Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturated Saturday

We were blessed with a very wet Friday through Saturday night rainstorm. Now those of you who get a good snowstorm might not appreciate the thrill we get from a "good" rainstorm, but we did enjoy it. I must say that I was very glad to NOT loose power as so many others in the area did. It was just fun to watch the rain coming down, watch the radar on the weather channel and curl up on the couch with a good cross stitch project. I could just see all my flowers looking upwards and soaking it all in. It has been a long spell since they have seen such a dumping from a natural source.

My husband happens to be a weather fanatic. He has a fabulous weather station set up in the garden which transmits the information into the house. When it rains really hard the station, as well as listing the minute by minute rainfall per hour, states that "It's raining cats and dogs." Needless to say, this has become a common remark around the household. Thankfully I have never seen cats or dogs actually coming down.

Today remains very dark with more rain expected throughout the day. It will be a perfect day for heading into my sewing room and working on my quilt for the newest grandchild. Being that it will be for a little boy, I am making a quilt that consists of trucks and construction equipment. I will photo transfer pictures of all of his cousins to put in the pickup beds and windows of the cranes and fork lifts. I am hoping that it will turn out as well as I picture it in my mind.

Before I head off to the sewing room I must decide on a good "comfort food" dinner. It's the perfect day for some long simmering, delicious smelling cooking throughout the house.

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  1. I have been watching the weather situation in your area and it sure sounds like you are going to get hammered with rain! One report said that there may be up to 10 inches in some areas! That's a lot of rain!!! We have a ton of snow here as you saw in some of the pictures I posted but it is warming up and supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow and into the week! That's quite a switch from yesterday and the day before when it was just terribly cold. Even I shivered when I went outside! Today at the barn it was quite cold so we didn't ride just brushed and visited the guys. I don't think we were there much more then an hour or so. I filled out the forms for Ocean Reef a couple days ago. I have gained so much weight since getting first injured in May and then falling in September that I need XL in everything! Will sure be glad to get back to really exercising hard at the gym. Now I mostly lift weights but no cardio as I can't use the treadmill yet. I'm going to have strong muscles under all this fat! ha! Oh well, I an thankful that I didn't get hurt any worse then I did. It could have been a totally different outcome. I have a lot to be thankful for.