Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Outing

As I mentioned in my previous post, Tuesday (February 26th) was my mother's 85th birthday. It certainly does not seem possible that she could already be celebrating 85 years. I remember when we had a big party for my grandmother's 85th and it seems as though that was only a few years ago. She is a remarkable lady and has been an inspiration to all of us. To celebrate the big day my two sisters and I took her to the Ronald Reagan Library for the special display of the dresses worn by Nancy Reagan, out for lunch and then did a little shopping.

As you can see, the weather was spectacular with temperatures in the 80 degree range and views that seemed to never end.

One thing that I am always impressed with at the library is the piece of the Berlin Wall that stands outside on top of the hill. If you look at the two sides of the wall you will notice the distinct difference between the sides that faced East Berlin vs. West Berlin. The colorful side was painted to show the freedom and hope of the people in West Berlin whereas the plain, drab cement represented the East Berlin residents. These are the original paintings but I am sure that they must keep the paint refreshed for people to view.

A few years back the library added the Air Force One Pavilion. It was quite the fete to bring the plane up to the top of the hill and build the building around it. The plane is set up just as it was when it was in use. You can walk through it and see all the different offices, press areas, sleeping quarters and areas for just relaxing. The building itself is all glass on the front and it appears as though the plane is flying right over the valley. It is quite a sight.

The graveside of Ronald Reagan also sits on the top of the hill with fabulous views. Nancy Reagan will at some point be buried right next to him. The funeral services were shown on television worldwide but it held a special attention to the local folks here as the library is only about a ten minute drive from us. The streets, of course, were lined with people during the processions to and from the library.

I really wished that I could have taken some photos of all the dresses on display but they discourage photography. It was such fun to see the changing styles throughout the years. The beaded gowns were just amazing. I could only imagine how heavy they must have been. And talk about TINY -- she wore a size 2. I doubt that I ever had a waist that small. It was also fun to see all of the different designers who had made clothes for her and to study their different signature styles. We were all amused at the thought of where our "old" dresses were these days. Hmmm. We'd be in dire straights to put on a show with our past gowns.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dearMother.

    Anoher of my blogging friends posted on this museum recently.

  2. What an enjoyable post! Loved seeing the pictures of the Library.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! 85 years is a milestone indeed. You are so blessed to have her with you.
    I lost my Mom just about six yrs ago and miss her every day of my life.
    Hope the coming year is filled with every blessing for your Mom.

  3. Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful mom!! Such a wonderful outing you had with her, I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of it:-) The Ronald Reagan Library is a place I would love to all sounds so interesting. I knew that Nancy was small but omigosh, size 2...that certainly is VERY tiny!! I was so fascinated with the piece of Berlin wall...seeing how different the two sides are truly does make you realize how very different the lives were of those living on either side!! I so loved seeing your Easter decorations in your previous post...your smocked eggs are just gorgeous!! Everything looks beautiful...I want to get my Easter decorations out this weekend:-) xox

  4. Happy birthday to your MOM!! What a great outing and gorgeous weather!! The things you saw are just things we see on television, you are very fortunate to have them close by. Size 2!!!???? Sigh..... Maybe I was a size two at birth!
    We got another 10 inches of snow yesterday to add to our already over abundance! Good thing I'm going to Florida in a few weeks to get some sunshine and warm weather! Still haven't heard anything back from the things Bill had me send down to him. Hope I hear before I go to visit my parents.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom!! What an event!! My mother will be 84 soon too. We are off to Illinois this weekend to see my parents and to help put a kitchen in for our daughter and her family. it is going to be a quick and LONG trip for us. ARe you in that top picture? i was just wondering...Sandy

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom. That sounds like a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday, it sure looked like she did!!
    Those pictures are sure great too!
    Have a great weekend,

  8. What a fun outing for your mom's birthday. My husband and I would love to visit the RR Library. It was nice to have a little peek at it. Thanks for sharing the day!
    A very happy birthday to your dear mom.