Friday, March 11, 2011

The House is Cuckoo Again

Yep!  The house is cuckoo once again.  About forty years ago my sister stayed with us for a few months while she was relocating.  She felt so badly about being a long term guest so she would buy us a little gifts as a thank you.  One of the gifts that she bought was a cuckoo clock for the children.  They, of course, loved it.  Over the years it cuckoo-ed itself to death and sat quietly on the wall. With no birdie coming out to announce the time we eventually just got used to the silence and it eventually stopped altogether.  That was about seven years ago.  Recently I found a specialist who repairs cuckoo clocks and I took ours to the shop.  A month later it is now returned and working like a charm.  The grandchildren LOVE the cuckoo bird and it is so much fun to hear it again.

It's a tough day to think that anything I could write in a blog could be important with the devastation that we have seen in Japan.  I know that our thoughts and prayers are with that country today as they deal with what has happened and what is yet to come for them.  It hits home especially hard for those of us living in "earthquake country" and makes one wonder when our next big one will hit.

With our latest houseguest gone, I have had a chance to spend a little more time in the sewing studio this week playing "catch up" on my blocks. 

Block #20, the final block is now out for the Thread Head Quiltalong.  I am so excited to get it finished and assemble the top.  Mine will be queen sized when finished so there will be eighty one blocks total. 

Blocks #16,17,18,19
I have added the third row to my Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt along and am working on the final three block's embroidery work.  I love how this one is turning out.

The foundation for the Be Mine Cathedral Window pillow with Melissa is finished and I need to add my squares this week.  I think I am going to do it in greens.

We've had a birthday as well this week.  I had to make an E.T. cake for the birthday boy and I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture of it before we ate it.    It was a hit and tasted delicious anyway!!!

My BIL getting a few baby snuggles.
Does it seem to anyone else that things tend to fall apart in groups?  This week was the week for repairmen.  The cable guy was here to repair the wireless router problems, the door man was here to figure out why a door wouldn't lock and yesterday the appliance guys were here to repair the stove fan, the clicking on the BBQ and a broken bolt on the refrigerator. more repairs for awhile....please.

Spring is definitely in the air, but we have been assessing the damage from the freeze that we had about two weeks ago.  Our bouganvilla, hibiscus and several of our bigger plumerias really got hit hard.  The region's strawberries also took a hit.  It was such a strange time for us to have such cold weather.  If the tortoises are correct, we are in for prolonged warmer weather as they have emerged from hibernation this week.  Yeah!


  1. Oh I really like the Cockoo clock. No surprise that the grandchildren love it. I remember when I bought the Rhumba (vacuum cleaner), my kids were mesmerized by it. It was so much fun to just watch them watch the vacuum.

    I love your blocks (queen size). I especially like the second block, do you by any chance know it's name?

    Very precious pictures of the family.

  2. I'm glad your clock is fixed and your quilts are, as always, lovely. I am just watching the nighttime news here and am so saddened to see the devastation in Japan.

  3. Cockoo clocks are such amazing timers. I have an antique mantel clock of my Grandmother's that chimes every half hour. It was out of commission for a couple of months and it seemed almost too quiet in the house with it gone.
    Your Threadhead blocks look wonderful. I still have only completed five blocks but have printed out the intructions for all the rest to be made at a later time.
    Your Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt is fantastic! Only three more blocks and a finish - woohoo!
    And, like you, my heart goes out to those in Japan. It makes me wonder where the next one will hit. With you being down south and me in the central valley, I'm sure it is never far from either of our thoughts.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! And no more repairs!!!!!!

  4. I had an aunt who had a cuckoo clock and I remember how I'd run up to it every time it would "cuckoo", I was so fascinated by it:-) It's wonderful that you were able to find someone to repair yours!!

    I've been watching CNN on and off all day and am just heartsick over all the devastation in Japan. This morning I was talking to my older brother Denis who lives in Vancouver, BC and he said they were only expecting about 2 foot waves to hit their coast so I was glad to hear that!! What about the California coast? Been thinking about you and my other friends who live in CA!

    Love all of your blocks and that Raggedy Ann & Andy quilt is just too cute. I made a couple more ATCs today just to get my mind off the earthquake for a bit.

    What a shame you didn't get a picture of the E.T. cake you made, bet it was fabulous:-) Gosh, I remember bringing Shawn to see that movie at the cinema when it first came out in 1982...he was 4 years old and became quite a big fan of E.T.!!

    Oh yes, it never misses, when one thing breaks down, it's a given that more things will break down at the same time! lol

    The picture of your BIL with the baby is just precious. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend:-) xoxo

  5. How nice to have your Cockoo clock working again.I bet the little ones love to watch him pop out.

    Yes the news about Japan is awful. There seems to be disasters all over the world. In Australia we have had fires and floods.we can just keep the folk in our thoughts.

    Your quilts are all ooking beutiful and you have plently of loved ones to give them too.

    Loved the photo of your BIL having cuddles. I love to cuddle my GGD too.They grow up so fast.

  6. My grandmother had a cuckoo clock and I really miss it. Glad you got yours working again! Love your blocks too and your Annie quilt top is looking good! :0)

  7. I've always wanted a cuckoo clock!
    I just love all of your projects you've got going on! The raggedy ann and andy quilt is adorable!
    Robin :)

  8. I would love to hear that bird chime. I love cuckoo clock! I feel sadden by the disaster in too. I'm due to travel there in 2 months. Thing is up in the air now with the visit. Let's pray for them - Hugs Nat

  9. We had a cuckoo clock when I was a kid. I wonder what happened to it. I can imagine that the little ones would love it! Your blocks are great!
    I am just in shock over the devastation in Japan.

  10. OK you have inspired me to take in my cuckoo clock! Pretty blocks you have worked on too.
    It was just surreal to see the images coming out of Japan.
    3 of our grand children's mother, Sayuri, has family there. I pray they are all okay.

  11. love the clock! As always love the quiltings!
    devastating indeed about Japan!!!

  12. A cuckoo clock is so fun. It brings back childhood memories when we visited my Great Grandma.

    The devastation in Japan--there's just no words. All we can do is pray for them and send aid.

    On a lighter note--your quilting blocks look great!

  13. I love your clock! My aunt had one and I can remember as a child waiting for the bird to come out!

    Wish I had seen that cake! As always, your quilts are beautiful!

  14. Too funny that last comment about the house falling apart in groups. Yes..for sure! I love your quilts and as usual..I'm so jealous!! I want a quilting bee..waahh! No, I just need to catch up on my projects. I can't let myself start piecing another quilt when I have several tops left to quilt. Your's are just lovely!

    And I love your cuckoo clock. I'm hoping we get one some day. The grandkids would love it for sure! I'm glad they were able to fix yours. :o)

    Have a lovely week!

  15. You had a busy week :-) Aren't cakes for kids fun to make? I like to look at Family Fun magazine website for cute ideas. I'll bet ET was great! Have you seen the Angry Birds cake on You tube? It's too cute. My boys love it......not that I've made it, but maybe sometime. Your blocks are lovely!

  16. How nice that you could get that cuckoo clock repaired Mary.
    Felt the same about the devastation in Japan and life going on normal here.

  17. My parents had a cuckoo clock just like that when I was a kid.
    I wish I had it today.
    Your blocks are so beautiful.
    My heart breaks whenever I see all that devastation on TV.

  18. My grandma has a cockoo clock. I love it. The sweet little baby is precious. Your blocks look lovely. I the fabrics are gorgeous.

  19. I love the clock. It sounds like you keep busy. I too am sad by Japans misfortune. They need our prayers and support.

  20. My Gram had a Cuckoo Clock... I wonder where it went? hmm!? At any rate, I love it as a child too....

    You THQA blocks are looking wonderful! Very colorful, and your RA&A is look good too! 8-)

    I hope you will have no more need of a repairman for the rest of the month!!

    How are those PhDs coming along?

  21. I love that clock! And your quilt! I know exactly what you mean about everything tearing up at the same time. My oven will not go above 350 and will not broil. The dryer door will not stay closed. My side by side refrig in my basement kitchen just quit working. I think it is time to go back to the Sparta Hilton where everythng seems to work! lol

  22. How fun that your cuckoo clock is repaired. We have a grandmother clock that Dwight built from a kit when we were first married. I love the sound of it, and even during the night I love to know what time it is by listening. It died and we didn't get it fixed for years. I was so glad when we found a guy in our church who did a wonderful job.

    I am so far behind on visiting and posting! But I'm trying to catch up tonight. Yikes - it's already 10:20 - I lost track of time.

  23. Your raggedy quilt is looking fabulous!