Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

It doesn't seem possible that Christmas Day is behind us.  I am one of those people who likes to keep my Christmas decorations up throughout the Christmas season.  It seems like I can enjoy the special feelings when all the craziness is gone and there is plenty of time for reflection.

Our Christmas was wonderful.  We always celebrate with friends and family on Christmas Eve.  We had close to seventy people here this year with so much food and good cheer.  Christmas Day was quiet and peaceful.  We went to church early and then just enjoyed the day with our #4 son and his family who were staying with us.  We celebrated our Christmas baby's second birthday even though he came down with the fever bug and was not feeling himself.  Poor baby.  Dinner was a delicious clam chowder (made by DH) and homemade bread. My mother joined us and a good time was had by all.

The contrast between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is amazing.  I tend to rely on photos from everyone else because I am generally too busy to grab any for myself.  I did manage to catch a few as we prepared for  gift opening.

Then there is quiet!!!!

The day after Christmas we celebrate with my husband's side of the family.  For years my in-laws would have large inflatable toys set up in their yard for all the children to enjoy.  The tradition has continued and everyone has a great time. 

Now we march on into 2010.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we were worried about Y2K.  Could it actually be ten years already?  We now start on the second decade of the 21st century.  Yikes!

Today is the day that I consider to be another birthday for me.  It was thirteen years ago today that I was admitted to the ICU for the next eight days.  I had toxic shock syndrome.  Everyone was so ill that Christmas and I assumed that I had the same thing that everyone else did.  When my temperature spiked to 106.2 and my fingers were going numb, I had enough medical knowledge to seek attention.  I spent the evening of the 27th in the emergency room with so many doctors I could not begin to count them.  My blood pressure was plummeting, finally reaching 52/14.  There was not much hope, but thanks to an amazing team, great medicine and a world of prayers, I am still here today.  The only residual from my adventure is a lack of feeling in my fingertips.  I miss not being able to feel the softness of a baby's skin, the lushness of a fabric and the sense of a blood vessel when starting an IV in a patient, but I am here and still enjoying life to the fullest.  Upon discharge from the hospital, my doctor said to me, "I am so glad that you did better than my last patient with TSS,"  I asked why and he replied that she had died.  I am glad too.

My sewing has taken a back seat throughout the holidays and I am eager to get back in and play.  Our December Schnibbles project was perfect for the busy month.  They were tuffets.  I made my first one and was so addicted to them that I made four more for my mom and sisters for Christmas.  Trust me, these are not tuffets that Little Miss Muffet could sit upon, but are precious all the same.  I love how tiny they are.  They are filled with crushed walnut shells and have such a wonderful feel to them.

I won some natural bamboo batting in the Virtual Quilt Show and am so excited about giving it a try.  Have any of you used it for quilting yet?  If so, how do you like it?  I have been wanting to give it a try since I first saw it and just have not done so yet.  It was so much fun to see all the wonderful Christmas quilts that people made.

As we tuck 2009 into the history books, I would like to thank all of you for your friendships, encouragement and inspiration that I enjoy each and every day.  My wish for each of you is for a blessed new year filled with health and happiness.



  1. What an amazing story ...... I am glad you are here too...

    Glad you had a wonderful christmas!!

  2. I love all your new backgrounds! I have been intending to tell you that and keep forgetting! Can you put them on by yourself or do you have to have the designer put them on? Love the monkeys!

    So glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Where in the world do you put 70 people???? You must have a big house and of course you folks out there in the warm sun can be outside. :o) My crowd would go bonkers over all of the toys to play on!

    I had no idea that you had TSS. That is just an amazing story and God knew you had way too much to do to take you home then. I am so glad about that, just think of all the fun we would have missed out on over these past years? How would I have learned how to paper piece????!!

    I have never used that batting so will be interested in seeing how you like it. The little tuffets are so sweet! I have started another wallhanging for NEXT Christmas. Maybe if I start now I will have it finished and won't be hurrying around the last few days before Christmas!

    Love the picture of E with the little one. What a wonderful grandfather he is! R likes to read to the little ones too or wind them up by wrestling on the floor! Sometimes I could wring his neck when he gets them wound up at the wrong times!

    Glad your Mom could be with you for the holidays. So glad that she is doing so much better and I hope it continues into 2010!

    We have a storm coming tonight but we shouldn't get more then 4 or 5 inches of snow but we do have a big one coming for New Years Day. I just hope we get good weather for transporting Nick down for his surgery.

    Well I guess I will start a new post. I have been trying to do better about getting more done. Before the holidays there just wasn't that much time for it.

    Well my friend, I will see you soon in the sunny south! Let's hope we get really nice hot weather this year. Love to you both! xoxoxox

  3. Just like everyone else been so caught up in the Christmas have to dos that I could not get around to visit everyone. I scrolled down to see some really nice things you had done. Didn't realize you were a nurse too. Looks like you had a full house just as we did. It always works out though. Blessings for the coming year.

  4. Merry Christmas to you!
    Wow you had a house full!
    I'm glad your still here too:)

  5. wow, what a glad you are still with us. wow, what a crowd for christmas, that would drive me crazy, I don't do good in crowds. I'd be hiding in a closet somewhere. haha

  6. I, too, am in awe of how sick you were and how you made that amazing wonderful for your family and friends and for all of your blogging pals, too!!! I leave our decorations up through Epiphany.....wouldn't have it any other way....and I love to look at them now in the quiet after-Christmas glow, too.

  7. You look like you have a big family like we do! So glad you have a happy story about your experience with TSS! How very scary!

    I like the money background!

  8. Wow! That is a wild story. I'm so glad you made it through and are here today. God has special plans for you!

  9. I am very glad you are here too! :-) What a wonderful family celebration!~ I don't know where I'd put 70 people. :-o Happy New Year!

  10. You sure had a houseful there!
    Family fun is the best!!
    Loved your story!
    And your backround is so cute!

  11. Oh, my goodness. I'd never have enough room for 70 people. Twenty big people and we are a crowd. Good thing you have a large home and nice weather to also be outdoors.

    You do need to have 2 birthday celebrations. What a scary event that must have been for you and your family to go through. That calls for fireworks for your December birthday! I'm so happy you recovered and that I got to know you.

    Love your tuffets. Are they about 3 inches?

    Enjoy a few quiet days now!!

  12. Wow!! what a house full!
    Glad you had a calm day after to rest up!

  13. it looks like you were very busy! I just bought that little tuffet pattern and cant wait to make some........this is my first time here, and I am enjoying my visit.....

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post,seeing all your beautiful family. What great idea having the BIG blow ups for all to enjoy.
    I am so pleased you are still hear so I can type to you XX.
    Love your new background. Since having trouble with my computer I can't do any of the copying BOO HOO!!!

  15. I wish you a happy and creative 2010 !

  16. neat background Btw! love it!!

    Thats alot of people! wowee!!
    love all the decorations! I too enjoy leaving it up not sure when I want to take it all down! I really enjoy them on and miss all the lights when they are all put away!

    Amazing story! so Happy to know you and call you a dear friend!
    Blessings to you!

  17. Your tuffets are delightful!!!! And.. 70 people over on Christmas Eve?!! Wow!

  18. I am joining the ranks to say how glad I am that you are here too! What a miracle!
    Your Christmas looks absolutely wonderful – and so like the Christmas nights we had when I was younger. Homes overflowing with friends and family. The best! I love the photos, by the way!

    I haven’t tried the bamboo batting yet, so I would be really interested to know how you like it.

  19. Thanks 4 stopping by! You did have a great Christmas...Happy New Year!!!!

  20. Your Christmas celebrations sound so wonderful. I'm so thankful that God spared you throughout the TSS.

  21. That's an amazing story of God's miraculous mercy in protecting your life! I can't imagine how you can do all you do without feeling in your fingertips!

    I read that you and MM will be together soon - wish I could be with you both!

  22. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas with the right mix of festivites and peace.
    I love the tuffets and might have to make a few of my own.

  23. Wow! What a party! 70 people!?! That is incredible!!! Looks/sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas... 8-)

    Love your monkey background!

    Toxic shock syndrome...?...must look that up... I am glad you're here too...

    Your tuffets look wonderful! 8-)

    Take care and all the best in 2010!

  24. Be sure and let us all know about the batting. I've never even heard of it. I must really be out of the loop.

  25. I am not surprised that your sewinghas taken a back seat Mary. I just loved enlarging your photographs and seeing your family. I just could not imagine a family that size.

    I have my two children and one son-in-law and 2 grandchildren. I guess you are never lonely.

    I am not 'housecleaning' what I said was I was 'housekeeping' on my blog. That meant setting up a new followers blogroll.

  26. oh wow, what a story! i agree so glad you are here!!!!!!!!

    I love the christmas pictures and I won't show my little miss the pictures of the backyard toys! wowee enough to keep little kids busy all day!!!!


  27. Glad that you had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Year to you!

  28. And I thought my Christmas was pretty full with 23! (But my house is small.)
    Oh, I read about your bout with TSS and it just chilled me what you went thru! Thank God this year is so full of celebration and love in your family and home! God bless you and yours, and Happy New Year!

  29. I AM SO GLAD that all turned out well for you...there are so many bugs that get swapped between the little ones at Christmas it would be easy to think it was something minor.

    I've used the fairfield bamboo/cotton blend batting (not sure if it's the same as what you have). It is thinner than warm & natural, I've used it in a baby quilt and a couple runners. You can tell it must be strong stuff it reminds me of tencil fabric or a tyvek envelope a bit.

    Happy New Year!

  30. What a wonderful Happy Family Christmas!!!I have to say I too am happy you are still here...;-)
    A very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and all your kin for 2010!!
    Big Hugs!!

  31. Sounds like you have a great Christmas! God bless you and your family. Happy new Year!

  32. Sounds like a great Christmas. I love the little cushions. I have crushed walnut shells but have not made anything to put them into yet.

  33. So you are a miracle too? 7 years ago I got so sick and lost most of the feeling in my feet. From the ankle down there was no circulation. My blood pressure dropped too and I nearly died several times they say. I am so thankful for another Christmas and another year, even another day. I wish for you many more days, weeks, months, and years. Happy New Year. Thank you for being a dear dear friend to me.

  34. hi- happy new year!
    and i wanted to say thanks alot for stoping by and leaving such a nice comment. i realy cant wait to find the "lost time" that slips away with every new child being born.
    you have a great blog! i add my self as a follower

  35. I have a friend who had TSS and it was truly awful. I'm so glad you got through that ok! I love your schnibbles project. I've been trying to use some of my scraps but my big projects just get in the way! blessings, marlene

  36. Wow. It was good to read about your holidays and memories. The TSS story is incredible! We just never know when we can slip from sick to seriously ill. Scary. It is funny how major life changing problems are milestones to us for ever after. We look at life differently after I think.

  37. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Mary! I so enjoyed looking at all your pictures taken at Christmas, it really does look like everyone was having a fabulous time:-) Over 70 house couldn't take that many people! lol

    Omigosh, Mary, what a fascinating story about having had TSS and almost dying! I'm sure glad you survived it as well!!! God was certainly watching over you. I can't even imagine how scared you must have all been. Having lost feeling in your fingertips is indeed a small price to pay!!

    How awesome that your in-laws always have those big inflatable toys for the children to play on at Christmas time, that is such a neat idea and no doubt the children love it:-)

    Your tuffets are absolutely adorable. Your talent never ceases to amaze me:-)

    I've been cleaning and decluttering the last few days, feels so good to get it done. It's been so frigid outside, it's a good time to get things done inside the house!

    Wishing you the very best in 2010, my friend. Love you. xoxox

  38. Re your comment - the moon in the picture was on its way down from being full, but was still so beautiful. The day before it was sitting between two branches outside my window, but I couldn't get a good angle for a picture without taking it through the screen.

    We have very little snow - it's crunchy and dirty now. Our culdesac never gets plowed out, so we are driving on ice now until it melts. It's supposed to get really cold tomorrow. We'll see. Right now we're warmer than Arkansas or N. Carolina. Weird.

    Have a great week!