Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

It's hard to believe that we are already a week into our new year.  If this continues, it will be Christmas again before we know it.  Yikes!

We had a delightful time rolling out the old and bringing in 2010.  New Years Eve we had a small dinner party with my mom, my sister, BIL and our daughter and her little guy.  Her husband works on New Year's Eve so she enjoys hanging out with the "old folks." 

The next morning we headed off with my sister and BIL to visit my brother and SIL for the weekend.  We have enjoyed celebrating together for a number of years and this time we were able to join them in their new home.  We had a great time cooking a delicious chicken and shrimp paella dinner.

The whole gang cooking.

That can't be right!!!!

We also spent a lot of time over the weekend playing Wii together.  There is nothing like a group of adults making total fools of themselves.  If you haven't given it a try, you must find one.  We enjoyed the sports, but I highly recommend the Wii Fitness and Wii Fitness Plus.  My arms were so sore from flying like a bird as I attempted to land on a ship.  My legs were also sore after pedaling my bike while I retreived flags.  Whew!  It is a really good workout.  The graphics are so amazing and had all of us in stitches for hours as we watched each other attempt various tasks. Seriously, workout has never been so much fun.

I know so many folks are in such a deep freeze at the moment and it doesn't sound like there is relief any time soon.  We, on the other hand, have been enjoying delightfully warm weather.  I have taken the last few days to start pruning my roses.  I always hate to cut them back when I have so many gorgeous roses still blooming, but they do need to be done at some point.  It is a huge job as I have close to 100 roses in the yard.  After two days of steady work I am over halfway done with them.  The warm temperatures are forecast throughout the week so I hope to finish them soon.

Lots of sunshine here.

Warm temperatures too!

Still producing beautiful roses.

The mail was fun this week.  I had a couple of nice wins that have arrived.  The first was from Karen at Badlands Quilts.  It was a lovely charm pack and she included a great fat quarter of black and white fabric as well.

I know a lot of us were playing the Jolly Holly Bingo Game over Christmas.  Well.....I am the worst word picker known to man, but I was lucky enought to win one of the daily drawings.  It was for a whole roll of quilt labels.  I didn't even know something like this existed.  I've always made my own, but I am set now for awhile.

Are we all excited about the new projects that we are going to get involved in this year?  It is almost like we have a clean slate - like a new box of crayons.  I don't even know where to begin.  There are so many ideas floating in my head and I know eventually they will start working their way out.

I do hope that many of you will enjoy a warm up soon.  If there was a way, I would share my heat with you, but in the meantime I will enjoy it for you.


  1. Love the analogy of the new box of crayons,its so true !
    Love to see your family get together its always fun, esp if you can enjoy games and such... good food and conversation ,I love family get togethers too!

  2. Loved the pics. I know you enjoyed every minute of it.Your roses are beautiful! It is bitter cold here. They say we have a chance of snow Thursday! WOW! Hope you have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

  3. I am sure your family time was wonderful! One of my daughters brought her WII fitness to my house and wants me to use it for a week to get some exercise in this very cold weather we have. I have been having fun with it, but it is much more fun if you are not alone doing it. But you have inspired me to get some exercise done tonight, especially since I know she will be calling to see if I am following orders! LOL!
    Your roses are beyond beautiful! I know it will be hard to cut them back. Did you make that table runner on your table under the bowl of roses? It is so pretty!

  4. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend. I've never seen those quilt labels before, but I'm going to have to look for some.

  5. I didn't realize you guys were basking in sunshine - all I'm hearing is the frigid temps everywhere. We're not so bad here, but it's supposed to go down tomorrow. I really feel for those folks in the south who don't have the proper clothes, houses, or anything to cope.

    The girls got Wii for Christmas and they want us to come over and do it with them. Their living room is so small, though, that I can't imagine trying to do it together. I need to up the amp on my exercise and do something different.

    I don't have a lick of creativity rolling around in my brain, unless you count the birthday party I've been planning.

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Wow. Warm weather. I am going to do a post and show my frozen lake later tonight. Your get together looks so much fun. I loved hearing that you like the Wii. My grands have it and we love it. I am thinking of getting one for my house. My Mom tried it the other day at my sisters house and she loves it too.

  7. What a cutie with the sunglasses!! Occasionally we need our sunglasses too........if by chance the sun can poke through the grayness to shine (glare) on the snow!!! ha There have been more shadows at night from the full moon shining than can be mustered during the day from the sun.

    Your roses are so beautiful. Do they have a dormant period or would they bloom all year in CA?

    I'm having fun making the pin cushions. Thanks for the photo's of yours.

  8. We got the Wii and I think we need to get the Wii Fit for it. I really need to get serious about getting myself in better shape and SOON. Loved your roses and the little guy is SO cute!!!

  9. We just bought a WII and need to get it hooked up! We play with my daughter and her hubby when we go home for visits.

    I am glad your holidays were so awesome! Nothing like spending them with family!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with family over the New Year.Your SIL's new kitchen great.
    Yes it is a lot of fun and laughs to pay the W11.
    What a cute photo of the little fella.
    You were lucky to win some nice quilty things.
    Yes I am starting the new year with finishing off a few UFO's as we are having our triannul hanging this October.Then I have my PIF's to make and send.
    Also I would like to keep doing little stitchery's for gifts through the year.
    Oh must away to my exercise group.

  11. 81 degrees, oh my....it was 8 here this morning....yes 8!!! ok, which one are you in that picture? we have the wii too and love it, i love animal crossing, city folk

  12. Wow looks like fun was had by all!!
    I love the pig on the kitchen island!
    Congratulations on your wins how fun!

  13. Your New Year sounds like a lot of fun! I have friends who have the Wii, and they are all so enjoying makign fools out of themselves, to the amusement of the younger members of the family. As one said to me - I can't think when last the whole family laughed so hard together.
    The crochet learning curve is getting slightly less steep, so it is all good! And I have 2 quilts to finish too. Lots of great things I want to make on the dream list too!

  14. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Enjoy 2010!

  15. I can't get past the 81 degrees! We're cold here in Florida!

  16. Nothing is better than time in the kitchen with family. What a fun way to start the new year!
    I noticed all of your cute roosters and loved it! I also have roosters like that above my cabinets.

  17. Where are you located? I know it's not in Florida, because I'm shivering.

  18. The tornado is because we are the Bay High Tornadoes!!!!

    It is freezing, but I am so hot natured that I'm enjoying wearing sweaters and not sweating! :)

  19. The roses are beautiful. We are freezing here. I think it is great you love the wii. We enjoy it here. And my mom and dad love theirs.
    My head is also swimming with fun new projects. Our BFF among them.

  20. Your roses are beautiful! I tried over the years to grow roses but they always seemed to winter kill so now I just have the old fashioneds and they do really well but the blossoms aren't ones that do well when you bring them in the house. The petals fall off in no time but the petals smell nice in a bowl.

    I think I am going to get a Wii with the exercise games. I HAVE to do something........... The kids have one and they love it and I have tried some of them and they do give me a good workout!

    Your little guy looks so cute with his sunglasses on! Sun? What sun?

    We didn't do anything for New Years this year. I just don't like to be out on the roads that night. Did enjoy an evening home and got some sewing done. Have a couple of projects to get started next week.

    I changed Nick's bandages this afternoon. Everything looked good and I was amazed at how few stitches he has with that laproscopic sp? surgery! It's wonderful! I bandaged him back up and hopefully all will stay in place. There are four different layers and I numbered the new ones so that I would get them mixed up.

    R and I are going to a Patriot's game on Sunday. Wish we were staying over, it's going to make for a long day going four hours down and four hours back.

    I thought you always went to the ocean on New Years????? Where did I come up with that?

    See you in a few weeks! xoxoxox

  21. What a lovely time. My husband's family makes paella, and he is craving it. I need to learn to make this for him. I'll have to surprise him one of these days.

  22. Ahappy New year to you as well! You are an inspirational blogger who has some beautiful work, can't wait to see what this "clean slate" achieves!! Love Tracey

  23. Warm weather and roses in January! Beautiful.
    I love blowingup your photos and seeing your great family Mary.

  24. It looks like you and your family was sure having fun cooking.
    My son said that they got the Wii fitness for the family this year.
    He said they are having a ball with it and he too worries about someone coming to the door while he is flapping his arms about.
    Trying to warm up here this week.
    It is to get in the 30s.WOW But I will take it.

  25. nice pics! I always enjoy your posts!!!love the roses!
    only 347 days till christmas! it WILL be here before you know it!

  26. I love your new blog background! It's so perky and uplifting for this chilly month of January.
    I've just caught up with your recent posts in Bloglines. It's such a delight reading about all your family gatherings and seeing the pictures. Your house was so beautifully decorated, and what a happy looking bunch of people :)
    I especially love the pic of Grandpa reading to the little guy. So sweet :)
    You sew so beautifully!! Your little pincushions are adorable, and such pretty patterns and colors.
    I'm so glad you're enjoying some glorious weather. It's good to know someone is delighting in sunshine and working in the garden. I'll just enjoy it with you. 100 rose bushes...you lucky girl!!
    Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years...good health and God's rich blessings, plus lots of hugs and kisses from all those precious grandchildren.