Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Try

Many, many thanks for all the advice on trying to upload my photos to where I want them. I will give it a try with this post. It is always good to try to keep the mind sharp by learning new things. I hear that it helps to delay the big "A."

I have finally finished the rose pruning task. If I didn't love fresh flowers so much I might not feel that the result is worth the effort. I always feel a bit saddened as I prune the last rose as I know it is a few months before I will have such a lovely bouquet in the house. I was able to pick three beautiful vases full as I pruned.

Wow!!! It actually worked! I moved it down. Thank you all.

The weather has been positively gorgeous this week. On Sunday afternoon we took a drive along the coast and up through the wine country, Santa Inez Valley. The coastline was so pretty and I DIDN'T have my camera with me. The USS Ronald Reagan was in port in Santa Barbara and it was a spectacular sight. There is nothing quite like and aircraft carrier anchored in the water to take your breath away. It was huge and very impressive.

We had a couple of our grandsons for a few days and had bunches of fun with them. They are brothers and the best of friends. Grandpa and the boys had to take the tractor out to the orchard to pick some lemons for fresh lemonade.

The next day we went to the park for lunch and to feed the ducks. All was fine until the ducks decided they wanted the food a little faster.

It was a quick retreat for this one. One duck is cute, but too many is intimidating.

Again.....many thanks for all the photo help. I feel that I have accomplished a lot with this post.


  1. Just look at you! You're catching on fast. Your grandsons are adorable and what fun they must having riding th tractor. My dad has one quite similar that the kids love to ride.
    I am just realizing that you are also in CA.
    Thanks for your regular comments and prayers for Grandpa..

  2. Hey you GO girl! Great job on your pictures! I see you have hooked up with Susie, she is one of the dearest bloggers you will meet up with, I just love her to pieces!!! I wonder if you two live anywhere near each other??

    Great picture of Hubby on the little tractor with the boys! Don't they just love riding on the 'ole John Dee*re!!

    You roses are gorgeous and most certainly worth all the work that you do to keep them in such good shape! If I tried to grow them here the beetles would just eat the buds before they even had a chance to open. Grrrrrrrrr......

    Just had to call the vet about Buddy. His feet have been a bit sore the last couple of days and I am a bit concerned. I am waiting now for the vet to call me back. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn't something serious. I think it may be that the inside arena is getting harder due to the cold weather. Hopefully that is all it is.

    Keep up the good work!