Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Like most everyone else out in Blogville, it has been a busy weekend around our house. The weather was so nice outside that the duties of the yard kept calling my name. Since it is forecast to be a wet week around here it was a good time to get a few of the chores done and get ready for some damp days. It is always nice to get some fertilizer on things before we get a free sprinkling from the skies. I know that they say that you are not supposed to fertilize your roses until the new red leaves change to green, but I wasn't sure that we would get the rain when the leaves were green so I did it this weekend. I'll probably end up regretting my decision when summer time brings all sorts of problems.

I hope that everyone noticed that I was finally able to put my award where it belongs. After reading and reading and reading some more about just how this was done, I finally consulted with my dear (and very patient) friend Midlife Mom regarding my problems. She was so helpful and even threw in two more awards for me. Now I have lots of experience -- at least until the next time I have to do it. Ha! She has a wonderful blog and if you haven't seen it yet, please check it out.

Saturday evening we went over to our #3 son's home and were able to watch the kids riding Rudy. They are getting so good with him and he just follows them everywhere. While we were at the stable we were able to greet this beautiful horse. He is a Dutch Warmblood (I believe) with a gorgeous curly mane and a coat that was incredibly soft.

When we first arrived at their home we entered the house and immediately our eyes came upon a chicken walking in the family room. Apparently this chicken belongs to a neighbor but insists that she lives at my son's home. The children keep returning her to her proper home and she keeps coming back, walking right into the house if a door is left ajar. Now, if she would lay eggs for them they might offer her a home!

After church on Sunday my husband and I decided to take a drive. Within about an hour we found ourselves in a snowy landscape. This is what remains from the storms of last month so you can imagine how deep it must have been when it first fell. This was also an area that was hit hard by the fires of last fall. I expected to see a lot of new spring grasses covering the barren land but I guess that it has not been warm enough yet for it to grow. Perhaps we will see some the next time we make the trip up there.

This weekend was also the time to get all the tax information together for the accountant. Why is it that no matter how organized we are in that area it always seems to take so much time? It is just such a nice feeling when it is all done. I'm sure that everyone can relate.


  1. That's hilarious about the visiting chicken!

    Congratulations on your award. It is so exciting to get that first one!

    The picture of the burned out trees was sad, but God always brings the green back, doesn't He?

  2. LOVE the chicken story!!! That is a riot!! The picture of the horse didn't show for some reason, I want to see him!!!! Go back into edit and try posting it again and see what happens. Glad you got your awards put on your sidebar okay, good job!! Seems funny seeing snow pictures coming from your neck of the woods, I just think of you on the beach in your bikini soaking up the sun!! :o)

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Nice to meet you.
    19 grandchildren - you must have fun and what a lot of love you must receive but you must be broke at Christmas!!
    We have grown beautiful roses for 45 years andhave never heard that about the time to fertilise. We fertilise in early March when the roses are pruned hard and again after the first flowering.
    Looks like a lovely walk with the snow still on the mountains.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by for my birthday celebration on Wednesday. I was so happy to see so many come!! I feel so loved.
    You live in Southern California? Our son lives in Santa Rancho Margartia. I just wondered if you two lived any where close to each other. i know that California is a big state.
    Thanks again. Hope your day is great.

  5. lovely photos! WowThat is some chicken, I have never seen a chicken held like that before! It is quite a pet isn't it? I bet the kids love it just the same even if it isn't theirs;)beautiful grand child,great story!

    The snow photos look so calm and peaceful, very nice!

    I am so happy income tax is done for me and I am awaiting patiently for my return;)

    You are so busy! have a nice weekend!