Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meeting Baby A and M

We had the joy of finally meeting our newest granddaughter this week. Our #4 son and his family came down to introduce us to Ms. A. She is just the sweetest little girl - so delicate and feminine.

She has the brightest eyes. thoroughly "in the pinks".

Another new addition to the family is our grandchildren's new mare, Martini. The name will be changed, but they are calling her "Tini" until a better name is chosen.

With a birthday so close to Halloween, Grandma could not help but make a cake appropriate for the holiday.

The birthday girl - a big four year old now.

Great Grandma took her and two of her brothers out to lunch to celebrate the day.

Of course we also celebrated Halloween this past weekend. Our tradition is that the kids and grandchildren come over for a soup dinner and then go trick or treating around our neighborhood. This year our neighborhood was completely dead. We had just one group of six kids that came to the house. Very strange! We don't generally have many trick or treaters so we get the kids the big candy bars. Now I have a ton left over - even after sending a lot home with the grands.

Those candies of my cousin look really exciting.......

but........he won't let me have any. Boo hoo.......

I'll have to just look too cute for words. It was also my 1st birthday this month and my mommy and daddy threw a Halloween costume party for all my cousins.

The chicken and the egg.

I had to play a little "catch up" on the treat bags. I have more to add now for next year.

I was the lucky winner of Pea's Halloween Giveaway last month. Pea is always the most generous host for giveaways and this one was no different. I wore the socks all week (of course I washed them in between wearings) and got so many compliments on them. The napkins were used for our soup dinner to the kid's delight. Each of the items was just darling and will be used for many years of decorating. Thank you, Pea.

I was also the special winner of Em's Giveaway. This darling quilt was personally made by Em and it is adorable. She even made little carrot nose buttons out of clay. I can't wait to hang it up in my house. Thank you, Em.

Now it is on to Thanksgiving. There is already so much out there for Christmas and I really hate to see it so early. Am I the only one who feels that way? I would like to just enjoy each holiday as they come.

As the weather cools down for us (from the 90s last week to the 60s this week) I always get the urge to start cooking cool weather foods. Tonight we are going to have a turkey with all the trimmings. I love turkey and all the leftovers. How about you? Of course we will have the big turkey dinner here later this month with about 70 people so this is just a "dry run", as they say.

Now....onto getting the turkey ready.


  1. How precious the wee ones ... they all are so cute in their costumes. Love the horse, & the name.

    Congrats on your win! That will be a lovely addition to your Christmas decor.

    TTFN ~ Marydon
    Enter our GIVEAWAY on our Nov. 1st post, if you haven't already

  2. Oh my Baby A is a doll so tiny!!!!
    Loved your cookies & cake too.
    All your sweet grands are adorable!!!
    You are so blessed to have them all close by.;-)
    Pretty mare too hope she don't mind having her name changed too much!
    I am so excited to have my 7 Tenn babies in for T Day!!!
    We will do country ham and turkey.
    I will do Christmas only after Thanksgiving!!!
    Hope that bird is good...;-)

  3. Baby A is so sweet! Enjoy this little gift! Loved the Halloween pictures, especially the chick!

  4. Oh what a sweetie she is.\
    We are still waiting for ours.
    Hopefully sometime this week/
    Congrats on winning Sweet peas give away.
    God bless

  5. Omigosh, Mary, your newest grandbaby is absolutely darling! I can well imagine how thrilled you were to finally meet her:-) She is so delicate looking, a real girly girl!! Adorable!

    I so loved seeing the pictures of the kids dressed up for Halloween and look at the cake and cupcakes you made, fun, fun, fun!!! I have no idea if Lily was dressed up for Halloween but I'll find out on Saturday! lol

    I'm so glad you received my Halloween giveaway parcel in time for Halloween and that you liked everything:) Congratulations on winning that adorable snowman quilt as well!!

    With having had our Thanksgiving already, I really don't mind seeing the stores filled with Christmas stuff but I can understand how you don't like it since you haven't had your Thanksgiving yet. Americans need to change it to October!! lol

    I'll now go read your previous post which I missed...take care of YOU and thank you for your wonderful friendship. Love you! xoxo

  6. Congratulations on the new arrival, what a beauiful baby and so much hair! The cakes look great well done!

  7. I love the little ones and they are so cute in their costumes.
    here in holland we don't have halloween.
    The children go on novemder 11th in the neighbourhood with a chinese lantern. They sing a song and get some sweets
    We call it St Maarten. That is only in the north of Holland.

    Oh I love the cake and the little cakes You are a wonder to make this.

    and all the giveaways
    You are blessed to win both.

    And another question will you change a siggy with me.
    greetings Dorine

  8. eek! what precious little cuties! your granddaughter is darling...♥

  9. is so cute, congrats on the new addition to the family. Halloween looked like fun, all those cute outfits, so wish they did more of halloween over here.
    I really miss the dark nights and the feeling of the year coming to a close with the colours of halloween, then thanksgiving (not that we celebrate it) and then the colours of Christmas. maybe one day I will get more organised and have my own decorations for those wonderful decorating times of year! The birthday cake looked yummy and spooky.

  10. You sound like an awesome grandma! I can't wait till it's my turn to be one!!! (Darling cake!)

  11. AWWWW the new grandchild is beautiful! Loved the cake and cupcakes and the horse! Well, she's beautiful! You're having fun!

  12. Yes, I loved seeing the little ones, you are so lucky. Love the halloween bags and your wall have been very busy.

  13. Cute...cute....CUTE little ones!!! Thanks for sharing such precious photos.

  14. Congrats on the new little one!
    What an interesting cake.

  15. I think I like the trimmings of a turkey dinner better than the turkey.

    Your babies are all so sweet.

    Congratulations on your TWO wins!

  16. 70 people???? How do you do it?? The little ones are so precious. Congratulations on the new baby. I love the picture of the one boo hooing! So typical.

  17. OH the new baby is just so adorable.
    Wow all the little ones look great in their costumes. Hard to pick a favorite but the chicken and egg are cut.
    You have been lucky winning two giveaways good on ya!!

  18. wow! your new grandbaby is perfect! what a blessing, a gift!

    the cakes are beautiful too! wow!

    congrats on winning! NICE!

    Halloween costumes and bags are adorable!

  19. Congrats. she is lovely as are all the grands. Clever cake too.

  20. Love all the hair on baby A. She is adorable. The birthday/Halloween pics are fantastic. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. I'm with you on Christmas popping up too early in the stores. Let me savor my blessings for a while before you tell me I need more stuff. Thank you.

  21. Boy, that baby is cute. She reminds me of my Anna when she was born. The other two were bald, but she was tiny, feminine and dark. Her hair lightened up as she grew. How very sweet. And how talented you are!

  22. Oh, my those darling costumes! And the cake and cupcakes - you are so talented.

    And lucky - winning two drawings! That wall hanging is wonderful!

    That new baby is so adorable - she looks so petite! And the eyes - striking!

    I am totally with you on wishing we could wait until Thanksgiving is over before starting Christmas - but I don't think it's ever gonna happen!

  23. what great traditions you have and a lot of fun too. Darling pictures of the kiddies and Tini. How exciting for the grandaughter.

  24. Oooh, the joy of a new little one. Love the mare, too. Such soulful eyes they have. I enjoy seeing all the fun things that you do throughout the days. Always so much to celebrate there. Enjoy!

  25. How lovely to see your family grow!! the costumes are adorable!!

  26. Oh my goodness, she is just beautiful! What fun to have another little girl in the family! Love your Grandhorse too!!! Tell me more!

    The pictures of your trip are just spectacular! Love all of the buildings. Don't you just love First Classs?! When we went to Hawaii we went first class and I got spoiled awfully quick! Sadly we haven't gone anything but coach since! lol!

    Yay! Two give away wins! Nice that all of your Halloween stuff arrived so that you could use it while your grands were there. The snowman wallhanging is awfully cute! Won't be long before it will be time to be hanging that up on the wall. It seems like Christmas is coming just way too fast! I did do some Christmas shopping today and now am going to wrap the things I bought. Did a little yesterday but didn't find too much in Augusta that I wanted. I do better when I have my list all organized and know exactly where to go and what I want to get. Did get the kids some really cute pj's at TJ Maxx. I just haven't had the time to make any.

    70 for Thanksgiving?! I thought I had big crowds but you've got me really beat!!! lol!! You'd better get several huge turkeys!

    R is on his way home from Portland so I guess I should get some dinner going. He has a beaten path down there and back.

    Boooooo! The Pats lost their game on Sunday night!! Sob, sob....Glad I didn't stay up to see the whole thing!

    What's the story on the medical emergency?????????

    Take care dear friend! Love to you and E! xoxoxox

  27. The baby is adorable! I know you were so glad to meet her and cuddle her!
    Your Mom looks well, I am so glad. Halloween kids, as usual are adorable, also!

  28. Your new little angel is perfectly precious, and I can see how bright those eyes are :)
    All the little munchkins look adorable in their Halloween outfits. Chicken and imaginative! They're all so cute. You're a lucky grandma.
    We took the grandsons and visitors up the road yesterday to see the horses. A miniature donkey is a recent new addition and so cute, but he's bad tempered, unfortunately. It's nice that the horses are all so affectionate and sweet tempered. They are loved a lot. I was blessed with a big, wet horse kiss right on the cheek :)
    "Tini" is a pretty one!