Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My First Award

I am so excited! I have received my very first blogging award from a dear friend, Midlife Mom at . It is The Blessings Award and I feel so blessed. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I have been so blessed with such a wonderful family and such incredible friends. Each and everyone one of them is truly a blessing to me.

I now have to pass this on to someone that I feel deserves the award. I would like to extend this blessing to Dawn at She is certainly a blessing in so many lives -- her children, grandchildren and many other bloggers out there. Thank you Midlife Mom for all your encouragement and help in trying to figure this blogging technology out.

My #2 DIL stopped by yesterday to ask me if I would make an item for the upcoming auction for the children's school. This auction is the big money making event and each year she brings me a used uniform that the children wear. I cut it up and construct an identical uniform for one of the 18" Amer*ican Gi*rl dolls. Each year it is a very "hot" item in the live auction and I really enjoy making it. So that is what my plans are for tomorrow.

I absolutely love to spend the day in my sewing room. We did a remodel of our home this past year to make it more handicap accessible in case my mother or my husband's father should need to come spend any length of time with us. Since we are not currently "needing" the room for that purpose, I have taken it over for my sewing "studio." It is so nice to be able to "play" in there and then just close the door when I am finished for the day. This is what it looks like on a neat day which isn't very often. The walls are really not THAT green, but rather a very soft sage green. It is very peaceful.
I love it because it opens up onto the patio and back yard. It is so pleasant to sew while listening to birds chirping and watching the hummingbirds fly in and out for a sip of the nectar. I have three sewing machines set up at one time because I also teach my granddaughters how to sew. Several of them are home schooled and this is part of their curriculum. It is such a thrill to be able to sit down with them and observe what they come up with in regards to creativity. I will fuss over an idea forever and they just come up with ideas in a flash. We should all let our imagination loose like they do.


  1. I love, love, love your sewing room!!! What a beautiful place to work in!! One thing I miss in my sewing room is being able to look outside as it is in the basement on the side that doesn't have any windows.

    You are most certainly welcome for the award, you are very deserving indeed! Were you able to find the page to put it in your sidebar? I am changing to a different template that is more like blogger's. I'm tired of struggling with the one I have now. I'm working with a new designer and she tells me her template is much easier. I do think it is good for me to have to learn new things so that I have to make the 'ole brain work a bit!

    We are one total ice rink here! I think I will go take a picture of my driveway, it is covered with ice, I don't know how I will get out of the yard today!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Oh what a beautiful room! Just like Midlife Mom, I LOVE IT! All that space, and such a lovely back garden to look out on too. It is not good to be envious it is not good to be envious.......!!!

    And congratulations on your award!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day:-) Oh my, look at your sewing's gorgeous! The first thing I noticed was how bright and airy it was, as well as those fabulous patio's no wonder you enjoy sewing in there. Congratulations on the Blessing award, I'm sure it won't be your last:-) xox

  4. Well that really is a delightful room! No wonder you love it, with all that space, the lovely, restful colors, and that gorgeous view!
    Your travels sound much fun with your large family and oh, what fun for the kids to all be together!
    Those 80ยบ temps must've felt so good and what a glorious place!!
    It must feel nice now though, to settle back into a routine after all the excitement.

  5. That is a very nice room! I'd love to have a place like that.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful award! I was so pleasantly surprised when I came over tonight.

    I was heading to bed, but just heard one of the babies - I have them overnight so they don't catch their sister's flu. Oops! I think I should have gone to bed when I had a chance instead of blogging!

  6. What a lovely room! Looks like something that should be on HGTV! Perfect. I don't blame you for wanting to spend a lot of time there.
    Congratulations on the award! So deserving.

  7. Love the sewing room. It looks so spacious and clean. My room is never that clean. Terry