Saturday, February 16, 2008


I do believe that spring is just around the corner. Although we do have a forecast for some showers toward the end of the week, this weekend is forecast to be gorgeous. We were out in the orchard this morning and noticed that several of the trees are starting to get their blossoms. The peach tree is usually the first to bloom and that is quickly followed by the pear. My husband has replaced several of the trees over the last few years due to the fact that they were getting too old to produce much in the line of fruit. This is the second year for this little peach tree. Half of the orchard is in stone fruits including peaches, pears, cherries, nectarines and plums. The other half is citrus which include navel, blood and Valencia oranges as well as grapefruit, limes, lemons and tangerines. Then there are a few avocados thrown into the mix.

It is such fun to have the fruit for all the little kids. They love to come over to pick bags to take home with them. Thank goodness that we have folks to share the abundance as I hate to see fruit fall to the ground and rot.

Son #3 and two of his little guys came over this morning to borrow Grandpa's tractor to work in their yard. There is something about little boys and tractors that is so darn cute. They were going to till up their garden today to get it ready for planting. All of the little ones have their own section in the garden and it is so much fun to watch what they plant in it. They are each responsible for weeding and maintaining their own area.

Next weekend is the big school fundraiser for my #2 DIL. She is in charge of making baskets for all of the donated silent auction items. Today her house was filled from one end to the other with baskets in stages of being arranged. You could not even make your way to the dining room table. I am sure that she will be so thrilled when next Saturday is over as she will be able to have her house back again. This is her third year of doing this project and it always goes over so well for the school. I dropped off the doll's school uniform that she had asked me to make for the auction. I love making doll clothes. They always go up so fast.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. I loved seeing your sewing room in your previous post. It looks like such a delightful place to work!! That uniform for the American girl doll is so adorable. I can see why it's always a hit. It looks almost identical to the uniforms they wear at our grandson's school. They also do an auction once a year..
    Your orchard looks like you have a wonderful variety. It is feeling more like spring, but we're also due for rain later this week.

  2. Those doll clothes are ADORABLE! They look just like the uniforms here!! I've never made any doll clothes, T isn't really into dolls, sigh.....she'd rather be out playing in the mud!

    You caught me! ha! Yes there is something new coming but it's not another blog. That was the one I set up when trying to tell you how to put your awards in your sidebar. lol! I couldn't remember how and I thought if I went through the process and wrote it down I could explain it better. I don't see them on your side bar yet do you need me to walk you thorough it again?

    Oh how blessed you are to have all of those wonderful fruit trees right in your yard!!!! I just sent R to the store for some fruit and you can bet it probably came from CA!

  3. The uniform dress is too cute and I loved seeing the blossoms. Spring has arrived at our house. It rained all day and two of the yards on our street have daffodils!

  4. Beautiful dolls clothes! My Grandmother used to make all my dolls clothes back in the dark ages, but I never actually got to make any for my daughter, who was a real tomboy. Sigh. Maybe one day!
    How wonderful to have an orchard. I can't wait to see what it produces later in the year!

  5. spring is wishful thinking here! though it is around the corner! We have had some very strange weather!

    The doll clothes are adorable!

    I enjoyed the photos of fruit trees! You are so fortunate to have them!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  6. I love the blossoms on fruit trees...the combination of their beauty and the heralding of spring does more for me after a long NY winter than I can express!!! Your sewing is beautiful! So sweet of you to contribute!!

  7. That school uniform is just so darn cute. I have been thinking about getting started making some doll clothes. Getting a granddaughter to that age is good incentive. lol

  8. How lucky you are to have such a orchard of fruit trees. My aunt down the street has several fruit trees and they smell divine. We have a satsuma tree that gives plenty of fruit and a fig tree that is just starting to give. We had a lemon tree but it froze a couple of years ago and we have not planted another one. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving comments. I could not answer your question by reply to your email because it says no reply so I'm answering here. The ducks on my blog are peking ducks and they do not mate for life but he sure was unhappy for about 2 months after she was gone. Terry

  9. How cute!! I love the doll clothes. And look at those trees! That's so hopeful!

    You're so talented!

  10. That's it...I'm moving to your house until all the snow here is gone! lol I would love to think Spring right now but we're still in the middle of a very cold winter with tons of snow. The doll clothes you made are just adorable..sewing is one thing I've never been good at. I hem pants, that's about it! lol Thank you so much for your words of comfort and prayers for Steve!! xoxo

  11. It certainly does look like spring! And your sewing room is beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful orchard you have there and what a treat to share with the family! I so love to have all those fruit trees.
    Your little doll's uniform is so cute. You did a great job with it. Glad you had some lovely weather.