Monday, November 30, 2009

Onto December and November Schnibbles

It's very hard to imagine that tomorrow is the beginning of December.  I really do not know where the year has gone.  They seem to be going faster and faster all the time.

We, like so many others, had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our family celebrates it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving which allows everyone to go to in-laws or do their own thing with their families.  Our family celebration was made ever more thankful with the announcement that our daughter and SIL will be adding another wee one to their family next year.  All were thrilled with the news.

While others of you are busy raking leaves, this is a messy time of the year for the palm trees.  They grow these nasty nuts by the gazillions and need to be trimmed up to keep those little buggers from starting new palm trees throughout the yard.  This crazy guy was hanging from one tree whilst swinging to the next for the task.  It absolutely made my knees weak.  I doubt that I could even climb the ladder that high.  They look so nice now.

Can you see the huge cluster of nuts hanging from the back tree on the right?

I did manage to get my November Schnibbles quilt finished and quilted to display while it was still autumn.  I am looking forward to seeing the Parade of Schnibbles tomorrow morning and to seeing what our next pattern for December will bring.  I am hoping there are not as many HST as this month.   



Quilt Taffy has a Giveaway each Thursday and I happened to win the holiday fabric ( one half yard of each) of your choice giveaway.  I selected Valentine's Day as I know that I won't have a lot of extra time for quilting in the hectic month ahead.  Look at this great fabric.

Earlier this fall Karen did an "I Spy" swap for 5" squares.  They were all returned this week and I am simply amazed that there were NO duplicates from the 100 participants.  As well, Karen enclosed an adorable chatelaine to wear around your neck while sewing.  She made them and they are fabulous.  I will definitely be using it when I am working on my various projects.  Thank you, Karen.

I also managed to finish up the quilting on my Panda quilt in time to present it to our newest granddaughter.  I have made a quilt for each of the grandchildren and enjoy seeing many of them still using them. is onwards to December.  The house is starting to look as though Christmas is coming.  We have a big Christmas dinner here on Saturday night for twenty people.  Tomorrow is menu planning and shopping, but I must get all the autumn decorations put away for now and transform the house into something magical.

Be sure to join Heidi this Friday night again for a sew along.  It is great fun to sew or craft with others in spirit and then log on Saturday to see what everyone has done.  I'm not sure what project I will tackle this Friday yet.


  1. Every time I visit your blog you have so many projects accomplish!!! Darling ones, at that! Good job!

    About my Schnibble - No, the color scheme was completely changed from white and blue to the black and yellow. I do like the way it looks, even if seams and points have gone their own ways! lol Your Schnibbles is awesome!!!!

    Those palms. They torment our pool every summer!

  2. The Schnibbles is so pretty. I love the basket pattern. I think stars and baskets are my favorite pieced blocks.

  3. What wonderful news that there is another wee one coming to join your family. You will just have to make another quilt. Just love the Panda one.
    You have been busy sewing. What are Schnibble?? Is it an American Swap Thingy??

  4. oh my gosh so much done and what a happy time. congrat to your new addition coming, wonderful news. I wish we had palm trees but in our yard acorns drop in the fall and you need to cover your head!! I love your panda quilt and the fabric you won from Quilt taffy. You are right, I cannot beleive it is December, but I will when the snow starts to fly!!

  5. What wonderful them seem to get alot done too...have you noticed that alot of quilters get alot done? What an amazing group of people, you among them.

  6. Fabulous scenery (in spite of the troublesome nut things on those palm trees) and wonderful projects! Great news about another grandchild on the way for you!

  7. Congratulations Grandma!!
    Love all you have finished!

  8. I love the Palm trees, when we come out every year to visit my hubs family, I waste so much camera space on the palms, they all get so mad at me, they say they hate the palms, they said rats live in them. is this true? i didn't believe them. haha your quilts are amazing, awesome.

  9. You are such a productive person!

    I wish the decorating fairy would show up at my house - I really really need to get motivated. I have 4 long rehearsals this week and next, and Care Bear's school program tomorrow night, our church program on the 13th, a new pastoral candidate and his wife here for a get-together on Saturday afternoon, Christmas tea Saturday morning, 3 concerts week-end after next.

    So - I have to figure out a time to get stuff up from the basement - when the littles aren't here!

  10. Those Queen Palms do need frequent pruning.

  11. You amaze me with all you get done, and your expertise on the quilts! The Schnibble is gorgeous!

  12. Love your autumn Schnibbles! Such a wonderful color scheme.

  13. Nice Schnibble. Love the panda quilt. Glad you had a lovely Thankgiving.

  14. I love love love your quilts! They are gorgeous! I love palm trees but I didn't know they were messy. I am excited about the sew in too!

  15. The quilts are all gorgeous. The background is looking good too. I cheated on mine though, I made a note of the set up of the prvious background so when I want to change it back I know what all the colours were I used!

  16. Good morning Mary, what great news .. a new baby on the way into your family...I am sure the baby will get a beautiful quilt made by you.

    The days keep passing by so quickly before Christmas, and I am not finished shopping ... I have a hard time deciding what to buy for people.The little grands are easy to buy for... it is the adults..

    Have a wonderful dinner at your house on Saturday..hugs, Baba

  17. Hi! Always a pleasure to see you stop by! Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments!!!!

    I love the quilts! That panda is so darn adorable!

    christmas dinner for 20? wow! have fun with that!;)

    Love the palm tree! I didn't realize all the upkeep! that guy looks like he is barely on;)

  18. Christmas certainly is coming up fast and like you, I find the days are going by faster than ever. I swear there is no longer 24 hour days, they've cut them down to 20 hours! lol

    I so love seeing all the projects you've finished, that Panda quilt is just adorable. Congratulations on finding out that you'll be a grandma again soon:-)

    I didn't realize that palm trees get nuts like that. I guess it's because we don't have any here so I have no idea about them! lol Omigosh, that guy sure was courageous...or crazy! I'm terrified of heights so no way would you ever catch me up there!!

    I hope your Christmas dinner went well and I look forward to hearing all about it:-) xoxo

  19. Love the quilts they are gorgeous !
    Love the Schnibble so pretty !
    Love those palm trees too, never seen one before where I come from its mostly pine trees.
    Congratulations to your family on your new addition !

  20. All your projects are lovely!!!
    Thanks for always having kind words to share when you visit!

  21. This Panda Quilt is adorable!!! One of the cutest baby quilts I have seen in a while!