Saturday, December 5, 2009


Another Saturday and the weeks just keep zipping past.  Why doesn't life get a virus like the computers and slow things down once in awhile?

This week has been busy getting the fall out and the Christmas welcomed.  Having a large Thanksgiving here last Saturday night and then a big Christmas dinner this weekend makes me feel as though all I have done is cook.  Hmmm.  It's a good think one cannot put weight on by all the cooking that they do. 

I am ready for dinner tonight.  The appetizers and desserts are done, the house is reasonably clean and decorated and I am trying to remember all the things that I should be doing.  After tonight I will spend my time getting ready for Christmas.  I recently read on a blog about a gal who will not be blogging for the last two weeks of December in order to celebrate Christmas.  I thought that was such a wonderful idea and am considering doing it as well.  I know how much time I can spend on the computer and I know it could be better spent in most cases.  How about all of you?

Tables are set.....ten people at each.

Last evening was our second sew-in with Heidi.  Although I did not finish much, I did manage to complete the hand quilting and binding on my Fall Swap.  It isn't due until January, but it feels good to have it done ahead of time.  I used the center motif from my Schnibbles this month (because I didn't have enough fun doing all of those half square triangles).

The Chrismas lights are up and the tree is decorated.  We have a "real" tree as well as the tree that I inherited from my in-laws.  I like the pre lit tree only because I can leave it up forever and not worry about it drying out.  Although I must admit that I do like the real tree for the smell it leaves in the house.

Grandpa and Mr. J checking out the train under the tree.  I wonder why the train is always off the tracks.

Someone in our valley puts up the biggest cross on top of his hill each year.  It is visible for miles and miles.  At night it looks as though it is suspended in mid air.  I tried to capture a photo of it, but this is not really clear.  You can get the general idea of how spectacular it looks.

This is the view from our back yard.  The lighted cross looks small here, but is quite large.

I will close off for now and finish up getting ready before our son and his family arrive for the weekend.  I hope to have more to share in my next post.  We are actually suppose to get rain this next week so we may have some excitement around here.  Let's hope they are correct in their prediction.  I think that is the only job in the world where you can be wrong so often and still NOT get fired!


  1. Wow 10 people at "each" table!!
    I don't have enough room :(

    Yours looks so festive! I love the gold reindeers!
    Have fun!!

  2. Your tables are so gorgeous! Looks like you have plenty of room. Believe me, I was wall to wall here. Your tree is really festive, and makes me think I should get started. I have not started decorating yet, but you have inspired me to get on with it. Your quilt looks great that you worked on last night. What beautiful work you do!

  3. HA...I have always said that about weather forecasters...they don't get fired but are wrong about 50% (or more) of the time....and they get pretty good paychecks for that, too! Lovely-looking tables and the tree, too. Enjoy your dinner tonight. I can't take a break from blogging as I'd want to then catch up with all the blog posts I missed and would have to sit her forever. LOL

  4. 10 at each table phew....
    That's a lot of extra work, your home looks gorgeous , the table is lovely.
    Have a good weekend

  5. Your tables and decorations are beautiful. Have a fun party! :-)

  6. Your home looks so festive and inviting!!! I am sure the food will be yummy too!
    Sweet pic of little one and his Gramps!
    I had to chuckle seeing that jacket hung on one of the chairs! My DH also uses our as his coat rack!;-)
    Oh my I feel like I have yet to catch up from being off a few days let alone two weeks!
    Have fun!

  7. Your home looks so inviting, silly me I forgot what time you wanted me to arrive!!

  8. Hope you had an awesome weekend. Would love a train under my tree think they are so cute

  9. Lovely tables - I can smell the food from here!

    I know I need to take a break, but I just can't seem to force myself to do so.

    Have a great time tonight and greet everyone for me :0)

  10. Oh, everything is so pretty! Christmas has truly arrived at your home!

  11. Your table looks beautiful! Makes me want to be more formal this year at Christmas.. that's how it should be.

  12. Your tables are beautiful.Because it is so hot here we just have Cold meat and all the fancy salads and trimmings. It would be wonderful to have a "White Xmas"
    How cute Grandpa and the littlie together.
    Love your mini quilt, I have done my too.

  13. I think you are the most organized person in the whole world! You are amazing. Isn't the sew in fun? It seems like we are all together since we have to account to each other. I love what you did for your fall swap! Gorgeous!

  14. i love the fall quilt swap quilt!!! you can adopt me anytime...cuz i love to pamper my parents. i only wish my grandparents were still here to spoil.

  15. Your home looks lovely! Yes, I would say you've done a lot of cooking in the past few weeks! I have my other big crowd on Christmas Day plus a casual dinner on Christmas Eve. It seems like I just did Thanksgiving dinner but I enjoy cooking for big crowds so that is fine!

    You've inspired me with my sewing and I have a table runner all done except sewing on the rest of the eyes and a few other little things! I must check out the Friday night sew in.

    I think it's a good idea to take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks before Christmas. I may do that also or just put in a paragraph or two here and there. Of course I would have to keep reading the ones that are still writing! I'm too nosey, I don't want to miss anything!

    Just got home from chruch and changed into some sweats and comfy clothes. We got a nice snowfall last night so T and D were planning to make snowmen after they got home. Winter has arrived!

    Guess I'll go try to finish up that table runner. Thanks for the inspiration!! xoxoxoxox

  16. How beautiful your tables look!

    The quilted piece is really great!

    Now that these two dinners are over, you can really concentrate on blogging (or much less) for two weeks before the holiday sounds good to me!

  17. Ooooo... lots of cooking for lots of eaters! A big day! Love your set up and decor! Hope you had/have a grand time... and lots of helpers for the dishes!!! 8-)
    Your Fall swap looks great, as does your Schnibbles! 8-)

  18. Oh, your tables and quilts are beautiful!!

    I just got back on the internet a couple minutes ago. Computer was in the shop over a week until yesterday and we still had to call our son over to get us going again tonight. Some stuff is lost...or maybe I just can't find it!

  19. How lovely and what great space you have to do all this. More congrats. I see.

    Can see how the Palm buts must be a nuisance but what a beautiful backdrop of scenery.

  20. Forgot your question. Yes blogging can take up time but I see it as a hobby and I am happy to give time to other hobbies. Also one learns a lot abolut other countries and people. Getting the right balance I think is the issue.

  21. wow! What a gorgeous home! The tables are breathtaking! all decked out and so festive! love it!
    i agree, life needs to slow down!

  22. I love that shot of Grandpa and J. Frame that one.

  23. Your tables look great and how fun to enjoy all those people at a Christmas dinner. Love your fall exchange quilt. And I know exactly what you mean about spending too much time at the computer when it could be spent better else where.

  24. Oh, Mary, your home looks absolutely beautiful and I so wish one of those places at the tables was for me:-) I do hope all went well for your dinner on Saturday. My mom has the same china you have, the Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern:-) My dad had bought her the 12 place settings a few years before he died and she treasures it. If I had 20 people to eat here, they'd all have to be standing! lol I've had 16 and believe me, there was no room to move.

    I don't know if I could last two weeks without blogging but I have been taking some breaks here and there while I was getting all my preparations ready. I only have Corey coming home for Christmas and of course mom & Ross will come for dinner but that's about it so it will be a quiet Christmas.

    We're having quite the snowstorm today, I'm glad I don't have to go out! Several inches of snow has fallen and more before the day ends!! xoxo

  25. Hi! What a lovely home and your table setting is gorgeous. I like the idea for a blog break leading up to Christmas! Regards

  26. Loving all these half square triangles...beautiful!

  27. Your decorations look great. What a house full of fun you'll have. I can't imagine cooking dinner for 20! Christmas blessings to you.

  28. Yes, I think that life should slow down BUT it just doesn't. You are so busy. All I am doing is trying to get better and get this leg to go down. I just hope that next year is a better one..

  29. Hi Mary, what a wonderful and cheerful table settings you set two daughters in Atlanta love to decorate and entertain people during the holidays..Did you do all of the cooking?, or did people bring a dish for the party...

    I love a real Christmas tree too... the smell is great and your multi-colored lights look very festive!!I grew up with different colored lights on our tree.. do you remember the bubble lights back when?? The lights use to get very hot, but we never had a tree catch on fire..

    I love your shot of your grand and his grandpa.. boys and their trains..enjoy your Christmas with your family... hugs, Baba