lucky they have a grandma that can make such beautiful things for them:-)

    The mini quilt your partner sent you is gorgeous. It always leaves me in awe the creations that can be made with quilting.

    Yes, I think I will start trading my ATCs, although it will be hard to part with them! lol I'm sure it's the same thing with you with your mini quilts and such?

    Have a good evening my friend. Big hugs!! xoxox

  31. Looks like you are all having fun. Me thinks I would be overwhelmed!
    Glad you are feeling better. Had a virus myself. Really sore throat, aches and pains, exhaustion. Did not leave the house for 4 days. Had to on the 5th as I was looking after Oliver for the day at his home.
    Love the pic of you with one of your grandchildren Mary.