Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can You Tell.............

How much we love rain in Southern California?  It's not like an everyday event here!

Maria has asked me to be a participant in a Pay It Forward project.  Would anyone like to be the recipient of a handmade gift from me anytime in the next year?  All that is required is that you also do a PIF to three additional people.  You have a whole year to do it.  That should be easy enough.  Right?  I'll take the first three people who wish to do it.

We've just had our first big winter storm and got 1 1/2 inches of rain.  Not bad for us.  We have three more forecast for this week and they are suppose to be stronger with winds, thunderstorms, possibly hail and more rain.  We need it badly and are enjoying every drop.  I can already see how happy our reservoirs are!!!!  I did not enjoy loosing power three times yesterday.  How do you people who live with power outages often deal with it?  I was so tired of resetting clocks all day.


  1. Hi Mary,
    Ooooooohhhh, love the rain. I like it better than snow. However, mud slides don't affect us like they do in CA but we get the power outages. I just hunker down with a candle and a good book if it happens at night. The resetting of the clocks is a nuisance. We went through that just a week ago. I would do the PIF thing. It reminded me that I need to let my friend Sue know that I fulfilled the PIF from her blog. Enjoy all that rain as I know it is much needed!!

  2. I am glad to hear that you are getting some needed rain, but I hope that you are not near the mudslide area.
    We are getting an freezing drizzle right now and more snow forecast on Wed and Thurs. We don't need anymore, as I have no place to put anymore.
    I have my clocks with battery backup.
    Cute photos.

  3. I tried to do a pay it forward about a year ago and could get no one to sign up.

    What a cute little one!!!

  4. No rain here but it did snow yesterday a few inches !

  5. I'd love to have something made by your very talented hands, but I have nothing to offer forward! I am so pathetic.

    I'm glad you're getting such needed rain! Love love that first picture!

  6. Beautifull and cute grandsons you have!
    And rain yes it could be nessessary
    for the garden.
    And the power I think tou mean electricity. We have never problems with that.
    And te pay it foward. I love to get something nice from you hands but I don't understand what I have to do then to other people.
    Please can you explane.
    greetings Dorine

  7. What cuties! I sympathize with all the power outages~ I really dislike resetting everything. ;-)

  8. Love your little rain worshippers!!!

  9. what a doll he is!!!! It rained here in Utah yesterday...It was strange...it seems like it is either snow or sunshine...I thought I was back in Wa. state for a minute!

  10. I've already done a PIF and decided this year will be my RAK year. I just watched the news and see your in for bunches and I mean bunches more rain. Keep Safe!!

  11. yes,I see how he loves the rain!
    great outfit in photo #2!

  12. Well we've been having rain too...cold damp dark rainy days...not so nice. My daughter has had rain in South Africa too and they really enjoyd it because it has been so hot. The Elmo slippers are great, my twin grandaughters would want them, they love Elmo and the slipper wearer is very cute too!

  13. Rain in the desert is wonderful.
    Love that hat and Elmo slippers! Very stylin' Made me laugh.

  14. I know you have loved having the rain.
    Rub a dub pic precious. The sunset is beautiful too as are the baptism photos.

  15. Oh me. I am a little late. I would have loved to do that with you. Glad you are getting rain. It is raining here too! Thank you for the bd wishes. It was a great day.

  16. Happy for you that you are getting much needed rain but I hope you aren't in the mud slide and flooding area.

    Kids are so cute in the rain. I remember ours walking in the edges of the street in Pittsburgh when the water was running down the hill. It's fun to splash in the water but they always had an umbrella over their heads...go figure!!!

  17. Love the pictures of your little ones! So glad you are not near the mud slides and are enjoying the rain. Your gardens must be sighing a big sigh of happiness to have all that moisture. It's nice here, temps are a bit warmer then usual but the rain is headed our way from the west. Don't know if we will get rain or snow or freezing rain. Of course we would much rather have the snow, the ski resorts don't like the rain.

    The grands are going to be here this weekend so we will be busy. Making a big turkey dinner for son's birthday Saturday night. Going to put Miss T right to work helping me. I'm so glad she likes to cook. Will send Mr. D off with Grampie and keep them both from being underfoot! lol!

    I still owe you a PIF from last year so don't think I will do another one! You never know when yours will come in the mail.......

    Won't be long now and we will be in the sunny south. Are you packed? I hate to say this but I don't really think about packing until about two days before the event! I soooooooooooo hope we get some nice warm weather this year!

    We have a generator that takes care of the whole house and comes on within 4 seconds of losing power. Not quite quick enough to keep the clocks from going off...grrrrrr....but sure is good to have here in Tundra country!

    See you soon dear friend!!!!!!!!!

  18. I am glad you are getting the much needed rain! I know what it is like not to have it for long spells. Loved the little guy catching raindrops on his tongue! Kerrie

  19. You are such a sweetie. Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving comments. I'm glad you're doing a PIF. I think I'm in one too -- just waiting (I'm still on the receiving end at this point.)
    Have a great weekend.

  20. We could do with a bit of rain here too ... there's some forecast for later in the week, fingers crossed.
    Joy :o)

  21. wow! We had rain today and lots of gloom all week! Love the pics! Adorable!

  22. Enjoy the rain...makes for many good sewing days.

  23. Power outages are not at all fun... 8-(
    Good luck on your PIF! I took part in one this past year... Focusing on my PhDs this year... I hope you find your 3 cause it is fun! 8-)

  24. What a doll! Loving that rain! I am behind on doing my PIF from last year, due to sickness, but am working on it now (Midlife Mom!) I know I am late with it, but not much longer to get it finished!