Wednesday, December 16, 2009

............It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  Somehow, things don't seem as hectic out there as they have to me in the past.  I was actually able to go out on Tuesday and finish up with the shopping and the crowds weren't disturbing at all.  There were no lines and everyone was pleasant.  Yeah!

We were blessed to have our two year old grandson for five days this week and we really enjoyed our time with him.  His birthday is actually next week - on Christmas Day.  One of the fun things that we did while he was here was to take our two youngest grandsons to brunch with Santa.  I must say that neither one of them thought much of the jolly old man. 

This one wanted to hide and pretend he wasn't at the table saying "hello"

and this one wasn't really sure about that lap thing that Santa likes to do.

Speaking of Santa......We have a roadside Santa statue that sits along the 101 Freeway near us.  We often pass him on our jouneys here and there, but this week I stopped to take a picture of him to share with you.  He once sat along the 101 Freeway in a beach community near Santa Barbara atop a faux chimney on Santa Claus Lane.  He had been a landmark there since 1948.  Although the Lane still remains under the same name, the community wanted to update it's look to a New England fishing village.  Out with the old and in with the new for Santa.  Fortunately, in 2003 he was rescued and moved to a new spot, still overlooking the freeway.  His upper torso is 22' tall and in the summertime he switches to sunglasses.  If you want to read more about it you can find some information here.

Two of the granddaughters came over for a sewing marathon of Christmas gifts for their friends and family.  We had so much fun together.  They were going through my fabrics and trying to figure out what material they want to use for their spring dance dresses while they were here.  Their lives will be forever enriched because of their ability to sew. 

My Siggy blocks were returned from Melissa and they are awesome.  After the holidays I will get to the task of putting them together and I can't wait.  Melissa did such an incredible job on this swap and even included a very cute strawberry stick pin with the blocks.

Another Siggy that I have participated in is sponsered through Annalies in the Netherlands.  It works on a one on one swap basis.  I have so far received four blocks and each are fabulous.  One of the blocks is from Dorine who was my swap partner in the Friendship Bag Swap.  I am looking forward to receiving many more blocks in the future.

I also worked on scarfs for the girls this week.  I made them with flannel on the outside and minkee on the inside.  They are so soft!  They will come in handy if we have another week of chilly weather.

We had a week of really cold weather (for us anyway).  We actually had two nights of freezing temperatures.  It is always so hard on the farmers in our area and we could hear the wind fans blowing all night.  We lost many plants in our yard and I am sure that the farmers are assessing their damages as well.  We can ocassionally get such cold temperatures, but it will normally occur in January.  This week it is back into the 70s which is the weather that I thrive the best.  I always have so much more energy when it is warm and sunny.  I know, I know.....we NEED the rain, but could it rain all night and be sunny and warm all day????

If anyone is looking for something to do on Friday night, Heidi and Bobbi are hosting another sew in - the last one this year.  There are a couple of small projects that I would like to make so I am going to try to participate, but we have a couple of grandchildren birthday parties this week.  I will have to see what the plans are first.

I hope everyone can slow down and enjoy this upcoming week. 


  1. The wee ones are what make Christmas so alive & fun ... they are all darling.

    ~ Please follow/read me on our new blog now ~

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Children make Christmas so much fun, its what its all about!


  3. I so enjoyed all your photos and your "newsy" post. How great that you sew with those granddaughters! I hope you don't mind if I show a friend in Washington state your siggy block photo as she is looking for an easy, but nice, siggy block project and I think yours is great. for no crowds this year, I was thinking the same thing until I went to the post office today and stood in line for over 20 minutes!!!

  4. I finally got Kev's packages sent - I love using the automated system for postage - so much nicer than standing in line!

    I still have much shopping to do, but the twins being with me all week unexpectedly, has really put me behind. I did get some wrapping done today finally, but not fancy bows or anything yet.

    Care Bear is learning a bit of sewing in her new scouting troop - she's really excited. I wish I had the patience you seem to have!

  5. Sounds like busy times at your house. So nice your granddaughters are interested in sewing.

    We think of Santa as the Ho Ho jolly guy but I think it takes the little ones a number of years to not be afraid of him. I mean, he probably doesn't look like any of the men in the family!

    Sorry to hear about your freezing weather. Hope the produce loss isn't too great. It is in the 20's tonight but that's usual for here.

    I'm hoping to join the sew-in Friday....if I can get my cards finished!!

  6. Your photos of your grandsons' visit with the jolly old one bring back memories of mine at that age... I don't think any of them appreciate Santa till they are about 4-5yrs...

    That highway-side-Santa is hugh!!! Wow!

    What a great bonding experience sewing with/at grandma's... treasure these days... 8-)

    Lovely scarves!

  7. I love that you have GD s to sew with you. I have to take the time to teach my girls to sew. I can't get anything don when I am teaching. I do plan on helping them make a rag quilt this vacation.

  8. It gets difficult to get in the mood for Christmas here because it is so sunny and hot and I am so use to cold and dark!
    The shops have all the decorations and lights but it still takes me until a day or two before to freally get in the spirit.
    You have a lot going on and I hope you get everything done in time

  9. How did I miss a post?! It was fun to have two to read but I don't like missing them when you post them. Guess I have been all consumed with horse issues.

    Your little ones are just adorable! I think Santa can be very scary to some children! I know J was always howling his head off when we took him to see Santa! Now wouldn't he appreciate me telling that? lol!

    You are so right, sewing does enrich ones life so much. I MUST get back to sewing with Miss T as she really enjoys it.

    The huge Santa reminds me of our huge Paul Bunyan! I must take a picture of him some day when I am over town.

    If you think it is cold out your way you should be here this morning! lol! Up north a bit further then we are it's -40* wind chill factor! Here it's only -3* but I don't know what the wind chill factor is, not as cold as up north. I will bundle up when I go out to do some errands this morning!!!! It's the kind of day when your hairs in your nose freeze together! Ha!

    I'm almost finished my table runner and will try to post it soon. I have the kits for the snowman and santa that you did and forgot all about them until I saw yours. I have used a grid and it works up pretty quickly, do these?

    Still waiting to hear from the clinic. I do hope it's after Christmas though. R is exhausted from year end traveling so I want him to get rested up. We have three offices fairly close to the clinic, one right in the same town so that will give him something to do while we are down there. I will take my sewing machine and work on some things. I have one of those small Bernina's that I take to classes and if we are on the road. BTW I heard yesterday that a Bernina dealer is coming back to Bangor so manybe now I can get some help with my serger! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

    Well dear friend I must get into it as my Mom says. Lots to do and a few errands to go out for. Shopping is all done and wrapped but I have to return some pants that are too tight (Just shoot me!) and pick up one more gift card for J. He's supposed to go to Houston with the Pats next week but I don't think he's going. He has been on the road constantly and needs a break. They were here for dinner last night and he is worn out.

    Hope it stays warm for you and no more freezing weather! Love & Hugs!! xoxox

  10. Your babies are so cute. Santa is a little scary when you are that small.
    It is nice to see your young GD's sewing their own gifts.
    Your siggy's are lovely.
    Should get my from Annelies soon.
    The scraves look warm and cosy.

  11. I loved the grandsons photos, it brought back memories of when I took my sons to see Santa. They were so excited about seeing him till we got to the front of the line and then the crying started.
    It has been so cold here now for weeks never about the teens for a days high and that wind chill is in the minus column. BRRRRR
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Grandchildren....what a blessing and you are such a hands on grandma, they will remember forever the joy they had and the things they learned.
    Love the Big Santa!!!

  13. Glad your grandchildren are near and you can enjoy them. They grow up much to fast. Merry Christmas.

  14. I guess from a little one's perspective, Santa is scary! Especially with all that beard! I think it is great that your granddaughters sew! I had no talent for sewing and neither did my mother! :(

  15. what a sweet post!
    look at those girls sew! Great pics!

    You are the Best Grandma!

    Isn't it amazing how scary Santa can look to the children?;)lol! oh the days...

    hope the weather stays well for you...Here we have yet to have snow which has made it great for getting around and for my business!

    Have a great weekend my friend!!

  16. Oh I loved hearing all about your week. How fun. Love the santa. I will not be in the sew in tonight. Kind of busy with the wedding. Just thought I would pop in and ask you to say a prayer for the wedding. It supposed to be raining or snowing. Tomorrow is the big day.

  17. Thanks for stopping by and I love your blog! I really enjoyed seeing the children sewing for the holidays at your home. How nice that was! I also belong to the International Siggy Swap, so we will have to swap a siggy.