Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why, of Course!

My neighber stopped over this week and said that he was cleaning some "stuff" out and found a box of sewing "stuff" from his mom.  He wondered if I would be interested in any of it before he threw it in the trash.  Why, of course!!!!! 

Look at the old buttons and two layers of wooden spools of thread.  How could I refuse????

It has been a crazy busy week with lots of little ones around which I love, running here and there for maintenance on the car, which I despise, and trying to get a little sewing done. 

Don't you love this hair.  I do hope it will eventually lie down for her sake.

Finished the embroidery and piecing of the Raggedy Ann quilt.

Borders are on the Thread Head Quiltalong.

I've been playing around with some hand sewn puzzle pieces....lots of fun.

The weather has been warm and beautiful all week and I am loving it.  Today it reached 98* - perfect for this sun loving lizard.  The birds also seem to be enjoying some sunshine as they are at the feeders all day.

The finches are here in mass.  I love how yellow they are.

A family of quail have also found the leftovers from the feeders.

That was my week and I am looking forward to the weekend.  I hope that your weekend will be terrific.


  1. 98? Wow, I can't even imagine! Your quilts look great!

  2. Hi Mary, you have done a lot for a busy person. Love that little puzzle piece. I have saved the pattern to make one day. That sewing tin oooosssh what a treasure. I do love old sewing tin - Hugs Nat

  3. What wonderful treasures :-) glad you enjoyed your time with the little ones....what fun! You have been working on some beautiful quilts.

  4. Only 77 here in NorCal - just perfect! Looks like you had a busy and fun week.

  5. Why of course is right! :-) I love the spools and that glitzy belt buckle! :-)) What a darling DGD! And your quilts look great~ now I wish I had done the Thread Head one. Please tell me if she does another sew along, I love the motivation in those. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Oh, I had to have a lot of car maintenance last week.....expensive, but much less than buying a new car! Love the quilts.....I'd love to find a Raggedy Andy quilt for my new grandson.

  7. That hair is very full of volume isn't it? That is why we have so many hair products so she will be fine!
    I love your puzzle piece, it is absolutely beautiful!

  8. What wonderful treasures yor neighbour has given you.

    Love the little ones hair as that is how I wear my. Spiked.

    Lovely finishes Mary and the puzzle peice is just gorgeous.

    Have a wondeful week.

  9. A treasure box! How fun. I'm fascinated by your puzzle piece. so pretty and creative.

  10. What a great collection of wooden spools! How nice of your neighbor to offer his mom's 'stuff' to you.
    My daughter's hair was much like that when she was that age - in fact, her uncle called her 'wild woman'. It did finally settle down but it took awhile - lol.
    Both of your quilts are gorgeous and the hand sewn puzzle piece is truly amazing!!
    It has warmed up here too. We're to reach around 90 today. However, it is supposed to cool back down with high back into the 60's next week. Your bird feeder looks just like mine. We have been happy to see the return of the gold finches. We don't get the quail here - lucky you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. 98!!!! Are we really in the same country? I think it's supposed to be pretty nice today though. Your grand-daughter is adorable, the quilts are beautiful, and I'm really intrigued with that puzzle piece. All-in-all, what a post!

  12. I love to get given boxes/bags of 'stuff' Your quilts are looking beautiful as ever and the finches are enjoying their snack!

  13. I could do with 98 here, believe me! You are a busy girl.....and such lovely quilts too. Have a wonderful weekend - and I hope you get to play with the little ones some more! You are so lucky you have them close by. It is Mothering Sunday here this weekend, but I won't be seeing the kids - so I will be wandering down memory lane some more, I think!

  14. I'm glad you have nice weather. (Can you send some here??) It's nice that you got to rescue that sewing "stuff". Your quilts are all beauties, of course. for that hairdo on the little one, I think I've come full-circle. When I was little, my hair was like that and then I had years of decent hair and now, each morning, I wake up with my hair looking pretty much like hers! LOL

  15. Your quilts are wonderful! I really love the colour combination you chose for the THQA - the gray alternating blocks are a fantastic addition to the quilt.
    My youngest had hair just like your granddaughter, but his was strawberry blonde - he looked a baby orangutan - too cute!♥

  16. Love your quilts and love your baby's hair :) Glad that your neighbor thought of you--going through old sewing treasures is fun!

  17. Hi Mary..... Love all of your quilts!

    I am very interested to learn more about that puzzle piece.....Love it!

    Baby is a her hair.

    Lucky you....getting sewing treasures from your neighbor.

    Hugs, Karen

  18. Now, Mary, you just had to go and say that it was 98F over there, didn't you!!!! lol It actually went up to 48F here today and we consider that nice and warm, especially with the sun shining! More of the snow has melted as well, woohoo!!

    I can well imagine how much you love having the little ones around. I had a friend whose little boy had hair just like that, all flyaway and sticking day she plastered his head with baby oil to keep it down but it still went up! lol

    That puzzle piece is just gorgeous, what a great idea! Also love your quilts, you always do such beautiful work.

    I don't blame you at all for taking that sewing box from your neighbour, look at all the goodies in it! The last auction I was at, there was an old sewing basket filled with all kinds of vintage sewing stuff and I couldn't believe how high the bids went.

    Love your bird photos as well. The Mourning Doves have started to nest over here and I was able to zoom right into the tree branches and got a good picture of the female sitting on the nest and the male sitting on a nearby branch:-) Will post it when I do my next post.

    Hope your weekend is going well, dear friend. xoxo

  19. That little puzzle piece is so pretty, I have never seen that done before.

    What a great box of treasures! I would have said yes too! I love the buttons, I have tons of them that were my grandmothers that she sewed onto cardboard covered with fabric. It was a great hobby for her. I should post about them sometime.

    You must be sooooooo happy to have the 98* temps! As you probably saw on the tv we got hit hard on April 1st with a Nor'easter. It was a winter wonderland again but we are ready for it all to be gone. We lost a bit of the gutters off the back of the house and some branches so we were lucky. Some people had it much worse. The sun was out yesterday although it was very cold and is out today so the snow will drop fast. Mom and Dad come home tomorrow to all of this so I can well imagine they will feel the cold! I will turn the heat WAY up in their apartment!!!!!

    Your quilts came out beautifully as always! You have lots of granddaughters that would love the Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt!

    We had the grands this weekend and they just went home. J and S were in Arizona and it was about 90* so they could hardly be outside at all. We just aren't used to it and with our mayo white skin we burn so quickly. They just flew in this morning, a day early as they were homesick and wanted to get home. They flew to Boston and then rented a car and drove home. They are so tired but they wanted to come get the kids before they even went home. It seems so quiet here now. :o(

    We leave Thursday morning for NYC. I must start thinking about packing. I have no idea what the temps will be, as it has been cold there too but could warm right up overnight. We are hoping to see Bill and Marge if they are available.

    Well must get going and pick up the aftermath of having the grands! ha! Love to you both! xoxoxox

  20. 98 is a bit too much for me - especially in April! We had 82 Saturday and it was so nice - today it snowed. Crazy and yucky!

    It's nice, though, that you can have your beautiful quilts out on the grass like that.

    Have a great week!

  21. Don't you just love receiving or finding old button and stuff. I guess that's why I love garage sales so much. And yes, I do love her hair. She is too cute.

  22. I want warm weather like that:)
    We have definitely had our share of car issues...hoping to look at some tomorrow!!!;)

    such precious times with the little ones! Well cherished:)

    love the treasure box!!!

  23. Beautiful quilting as usual. The puzzle piece looks fun.

    What a cutie your grandson.

    Glad you have some nice weather to enjoy after what looks like a storm.

  24. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Love your box of stuff! The little one's hair is cute. We are expecting a grandson to be born in CA in June. I am trying to make a quilt and having a time. I wish I had a helping hand. Your quilts are beautiful. We are enjoying blue birds but have not seen the yellow finches yet.

  25. Oh, wow, that puzzle piece is just gorgeous!
    Your weather sounds wonderful! We are finally getting a little sunshine and spring weather here. Congratulations on the gift from your neighbor!

  26. Jealous of your weather. It's still snowing here. Love your gandbaby's hair. I remember when my babies hair used to do that.

  27. What a fantastic box of vintage notions! Looks like treasures to me.
    Your work is just beautiful!

  28. What a great treasure! Cutie patootie with the darling hair!
    Great quilts!
    That little puzzle piece is great!