Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whew...What a week!

Seriously, has it only been one week since my last post?  What a busy week it has been.

Well....the weather did not cooperate with us for my cousin's sunny California visit.  We experienced record breaking low temperatures and rain.  At least we did not get the snow that many parts of the state did.  That would have been quite a shock.  Despite the rain and cold, we had a fabulous visit. 

We had to scrape the ice from the window before heading to church Sunday morning.

We visited the Reagan Library and were thrilled to find the miniature White House on display.  It is a traveling show and if you ever get the chance to visit it you must go see it.  Everything is on a scale of one inch to one foot and it is amazing!  They have working televisions, secret service attendants and vehicles.  The rooms are decorated exactly as the White House is and is constantly changed as the decor changes.  The portraits of the family are all hand painted, many times using a single haired brush.  There is no flash photography, but I hope you can see some of the detail.

We made our way up to the wine country and spent an enjoyable day touring the area.

Saturday evening we celebrated my mom's 88th birthday with a nice dinner with my siblings and their spouses.  It was a great time filled with laughter and memories.

Sunday we had our children and the grandchildren over for a BBQ.  Although the afternoon was fun, it was marred by the phone call that our son had been involved in a skiing accident.  He suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula in the lower leg.  They took him to surgery that evening and placed a rod down the middle of the tibia and all went well.  We all counted our blessings that it was a leg instead of a head injury. 

Monday we dropped our company off at the airport and headed up to the Sierras to check out the "patient."  He was discharged on Tuesday and we brought him back to his wife and children who were thrilled to have him home.  With all the nursing care needed, I think we may get a nurse out of the kids yet!!!!  He has to have an anticoagulant shot each day and one of children wanted to do it for him this morning.  What a thrill it was for all!

A courtesy smile!!!

Before surgery.

After surgery.

The drive up was just gorgeous, but quite cold.  We wondered if the car thermometer would register negative numbers and we found out that it does.  It was -5* with a freezing fog.  The trees and bushes were just magical looking - all white and icy.  There was a ton of snow with the new storms that had brought such frigid temperatures to our area.

Lots more snow since our trip up two weeks ago.

I am hoping for a little more sewing time now that the busy month is behind us.  I did manage to work on my embroidery for my Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt while we were driving.  I am on my last three blocks of that quilt.  As well, I made another doll uniform for the grandchildren's school auction this coming Saturday night.  I won't bore you with another picture.

My mug rugs from Betty arrived this past week and I just love them.  They are perfect for my morning coffee.  I love the fabrics that she used and her work is just wonderful.  This was a really fun swap and I am so glad that I participated in it.

Now it is off to catch up on cleaning and laundry as we have out of town coming for the weekend.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Wow! What an action packed week!! I hope your patient is doing better. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures :-) I would have enjoyed seeing the other project you made. Lots of pictures are fun! Take care :-)

  2. That was all just ONE week! Wow! What beautiful scenery. I am so sorry about your son! I hope he heals quickly!

  3. Quite a week for you and your family! Love the pictures. Congrats to your Mom on her 88th BD!

    So sorry about your son's accident, but glad that it wasn't his head! Lucky guy.

    Take care!


  4. Oh my you have had a busy week. Sounds like you had a very nice time with your guests! Hope your son has a good recovery.

  5. So much excitement! I'm glad your son is okay but the break looks horrible. You are so lucky to have seen the miniature at the Reagan library. I just looked it up and it isn't supposed to open to the public until the 15th. As my DD and SIL live in Simi, I think a side trip is a necessity. Mammoth looked beautiful - I'm sure they will be skiing up there well into May. Hopefully this week will less eventful for you and your family.

  6. The minature White House is amazing...I love things like that. And your snowy photos are great! Hope your son recovers fast

  7. Oh, my....I'm glad your son's leg was repairable by surgery, but I'm sure this is a bump in the road nobody wanted to see happen! That White House display is excellent. I'm assuming the rooms on the top floor are all the private family quarters? I'd love to see that in person, and I'm sure your guests were thrilled to see it, too.

  8. What a whirlwind week!! I'm so glad your son is on the mend. Doesn't matter how old they get, they're still our "babies," especially when they're hurt!!

  9. Busy week but a fun one:-) What a shame the weather turned so cold when your cousin came to visit. Wouldn't you know it would do that just then when you'd been having such nice weather just before that! lol

    That miniature White House is unbelievable,look at all the details! I love seeing anything in miniature like that and there used a be a place near Toronto (5 hour drive south of here) called Cullen Gardens & Miniature World that we had gone to see and it was simply amazing. Unfortunately it's no longer there...they even had a miniature carousel! I must find my pictures and scan them and make a post about it:-)

    Your mom looks amazing for being 88 years old and she certainly looked very happy to be able to celebrate her birthday with so many loved ones:-)

    Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that your son broke his leg in a skiing accident! Steve broke his leg in 4 places a couple of years ago at work when he slipped on some ice in the trailer tractor he was unloading stuff from. He had to have a rod and screws put in as well. The worst part? He had to lay there in the hospital for 3 days before they could operate!! I can't even imagine the pain he was in. Anyway, I do hope your son's leg recovers completely!

    The rug mugs from Betty are so darling! I had never heard of those before you mentioned them in a post. I can learn something new every day by reading blogs:-)

    Those pictures of the snowy mountains are just gorgeous. We still have a lot of snow and supposed to get more in the next two days. Right now it's 18F and when I left this morning to go pick up mom to bring her shopping it was -2F...where the heck is Spring??? lol xoxo

  10. My goodness...what a week! Wishing your son a fast and full recovery!

  11. Amazing photos of the mini White House - thanks for sharing.
    I hope everything goes well with your sons recovery.♥

  12. What a week indeed! Wow. Is this the son with the many children? That was quite a break! Dwight broke his arm skiing, by himself - a real no no. He managed to get back down the slope - nobody came along to help. Somebody helped him get his boots off, and he drove himself down the mountain and home. Crazy! He called me from the ER (I was in the shower and missed the call)and he was so matter-of-fact about it all. He could have been in trouble driving one-armed in that much pain. He had surgery and has some hardware in there now, too.

    What amazingly cold weather! Hard to believe, really. We've had spring this week, but winter is returning soon.

    Well, I have no words to write about this week - the ramblings seem to have cleared my brain and nothing has filled the void!

  13. Oh My Goodness, you did have a busy week. I hope next week is peaceful, quiet, and warm. With lots of quilting time.

  14. What a busy week! I just showed my husband the pics of the White House and even he is impressed. We both said our girls would be sneaking out pieces to take home and begging for the house!

  15. I enjoyed going visiting with you.
    A belated Happy Birthday to your Mum.
    Oh that snow looks sooooo cool.

    Wishing your son a speedy recovery. Sounds like he will be well looked after.

  16. I forgot to say when I was here before how much I would love to see that miniature White House - wonderful!

    Hey, come back on over and let me know what you were going to say before you saw the crazy soggy mess picture! And yes, lots of laundry - but I have more now than I ever had when my kids were at home!

  17. Scraping the ice off the windscreen - you certainly are having it cold Mary.

    The whitehouse model must have been very interesting.

    Your Mum is looking good for 88 and I was surprised to see how close the next bed was to your son. I have only ever come across single rooms in the States before.

  18. love the mug rugs! Very busy week for you indeed! Sorry to hear about your son! poor guy!!

    We have had major flooding here and a person was swept away in her car from the flood! This is what we foiund out as we got back from our cruise! so sad!!!

    love this pics!

  19. Wow what a week you have had. What a shame about the weather while your cousins were visiting. It seems that you did not let that deter you.

    Glad to hear that your son is back home and his kids want to help out. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Enjoy your mug rugs.

  20. That's a lot of snow! It must seem so funny to be able to drive from 89* temps to snow and cold! We would have to drive for three days at least! ha! Glad you got your son home, poor guy, how long will he be tied up with this? X-rays sure told the story!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! She does so well! Is she finished with her treatments that she was having? Nice for all the siblings to get together with her to celebrate.

    The mug rugs are so cute, wish I hadn't missed that one but there will be others I bet. :o) So nice that you made another uniform for the auction. You must be able to make those with your eyes closed!

    The pictures of the miniature White House are amazing! I would love to see that in person!!!! I doubt they would ever bring it this far north but maybe Portland and if they do I would definitely go see it! Nice that you live close enough to the Library to be able to see those things. I thought the pictures came out great!

    It has rained all day here today. I have not been outside but the temps are up a bit and the wind is really blowing. I feel a little better tonight and not coughing quite as much. I hope that continues!

    Hope you are having a great time with your company and that it is warmer then last weekend! xoxoxox

  21. Wow. You have been a busy woman. Feb. was a very busy time for me too. I am glad that it is behind me. Happy Birthday to your Mom! And I hope your son is on his way to getting better soon. I sure was glad that it was not a head injury too. Your pictures are beautiful. The mug rugs are darling!

  22. Wow what a busy week you've had. So glad your son is okay.
    Happy Happy Birthday to your mom!

  23. Love the Mug rugs with coffee cups on them!! Glad your son is doing better! Great pictures and memories...