Monday, February 11, 2008

Hot To Cold

It's Monday and life is back to the routine once more. The normal days are appreciated after two weeks of getting ready to travel, traveling, unpacking, shopping, prepping, repacking and traveling once more. The dust on the table tops is a testament to my lack of time for cleaning.

Yesterday morning when we awoke our temperature was a brisk 6*. When we returned home it was a delightful 80*. One thing that I really like about living here is that we can enjoy the snow in the morning and the sunset on the beach by the evening.

Our annual snow trip was wonderful and very uneventful -- thank goodness. Several of our trips have not been too enjoyable with skiing injuries within the group of skiiers in the family. One year our #2 son broke his back and was medically evacuated home by air for surgery and another year #4 son broke both ankles which made for an interesting trip home as well. Both injuries happened the year that they were to be married. Do you think they were trying to test their future wives during a crisis?

At any rate, this was a fabulous trip. The kids all enjoying being together with their cousins 24 hours of the day and the parents get along so well. It is truly a blessing to have a family like that. So....before I head off for laundy and unpacking once more I will post a few photos of the trip.
View from the condos where we stay. The sunset was gorgeous.

Peyton's second birthday -- after the cake! It's always a fun party when you celebrate with eighteen cousins. Can you tell that by his expression?

Snow fun.
First snow trip. I'm not sure how impressed he was but his parents certainly enjoyed all the babysitting help from his cousins and aunts.

Relaxing after a hard day of playing.
SIL entertaining the youngsters on the last night with a very funny song that included each of the children's names and something about their trip.


  1. You have really taken two very different trips--Florida and snow sking! Both look and sound great! What fun to have a family trip where all the cousins can have fun together!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. How fun for all the cousins to be together! Some of my fondest childhood memories are when Grandma and Grandpa would take all 6 of us somewhere.
    Thanks for your prayers for Grandpa.

  3. What a wonderful trip! I love all the pictures you put in, reminds me of home! heehee! Those snow pictures could've been taken in my back yard! How nice to be able to go back to 80*, that ISN'T the case in my back yard! We're expecting more snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Yikes!

    Were you able to get through those directions I sent? Just let me know if you need some more of my wisdom! lol!

    Great pics of your kids and grandkids. Love the one of Peyton and his big smile. So glad no one broke any bones this time too! xox

  4. You had a great time in the mountains, too! What fun for all the cousins.