Friday, January 25, 2008

Where is Oz?

I am beginning to believe that we are currently living in Kansas. The last few days have been "wicked" weather for us. This is so unusual for us so I just feel that I have been transplanted and should be searching for Oz to get back home.

Last evening we were getting rain at the rate of two inches per hour, pea size hail, lightening and thunder loud enough to shake the house. We even had a tornado warning along with our flood warnings. Now, you have to realize that we NEVER have tornado warnings here. They are generally waterspouts coming in over the ocean which die out once they hit land. Not so last night. I know that all of this sounds mild to you folks who get really radical storms with major hail, but for us it was highly unusual.

Our #1 son is in Colorado skiing so we had our DIL and four grandchildren over for dinner last night. I had made a banana cream pie for dessert, but our 9 year old grandson wanted to fix us something special. He brought all the ingredients and fixed us chocolate chip pancakes! Now....I have to admit that I have never liked any sort of pancakes. I just haven't! He did a fabulous job -- heated the griddle to just the right temperature and cooked them to a perfect golden brown. They were presented beautifully on plates, buttered and smeared with whipped cream. I was a most gracious grandma as I raved about the wonderful job and delicious taste. It's a good thing that Grandpa loves any kind of pancakes and wanted seconds, or was it thirds?

Our three year old grandson showed up with a cast on his hand. He had taken a fall at the bowling alley and ended up doing a body slam to the floor --hand, ball and then body. Ouch! He broke two fingers pretty badly and the doctors were concerned about the location of the fracture so close to the growth plate.

As it continues to pour here, I believe I will go and search for my yellow brick road. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. We are having some crazy weather up here too! Very high winds, cold rain and the power is going on and off.
    There's snow on the foothills which is totally weird!
    Stay warm and cozy..

  2. Wow you sure are getting hit with some weird weather! I guess I will stick with the cold rather then tornado warnings! It was 0* this morning when I went up to the stable to do stuff with the horses. Nick was nice and warm in his blanket and was rolling out in the indoor arena, thankfully it stayed in place and didn't come off. They really make those well now so they don't very often get loose or tangled.

    FIL is sick and going to the doctor this afternoon. He has had a cold for about 4 or 5 days and now is complaining that it has gone into his chest and I think he might have pneumonia. I have tried all week to get him to let me fix him some food but he just hasn't wanted to eat. I think I will make some custard this afternoon and take that over as I know he likes that. If he doesn't get better we will not be going to Ocean Reef next week. We are his primary caretakers so wouldn't leave him. Hopefully they will put him on an antibiotic and that will help him.

    Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road!!

  3. Wow! I think the whole country has gone nuts this winter with weather!! I cant believe it. It has been so cold here and so cold in plaes that it isnt supposed to be, lol! I am so tired of it, I just cannot wait for spring!!

    Thank you for visiting me :)

    Stah safe and cozy :)


  4. Wow - tornadoes in S. California?? WE have an occasional sighting here in Colorado, but very rare.

    What a darling quilt for your new grandson! I didn't realize you had so many grands.

    Thanks so much for keeping tabs on our teeny tiny twins!

  5. I hope you get a break from all the bad weather soon!

  6. Half term is just a week, so not long, and my classes are on rotation, so I will have new students after the break for 2 of them, and the same students for the rest. Not too bad! I hope you have had a good weekend too!

  7. I'm another Californian who spotted you on Susie's blog.

    A county a little to the south of us (Tulare) has thunderstorm warnings and an actual tornado. We've had more than our share of rain and I can look out toward Yosemite and see snow covered mountains.

    To probably misquote the Cowardly Lion "strange weather we're having, isn't it".

    Ann (aka granny)
    Merced, CA