Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.  I think we all have a bit of the Irish in us as we enjoy the corned beef and cabbage.  Right?  I am actually about 25% Irish so I am allowed to celebrate the day.  I'll be wearing the green so I don't get pinched.

I've been having fun with Sunkissed this week.  I love this fabric line and find it perfect for spring and Easter.  I figured a little Easter dress would look great done in it.  My grandmother used to always say, "What ye sew on Sunday so shall ye rip on Monday."  This statement kept running through my mind as I ripped and ripped and ripped.  It was just one of those days.  Grrrr.  Monday was much better and I was able to finish the dress, pinafore and bloomers to cover the diapers.

The final instructions for the Cathedral Window pillow came out today and I couldn't wait to get it finished.  Thank you, Melissa, for a great project for this quiltalong.  I really enjoyed doing it and love the way it came out.

The strawberries are in and we have been enjoying strawberry shortcake this week.  Would you look at the size of the strawberries.  They are ever so sweet too.

It seems like I find myself rushing around way more than I should, but why is it that when you really need to get somewhere on time you have a vehicle in front of you going five miles an hour?  That was what happened to me today, but I kind of got a kick out of following this guy and wondering what life was like back when these were new.  I am sure it was a simpler time.   Yes, I was driving when I took the picture, but I could have been taking a nap at the speed we were going!!!!!

I hope everyone finds their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


  1. The dresss and pillow are just wonderful but those strawberries are huge.....enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful are so talented! My mother in law is Irish so now my children have Irish blood in them...together with Welsh, Cornish, North East & West of England.

    I love the old car, just imagine that used to be fast!

  3. And the same to you! Oh that little dress is so sweet. And the pillow is unreal. Hope you enjoy your day today.

  4. I am best friends with my seam ripper so I know your frustrations well - lol! I love the little dress and bloomer set - it is simply adorable. Your Cathedral Window pillow is gorgeous! Your description of following the car gave me a chuckle. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!

  5. Oh my goodness the pillow is AMAZING! Way better than mine and I get a glimpse of what it's like for someone to see their pattern made or something from fabric they designed. There are tears in my eyes! Also, I LOVE the baby dress, so cute! My first Easter dress is coming along too, but I ran out of nylon chiffon or whatever that stuff is and need to order more to finish it.

  6. I am wearing my green today as I too do NOT wanna be pinched:)

    love the dress! wow so cute! and the pillow!!!

    Those strawberries are so huge and amazing! wow! strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful!!!!

  7. Your dress is so beautiful. What talent you have.
    I sure got a laugh as described the slow mover. That was probably his top speed. You at least got to see the scenery by slowing down.LOL
    I am dying for some fresh strawberries but ours will still be awhile.
    Have a happy St.Patrick's Day

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love your Sunkissed dress! I'm using Sunkissed in a quilt right now, isn't it just so fresh and fun?

  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day. What a sweet little dress and bloomers. Wow your cathedral window pillow is spectacular.

  10. My mother-in-law was Irish, but somehow St Patrick's Day is not celebrated much in the UK at all!
    That little dress is too cute for words. Just beautiful. And the size of the strawberry is amazing. We are nowhere near strawberry time yet. They ripen round Wimbeldon time. July-ish.
    I looked at that old car, and thought of the Waltons. It seems to be from that era! Maybe John-boy was driving it.....

  11. Oh what an adorable dress! How cute! Love the strawberries too. :-) Happy St Patty's Day to you!

  12. May you always have
    Walls for the winds,
    A roof for the rain,
    Tea beside the fire,
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all your heart might desire!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear Mary:-) When you have a chance, come on over to my blog, you're one of my dancing Leprechauns! LOL

    That little sundress is absolutely precious and your Cathedral Window pillow is gorgeous. I can't even imagine you having problems with sewing! lol

    Omigosh, you've got fresh strawberries already? I'm definitely living in the wrong part of the world! lol Ours won't be ready until at least July.

    It's 45F right now, woohoo, the highest it's been this winter so maybe, just maybe, Spring is making its way here:-) The snow is really starting to melt now but has a long way to go yet.

    What a neat old car you had to follow behind but I know what you mean, it's so frustrating being stuck behind a slowpoke driver!!

    I must go out to run some errands now and also meet June for coffee. Big hugs to you. xoxo

  13. Such a beautiful little Easter dress!

    My mouth is watering for those strawberries! My sister in law just showed me how to take a straw and push it through the strawberry, taking out the bitter middle and pushing off the leaves. Neat trick that I haven't tried yet.

    The old car is obviously someone's pride! It looks so well kept and when it was new, I'll bet they thought they were flying!

  14. Adorable dress!! I love your mom's saying, and it seems she was right!

    Oh, my goodness - the Cathedral Window pillow - that is the only quilting I've ever done and I used to make them for every gift I gave for a couple of years back when I was young and really ambitious. I made many baby ones with cute little animals in the window. I love this one with the buttons. Beautiful work!

  15. Oh my goodness, how darling is the dress! Now remember to take a picture with her wearing it!! I would love to see it. You pillow looks great!!
    Hmmm, I now have a taste for strawberries!

  16. Cute. Cute. And Yummy! No blarney here.

  17. Mary, that little dress is just precious! You do such beautiful work.
    Oh my, those strawberries! Huge and sweet too? How lucky can you get? Must be your Irish blood. I have a little in me too :)The Cathedral Window pillow is spectacular. I love your color choices.
    I'm smiling and shaking my head at you taking the photo of that lovely old car while driving. It's a great shot :)
    Thanks for your sweet thoughts on my last post. Hubby has walked to the mailbox a couple of times this week because we've actually had a couple of warm days. That sun sure feels good!
    Hope your son's leg heals fast. Glad your bug was fixable with antibiotics and that you're feeling better.
    Will your shrubs recover from the frost damage? I hope so!
    I loved catching up with you, as usual. Lovely family fun pics :)

  18. I guess on those twisty roads there was nowhere to over take.
    The dress is so pretty, and you are so clever Mary.
    Wonder what your march strawberries are like as I imagine they are local. We get them out of season and for most of the year these days, either from California or glass house grown somewhere in Europe but they are never the same as English in June.

  19. That little dress is just precious! Hope we get to see her in it!!!

    Oh my, that strawberry is yummy looking! We can't get our raspberries from California now, they come from Chi*le and aren't half as good as yours. I bought three boxes this week and most of them were moldy so that's it until yours come out again!

    That pillow is so pretty! I NEED you here for a few days to get me caught up on some UFO's!!!

    Yes, I am going to use the little antique chair in the sun room. I don't want to put it outside as it will ruin the wood. Can you believe I got it for $1.99 and I didn't even have to take the seat out! ha!

    I didn't wear green on St. Patty's Day as I didn't leave the house all day so wasn't in any danger of getting pinched! :o) xoxoxox

  20. What a lovely blog! I love "Sunkissed", and I was dreaming of strawberries just yesterday!

  21. How that dress. Wow. You know, it reminds me of a dress my grandma made me when I was little and I still have it in my closet today. I love that fabric you used.

  22. What a pretty dress. I love your cathedral window pillow. I have always wanted to try it, but have fearful. It looks so difficult.

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  24. Cool old car. I'm so jealous of your strawberries. YUM!!!! And the little dress is darling.

  25. Sorry I'm late to wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hope you are full of green! Lovely Sunkissed dress Mary - Hugs Nat

  26. Mary,

    That dress is absolutely adorable!!!! You are very talented.

    And the Cathedral Window pillow looks lovely. It will fit right in my house. :)

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment so that I can visit you back.

  27. The dress is really cute and the pillow is really neat! The strawberry looks yummy and makes me hungry for them, but I will have to wait till June.

  28. Oh my've left me speechless! I LOVE that dress and the cathedral windows!! I've always wanted to try that. :o) Lovely photos.

    Squeezing in visits while the grandsons sleep. :o)