Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday's So and Sew

Did everyone have a good time at Heidi's Friday Night Sew In?  It was a great idea and inspired me to pick up the needle and thread and work on a project that has been sitting, and sitting, and sitting.  I made some great progress and am actually glad that I now have more drive to finish it up.  It was ...........


A Christmas stocking.  As you can see, I still have some work to do on it, but it is definitely getting there.

The past week I have been spending a lot of time at the sewing machine and loving every minute of it.  I took the patched border off of my Twelve Days of Christmas quilt and replaced it with a solid border.  It looks so much better (I think).  I got that one quilted and bound....another project done for the Joy in the New Year Challenge.


I also got my Schnibbles quilt pieced and ready for quilting.  I tried doing it in autumn colors since I figure to have it finished this weekend and ready to display next week.  It is still autumn....right????  The way time is flying past, I am never sure these days.


There were certainly a lot of HST in this little project.  Deary me!!!!!

Then I worked on several items for the grandchildren's school auction.  One of the biggest selling items each year has always been the 18" doll uniform that matches what the girls wear.  The school kindly donates an old and torn uniform and I transform it into something usable again.  This year I made two.  The bidding got so fierce last year that I ended up making two and they got the money for both which was agreeable to both bidders.


Then I made a small Nativity hanging with the machine embroidery.


I signed up for six completed projects for the challenge and I have completed five of them.  I have another quilt that I want to finish up and I would also like to get my Fall Swap quilt done soon. feels so good to check all of these off the list.  That will definitely bring JOY to my life.

The weather has been delightful this week.  I know we need the rain, but I love working in the yard when it is so warm and pleasant.  I decided to establish a morel mushroom patch.  I grew up eating and loving them, but I refuse to pay $27/lb. for them at the store.  I ordered my spores and then went to visit a friend of mine who lives up in a canyon near here.  Her property is covered with oak trees and I needed some of that for mulch.  We enjoyed lunch together and then went to collect my mulch.  This is what we encountered as we rounded the corner of her garage. 


They were not a bit afraid of us either.  Needless to say, she is a frustrated gardener.  My flowers, on the other hand have no threat from deer.  The roses have been gorgeous and continue to give me vases full of flowers.


My Nosegay quilt came back home this week.  I had dropped it off this summer at my cousin's next farm neighbor, an Amish woman, to do the hand quilting.  She did the most amazing job on the quilting.  I do hope that the pictures show her perfect work.  The fabric that I used in the nosegays was fabric from my grandmother's stash, which I inherited.  The green fabric was only 36" wide and I feel so lucky to have been able to use it and now to have it quilted.


Other things that have gone on this week was a little bread baking.  My sister has been wanting to learn how to make bread and the sweet gal who helps my mother in the daytime also wanted to learn.  So bread making it was............



So....that has been my week.  I am trying to stay out of trouble and keep healthy.  I read about so much sickness out there and I feel so bad for those that have gotten this junk.  The bug sounds dreadful, but I did hear that the cases have decreased this week.  Yeah!


  1. I just love your nosegay quilt. The old fashioned patches are delightful.

  2. Wow you have been busy!! Great work on all your stuff.
    The nosegay is beautiful & what memories it holds for you!

  3. WOW, your work is just awesome. I love that stocking. My brother is a fire fighter and would love it as well. Love they nosegay quilt. And the autumn one.

  4. Wow, your week of different projects makes my little bit of work look small! You have done a great job on the stocking, and the quilts, especially the nosegay is so beautiful! And the hand quilting is so gorgeous! You have inspired me to do more! (After Thanksgiving, of course! lOL)

  5. Way to go! You have really been 'smokin' thru projects this week! :-) I love the stocking~ and your schnibbles is very cute! 12 days looks great (of course I have a thing for red & white!) and the nosegay quilt? Just lovely! I can almost smell your beautiful roses. And then you made me hungry with fresh bread! LOL Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow your a busy lady!!!
    I love all your quilts ,the doll is out of this world, no wonder they went crasy for it!
    Your work is fantastic!

  7. My goodness, you have been busy. The Christmas stocking is amazing and I can guess how finishing all those jobs makes you makes you full of joy!

  8. Wow that quilt is gorgeous! The bread is too. Well as a matter of fact the bread is too and the stocking. You have been a busy bee. That doll uniform is darling. I am hoping that this Friday Night Sew In will help me learn more so I can do some things like you! You are so smart and talented!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my very very humble blog!! I just cannot seem to get into blogging anymore..I am just bad..I love all your fun stuff on your blog!! I wish that I had a machine like yours..I just have my regular sewing machine!! Smile!1

  10. My goodness, have you been BUSY! I love, love, love that stocking, the doll's uniform, and that nativity hanging. WOW!

  11. As busy as you have been, I don't think you'll be getting into trouble! Beautiful things you've made!!!

  12. My GOODNESS...what an incredibly busy and productive week. I just LOVE everything you showed, too. That hand-quilted nosegay quilt will be a real treasure since you used some fabric from your grandmother....VERY special. I am in a sewing slump right now and feel like even more of a slug since I saw how much YOU did in just one week!!!

  13. My goodness...that trip of yours must have been invigorating!!! And now you belong to the Smokin' Needles Club. All of your work is beautiful. The stocking is gorgeous. Was it hard to take apart the 12 Days quilt? I don't mean hard as in hard work but kind of disappointing because it didn't work as you had imagined?

    The Nosegay fabric must have been from the 30's. Love it and your quilter did a beautiful job.

    And the Nativity Scene is lovely. Is it done on a twill or is that a pinwale?

    Well, my goodness, then there is the bread! I can almost smell it baking. I used to make braids a lot...egg braid and braided Swedish bread but don't seem to get too much of that done anymore. But then in my defense, Jerry and I are the only ones in the house and we shouldn't eat that much of it. I still make tea rings to give away for Christmas though.

  14. Your stocking is adorable! The detail is amazing.

    And I can smell that bread! Oh my!

  15. Wow, amazing things you have finished and accomplished this week! Beautiful. You are so very talented and everything you do is so perfectionistic! Is that a word?? If not, I just created it.

    I can just smell the bread.

    The stocking - oh, my goodness! One lucky little grandbaby!

  16. Wow! What a Busy Lady you are! You are AWESOME!!!
    love all your labors of love! The quilts are gorgeous!
    The stocking is so amazing! wow!!!
    what a neat doll!
    The nativitiy scene is beautiful as well!
    I can feel the warmth of the bread and smell the wonderful aroma though it looks to perfect to eat!
    You go girl!

  17. Your quilts are beautiful!!!and the bread looks yummy (I'll get the butter....

  18. Wow you sure have been very busy and producing such lovely work.

    The bread looks great.YUM!!

    I love the deer behind your garage. I only get snakes,lizards and kangaroos on my block.LOL

  19. Oh my gosh girl you were sure one busy lady.
    Love the nosegay quilt and that stocking is so cute.
    You do such great work.
    I am not near that talented when it comes to sewing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  20. I really am enjoying your blog! Everything is so beautiful. Love the Deer in the yard! Kerrie

  21. You are an amazingly talented woman! I sure wish I would've thought to make my Schnibbles in fall colors!!! Loved yours!

  22. Oh Mary, that stocking you're working on is absolutely adorable! I'm so glad that the Sew In has inspired you to work on your projects, I'm telling you, blogging friends are sooo helpful in giving us the inspiration we so often need:-)

    Your quilts are also so beautiful and I can well imagine the lovely feeling you get when you finish one. As for the doll you dress up in the school uniform, it's no wonder the bidding gets so fierce:-) Mom just finished dressing up a family of bears for a fundraiser they're having and I'm hoping to get pictures of them soon.

    The Nativity hanging is stunning! You've been very busy with all these projects but I know how much you love that kind of work:-)

    Wow look at all the deer! I know that although they're pretty to look at, they can certainly make a meal of your flowers and garden so I can understand why your friend is a frustrated gardener! lol

    Your roses are just gorgeous and how lucky you are to have flowers in bloom yet. Nothing is growing here at all, we've had too much frost in the mornings and soon the snow will be here.

    One of my very favourite smells is that of fresh bread baking in the oven. Yummmmmmm...

    It's been a pleasure as usual visiting you:-) xoxo

  23. I have always loved the nosegay pattern but have never made it.

    I love all the triangles in the fall colors too. I think you got that one done in the nick of time.

  24. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work. You are so talented. The bread looks so good, too. The quilting the Amish lady did is wonderful.

  25. You certainly keep busy!
    Your quilts are so beautiful, as are all your sewing projects. I especially love the 12 Days of Christmas quilt.
    You're such a wiz with that sewing machine. Oh, for just a smidgon of your creative talent!
    I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with wonderful blessings.
    Always lovely to hear from you..thanks for stopping by :)

  26. That nosegay quilt is just gorgeous! What a beautiful job you did and the lady that did the hand quilting! Amazing job my friend!!!!! All of your projects are lovely, I wish you would give me a kick in the behiney to get out of this sewing slump and get some things finished!

    I suppose tomorrow is your big day with all the guests coming for Thanksgiving. It was hectic here with just 23, I can't imagine 70! I hope the the weather is good for you, I have been watching it on the weather channel and it looks like it should be. Will be thinking of you with all of your loved ones. Have a wonderful day!!!! Love you lots! xoxoxox

  27. Beautiful quilts and the bread looks delicious. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas..

  28. I like the way your Schnibbles turned out, Fall baskets, nice!

  29. Everything is wonderful! The Nosegay quilt is a treasure. Your Schnibble turned out great! I love the Twelve Days Of Christmas redwork quilt. Would you mind telling me who designed this pattern? Your work is beautiful!

  30. That Christmas stocking is fantastic.. well done...
    Cath Ü

  31. I love the nosegay quilt, too. Is there any way to get contact information for the Amish hand quilter?

  32. I love the nosegay quilt, too. Is there any way I can get the contact information for the Amish lady who did the hand quilting?

    Thanks in advance.