Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rain, Glorious Rain

While the majority of my blogging friends have been in a deep freeze for a long time, we have been enjoying summerlike weather.  Last night we finally got some rain.  I love sleeping with the sound of the rain.  We only got .1 inch, but we need every drop we can get.  The sun is now out and the temperatures are suppose to reach the 70* mark today, but it was a glorious night.  We are forecast to get a good series of storms next week so I hope we will enjoy more rainy nights.  Meanwhile, the skies have been stunning.

Sunsets that light the evenings up like fire.

The skies announcing the pending storm last evening.

We were busy over the weekend babysitting eight of our grandchildren.  The cousins always enjoy spending the time together and a sleepover at Grandma and Granndpa's house is always sure to share a lot of giggles.

Rub a dub, dub....six boys in a tub.

Granndpa taking the children on a tractor ride up to the creek to find crawdads.

I have finally finished the pruning and am now able to get back to a little sewing.  I finished the top to my January Schnibbles project and need to quilt it so I can bind it for Friday Night Sew In with Heidi.

Three more Siggy blocks have arrived in my mail.  These are such fun to collect.  If you have not signed up for this swap, you should give it a try.  Annalies does such an incredible job on it and sends us updates on participants every three months.  I believe there are close to 800 people in the group now.  Amazing.

This weekend will be the christening of our newest granddaughter.  Family get togethers for such important celebrations are always so meaningful.  We are looking forward to getting together with the family of our DIL as well.  They live in Northern California.

Well, here we are in the middle of January.  How is everyone doing with new year's resolutions? still have eleven and a half months to go!!!


  1. You received lovely siggies !
    It is freezing here and still an occasional snowdrop.

  2. You've got a bunch of clean, giggly grandsons!

  3. Great quilt and I love your siggies!

  4. That tub shot is priceless! How much water was on the floor? With only two at a time, we have wet floors every time.

    I don't know what a siggie is, but they are cute!

    The sky pictures are amazing! I can't believe it's so warm there - still. I feel so bad for those who are used to warm and are suffering in cold that they're not used to nor prepared for.

    Thursday already - a week since the twins' birthday - no wonder the years go so fast! Have a wonderful family time this week-end.

  5. Love the picture of the grandkids that a sweet picture!!
    The sky picture is amaizing oh how I wish it was over head right now, mine is grey and its misty out there , threats of snow again....
    Love the quilts !!

  6. Oh PPPFFFTTTTTT with your 70F temps! lol I obviously live in the wrong place!!! It's actually a "mild" 34F today which is much better than the -24F we'd been having the last couple of weeks. Anything over 0F in the winter time is mild for us! lol That is such a beautiful shot of the sunset, wow!!

    I'm so loving that picture of the boys in the tub...omigosh how cute is that!! They all seem to be pretty much the same age too. It's no wonder they love going to stay at grandma & grandpa's, look at all the fun they have there:-)

    Always enjoy seeing the quilting projects you're working on. Those siggies are so lovely, wish I knew how to quilt so that I could join in on the fun!! It's all I need, though, another thing to get addicted to! lol

    I don't make New Year resolutions any more because I always broke them before January was even done with! lol

    Have a wonderful time at the Christening and make sure you take lots of pictures to share with us:-) Love you. xoxox

  7. I love the pic of the boys in the tub. The blocks are great.

  8. That picture of the boys in the tub is just priceless! They were just having the best ole' time weren't they?! You'll have fun digging the pictures out when they are in their teens!

    The sunset shot was just spectacular! Beautiful!

    I wish I had time to do the siggies but things have just gone from bad to worse here so it's just as well that I don't have another project to do. Your quilt is gorgeous, you do such beautiful work my friend!!!!

    Had a bad day here with Skipper. We think he had a convulsion today. Took him right to the vet and he couldn't find anything to cause it but did find some trouble with his front feet. Never rains but it pours, right? I hope all of this drama is over before it's time to go to O.R.!!!!

    Still very cold here but is supposed to warm up a bit in the next couple of days. This morning was just freezing cold and I was out trying to get the trailer hooked up, which I did thankyouverymuch! I don't usually do it, R does but he was at work so I had to.

    Cute pic of E giving all the kids a ride behind the John Deere!!! Aren't Grampies wonderful!?

    Have a wonderful time at the Christening and take lots of pictures! What a special day!

  9. What an adorable picture of your grandsons in the tub! Very sweet and what a great memory.

    Your schnibbles quilt is beautiful!

  10. Here it is still freezing.
    And the snow lies still in the gareden and in the streets so the driving by car is still slibbery.
    Lovely the six boys so together.
    How rich you are with such grandchildren.
    I hope you will have a wonderfull weekend . all together to celebrite such a lovely time and chritianing.
    greetings Dorine

  11. loved and enjoyed every photo! my son would love to have a ride in that! Grand kids are so darn cute!

    I am jealous of your weather there, I love 70's! love love the sky pics and the clouds with the palm tree! makes me wanna go to Florida so bad as it may happen this year!

    Have a lovely day at the Christening! we will be waiting for the pics:)

  12. What wonderful photos of your gorgeous grandchildren.You can see they have a wonderful time at Grandma's and Grandpa's.Enjoy your family time at the Christenig.
    Love the colours in your schnibbles. I am sure you will get the binding done tonight. Or is it tomorrow night for you guys?
    Nice siggy's.
    What beautiful shots of the sky.Yes it is lovely all tucked up in bed and listening to the rain.It is going to be over 40 cel. here tomorrow so will go for my swim early.

  13. Your star quilt is beautiful. I love the soft reds in it.

  14. Have a great Sew-In tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do, love Lis x

  15. Oh what fun at Grandma's house! Wow! That is a houseful for you! I bet you are exhausted after one of these times!
    Looks like big fun for them! 8-)
    Love your January Schnibbles! Great fabrics! 8-)
    Wonderful siggy blocks too! That one looks stamped! Kewl! 8-)

  16. 8 kids at once! Definitely time for the tractor pull.

  17. I love the red star quilt. It is awesome. The colors are wonderful together. Wish it was coming my way.