Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's Musings

As is the norm these days, our weekend seemed to disappear in a flash. It was a windy, rainy and cool weekend for us on the West coast and I hear that the passing storm will create all sorts of havoc across the rest of the country. I do feel so sorry for all of you who have experienced enough of winter for the year.
I read so many blogs and I tend to hear a general theme of "spring is coming." I enjoy seeing photos of the decorations and ideas that others have for their homes. I thought that I would share a few of the items that are up around our home. I had three grandsons for a few days last week and they helped me do some of the decorating.
This is a photo of my "seasonal" tree. I believe it is originally meant to be for Christmas decorations but I leave it out all year and dress it up according to the season. Right now it has Easter eggs on it. These are a couple of the smocked eggs that I have made over the years. They are simply smocked fabrics stretched over styrofoam eggs. I've given many away as gifts so I only have three left to decorate the tree. Guess I'd best get some more made!

It was a good weekend to work on a few projects in my sewing room. I am in the process of making a quilt which I have admired for some time. I know it will be a work in progress for some time as it has MANY star blocks. I added a few to the stack this weekend but also did a couple of fabric birthday postcards.
My baby sister's birthday is next Sunday and my mother's is tomorrow so I wanted to get the postcards done and in the mail. This is the one that I finished for my sister. They are just a fun small project to work on as they go up quickly.
Saturday night we attended the school auction for which I had made the doll's matching uniform. I was absolutely amazed that the uniform went for $220. I'm sure that some grandparent must have purchased it "for a good cause." If I thought I could get that kind of money for making them, I would go into business!!!!! They made $59,000 from the auction items so it was quite a success for the school.
We have company coming in from the Seattle area this afternoon. The weather could not be more perfect for visitors. It's a good thing that plans were not made to visit last week. I will be busy entertaining for the next few days but I will try to check out other blogs in my spare time.
I hope that everyone has a good week.


  1. In Europe, everyone has an Easter tree, which is made from branches which bloom over the Easter season, and is decorated with eggs and flowers and the like. I will put mine up next week and post photos for you! I love the tradition, which was new to me. My sister learnt about them in Switzerland, where homes are decorated for each season, and now here in England, it is becoming very common too.
    I love your birthday cards! What a lovely idea!

  2. Those eggs are beautiful! I have never done smocking, it looks hard. I have always wanted T to wear a cute little Polly Flinders type smocked dress but now days they prefer Old Na#vy! Hey, your grandkids have a donkey and work with horses, you need to take those horse awards and put them on your sidebar. Didn't she do a nice job with them? I picked out the pictures and she did the code and the lettering. We're expecting a BIG storm coming in tomorrow night and into Wed. Probably another snow day, these poor kids will be going to school all summer!!! Have fun with your company!! xoxox

  3. That is the cutest tree, I must have one ! That would look so cute on a new little table I got !
    Have a great week,

  4. Hi, I couldn't answer your comment on my blog by a reply because it says "no reply" so I will answer here. The frame my friend was using is mine. It is a "Be line" quilting frame and my rails are metal. I don't have jumping where the rails split a little, but I adjust my rails periodically so the spilts don't happen.Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and I love your "Seasonal Tree". Terry

  5. Thanks for stopping by again. yes 90 years of life is something else!! We are so proud that dad is going to be 90 so we wanted to do something really special for him. Family is coming in from all parts of the USA!!
    I like your EAster Egg tree. Very nice. Since the kids have grown up not much is done here as far as decorations go. Also living here in Savannah this is the BIG IRISH country so we have more decorations for St. Patrick's day. We have the 2nd largest parade!!
    Hope your day is going well. Sandy

  6. The smocked eggs are gorgeous!! I try to decorate for each season, especially in these months it helps the winter "blahs" pass by!

  7. Love your smocked eggs and the Easter tree :)
    What a great price your little doll uniform brought!! They must have been so pleased at having such a great fund raiser.
    Enjoy your company, we've got a nice break in our stormy weather today.

  8. Gorgeous tree. Smocking is lovely. Its almost a lost art. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your seasonal tree and your smocked eggs are so pretty...I love them! Enjoy your company!

  10. I just love your smocked eggs and the fact that something you made for a good cause went so high. How wonderful. You must be elated.How generous you are to contribute your time and talents.
    Have a grand day and may all your dreams come true.

  11. Hi! I love your Easter decor! The smocked eggs are so pretty! It is so refreshing to know spring is coming and to see the signs!