Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disappearing Act

This week I have been very busy working on my new grandson's quilt. As I was marking it for the quilting I was using this fancy pen where the ink disappears within twenty four hours. (You have to work quickly.) I started to ponder the thought of "what if." What if we could have some of the mistakes we made in our life disappear within twenty four hours or what if we had some words that we spoke disappear within twenty four hours? Can you imagine what the world would be like? Such deep thoughts for a fun activity like quilting.

Since the little baby was of the male sex I decided to do a "boy" quilt for him. The colors look dreadful in the photo so please don't look at that part. It is called "Cousins at Work." I photocopied pictures of all eighteen of his cousins onto fabric and have them attending the vehicles as drivers or cargo. I had seen the pattern years ago in the Quiltmaker magazine and had always imagined doing it for one of the kids. Each of the kids get a quilt when they are born.

Anyway....my son, DIL and new grandson will be coming down for the weekend to introduce the baby to the rest of the family. We are all so excited! We have a BBQ planned for Saturday with the hopes that the rain will be over by then. Did I mention how excited we are to see, snuggle and love this little guy again? It seems like it has been forever. I know that the weekend will just fly past.

Like most other households, this past weekend was filled with football games. (Could you believe how cold that Green Bay game was? That glass of water froze way too quickly for my likes.) We had our #2 son and his children over for a spell. The kids were not too interested in the game but loved building dominoes. Do you remember how much fun that was? The younger one really wanted to "help" but was much too "helpful" for his older brother to tolerate. We never quite got all the dominoes set up before they took a tumbling. See that mischievous look on his face?

We have a storm that is supposed to be coming in sometime later today. We had a few sprinkles last night but the main portion will hit us later. We still need the rain so there is not a lot of complaining. I did hear that there were snow sightings in San Francisco. They can keep all of that up there as far as I am concerned. It will just be a good night to snuggle up on the couch with a fire and a good pot of stew for dinner. Guess they call it "comfort food." What does everyone else enjoy for comfort foods?


  1. What precious little guys!! I have a handful of those myself, lol!

    Thank you do much for visiting my blog and wishing me a happy birthday!!


  2. Your quilt is beautiful! What a perfect keepsake :)
    You heard correctly about the snow around SF. It's just so cold here and raining too! There is snow on the lower peaks..
    (we live in the north bay area)
    Enjoy your weekend with the new little one..

  3. That's very pretty. I always wish I knew how to quilt. I envy those that do. Lovely job.

  4. That quilt is gorgeous! They will love it! You do such good work, I wish I had half of your talent!!

    Yes, it's been a bit cold here but today was much warmer as it was sunny and nice. Tomorrow is going to be colder I think. We will be keeping Nick's blanket on him for the rest of the winter. He just doesn't have the body fat that the other ones have plus not as much hair. He sure is happy now all snuggly in his blanket!

    You will have so much fun getting more acquainted with you new little guy. Make sure you take lots of pictures for us to see!

    Couldn't help but notice how nice and shiny your floors are!! Try keeping them that way here with people in and out with snow on their shoes and boots! Sigh....

    I've just been sitting out on the sunporch watching the deer eat their grain. I also had some older apples that I thought would be a good treat for them so I threw those out. They need pampering this winter with all the snow!

    See ya soon!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by today...your quilt is gorgeous!

  6. I didn't know there was such a pen with ink that disappears in 24.

    Boy, that would be quite a concept for life. Some things would be better and I suspect some things would be worse.

    That is really a special quilt.