Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Events

We had a wonderful day today as we attended the Baptism of our newest granddaughter.  The service itself was just lovely and the brunch that followed at our son and his wife's home was just as delightful.  The little angel was perfect despite the fact that people were pouring water over her head.  These celebrations within the family are always so touching.

Our son and his family.

The newest little angel.

Nothing but smiles after becoming so holy!!!

Since our son lives about two hours north from us, we drove up yesterday and spent the night at a hotel right on the beach.  Most rooms have a beautiful ocean view and I must say that the weather was perfect for enjoying strolling along the cliff overlooking the ocean.

This was at sunset last night.  Don't you love the dolphin topiaries?

This was the perfect start of today.

Last evening was also the Friday Night Sew-In.  Considering the fact that we were going to be gone and away from my sewing machine, I had to do some hand work.  I needed to make a get well card for a friend of mine who had surgery this week so I started it before we left (on the machine) and then finished the handwork in the car.  These were made from the strips of fabric that I had leftover from my Schnibbles quilt this month so I guess it also counts towards my No Strings Attached Challenge.

Four more siggy blocks have arrived in my mail.  Not only do I love swapping these wonderfully creative blocks, but each one is also accompanied by a short note telling me about the person who has made it.  I find it so fascinating to read a little about their lives.

We are forecast to be in for some really good storms this week.  They are actually saying that we could get up to ten inches of rain in the three storms coming Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I'll believe it when I see it, but it is nice to think that we could be getting that much help for our drought.  Keep the rain dances coming!!!!!


  1. How adorable, glad it was a wonderful day for all..

  2. What a darling baby....big brother is pretty handsome too! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with the Baptism, family time, beautiful motel spot and great weather.

    Your siggy exchange is different from one I was involved you exchange directly with other participants? Mine went to one person and she divided them up.

    Hope you get the rain you need.

  3. So happy you had such a lovely day for a baptism! How sweet! My youngest grandchild is 11 and the oldest is 20 so we are hoping to see great grans we hope some day. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Kerrie

  4. Congratulations to you family!
    She is a cutiepie!
    Have a great weekend

  5. What a wonderful time spent with your family. Both children looked cute.Such a happy baby.
    You did well still making something for Friday night sew in.
    Pleased to see you got your siggy.
    Hope you do get the rain you need soon.

  6. I Love that card that you made. And that baby is gorgeous. What a special time. And oh the Sounds like you all had a great time. You are gonna have to teach me how to make a card like that. I love it.

  7. Hi Mary, what a beautiful family you have..and your granddaughter is precious.I love to see a baby in their long flowing gowns at Baptism.My grands wore pretty gowns like this on their special day ..

    The sunset picture was super, as you know how I love shots of sunrises or sunsets...enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Baba

  8. Christenings are such a special time for families to get together to celebrate the little one... What a little cutie pie you've got there!

    Looks like a wonderful hotel/place to stay! The scenery is beautiful! 8-)

    Great get well card, and siggy blocks! I'll have to take part in one of those swaps one day...

    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  9. What a wonderful time with your family, and that's quite an ocean view...all we see is SNOW,SNOW,SNOW.

  10. what a great day and view! we are suppose to get 2-3 inches too, but im like you....ill believe it when i see it. i cant wait to get my siggy's for the group i joined!

  11. The card is so cute. The blocks sound interesting coming with a little story each time. I could do with a nice romantic walk in the sunset by the sea

  12. What a lovely little girl the Baby.
    And you had a wonderfull time together with the family. All so beautifull and the little one so smiling.
    That are days to remember.
    The weather are strange all over th world. We had more snow this night. In Australia at Maria it is 40 celcius .
    I think it must be better all 20 degrees celcius.
    But that's the world!!!!
    We have never to say.
    I hope you will get rain this week .
    for the palnts and everything.
    happy sunday Dorine

  13. Wow nice pictures & glad you got time to spend with family!
    Love the get well card & blocks!

  14. What a wonderful time you had with family, and the baby is so precious! What a beautiful beach scene! I know you had a great time. You amaze me with all you get done, and how dedicated you are to do the Friday night sewin on the way! I love the siggys!

  15. Wow, what a cute baby. It was so nice you could attend the baptism.

  16. Oh my goodness! The baby is just gorgeous! What a nice smile after having her Baptism. I didn't realize they lived that far away from you, it's like us going to Portland, about two hours. The hotel looks lovely and yes I do love the dolphins! I did manage to get something done for the Sew In but now I am trying to get the button put on my sidebar and I did sign up with Mr. Linky. I'm getting there slowly but surely.

    Glad you will be getting some rain! That would be wonderful if you got some for three days! We will sure need the California fruit as the poor Florida fruit is getting the deep freeze! Sure hope it warms up before we get ther for the convention! I think I will bring long johns just in case! lol!

    Those cards that you make are wonderful! Some day you will have to do a tutorial for all of us. Once you get all of the siggys do you put them together and make a quilt out of them?

    Three appointments tomorrow. One for Nick, one for Skip and shots for Munchie. R has been to walk in care this morning too. I think I must jinx them all!!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love to you both! xoxox

  17. What a beautiful family and it looks like you had a blessed time. The hotel looks pretty amazing too!

  18. What a beautful family pictures.
    I love the siggies you received.

  19. oh look at that! angel indeed! How precious, smiling an and all!

    love that hotel view, I would love to stay at a place like that

  20. What a gorgeous setting for a baptism. Thanks for taking all those pictures.

  21. What a darling little DGD. And the hotel view is lovely! :-) Glad you had a good day!

  22. Sweet baby baptism! Twin girls were baptized at our church today. It's such a precious time!

  23. Ahh, thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog. I love how you put, "perfect slippers for a princess."

    Your son has a beautiful family!

  24. What a cutie pie. I love the grin she has.
    That Motel photo is so inviting right now. It is so foggy and cold here.
    thanks for sharing.

  25. What a wonderful place to land for the baptism week-end. I love the big grip on that little doll's face!

    I am glad you're getting rain - DC's praying for more snow - we haven't had much since those early ones and the mountains really need it.

  26. congrats to parents and grandparents! that view was incredible!

  27. what a lovely special day....and the blocks are great too

  28. What a lovely family, but I wish her luck when I see all those little boy cousins she has as well as the brother! That's a lot of boys for you to babysit! And a lot of cousins to keep an eye on her later on!Loved the postcard, Tracey

  29. What a beautiful day for your gorgeous grand-daughter's christening!! She's just adorable, what a cute little smile :o).

    Joy :o)