Friday, June 24, 2011

Seeing Circles

I have been giving some serious thought to joining in on the Yo Yo Quiltalong (see button on sidebar).  Do I need another challenge?  I probably do not, but my 30+ years of guilt are beginning to take over.

You see, I have a bag of yo yos.   These were lovingly made by my husband’s maiden aunt and I inherited them.  I am sure she had grand plans for them as many are assembled in settings of four already.  I just do not know what her plans were going to be.  Thus, the dilemma.  

June 2010 026

Also included in the bag was a good amount of pink polished cotton fabric.  I am sure that must have been needed for the project, but where????  It has a very interesting stamping on it.  I am thinking that perhaps this was originally purposed for curtains and never used.  I am just not sure about the color.  Maybe the pink is what made her give up on the project.  What do you think?

June 2010 031

Has anyone ever seen a pattern that would use the yo-yos in this manner?  There are seven of each block and fourteen (I believe) of the solid blue.  I have 952 yo-yos sewn together and then a whole bag of separate yo-yos ready to go.  As well, you can see the cardboard pattern for cutting them out.  The yo-yo size would match the Clover large tool with each yo-yo measuring 1 1/4 inches.  How many more yo yos do you think I will even need?

June 2010 028

June 2010 030

June 2010 029

June 2010 027

I had them stored in an old cedar chest along with so much more that I will share in future posts.  I literally have not opened the chest in years.  There are several vintage quilts, blocks and unquilted tops as well as lots of beautiful embroidery and lace edgings.  This was another piece in the cedar chest.  I have no idea who did the needlepoint, but I hung it up in my studio.

June 2010 033

DH had the day free yesterday so we took a drive up to the wine country.  One of the more beautiful wineries in the area is the F*ess Par*ker winery.  Do you remember Davy Crockett?????  Same guy!  Here are some pics that I took of the winery he built.

June 2010 019

June 2010 022

June 2010 017

June 2010 014

They say that roses are planted at the beginning of the rows of vines in the same colors of the grapes.  The reason for this is that the roses will get a disease before the vines will.  Thus, if the rose gets a disease they will then treat the vines for it as well.  Interesting.

June 2010 013

I always bring some hand work for the car rides (no sense in wasting a little free time).  Yesterday I brought along my June Birdie Stitches block to finish it off.  I think I have the Bermuda Triangle in my car.  I had my cute little embroidery scissors with a fob attached to them.  I went to use them and they slipped from my hand.  I heard them fall and have searched and searched for them.  They are literally NOWHERE to be found.  Even DH looked and he couldn’t find them.  I have no idea where they could have dropped.  I know that someday they will show up, but I just do not want to dismantle the whole front seat to find them.

June 2010 038
June 2010 037

I had to resort to using my garden clippers that I keep in the car.  They were a miserable substitute.  I finally gave up and finished the project last evening.  If you notice, my June block varies from the one we are suppose to do.  Terry  (  had a design without all of the words and I did a take off from her design.  I think the wordy one will make a nice label on the back.

June 2010 025

We watched a couple of little ones this week and I will close with these photos….such nice sharing!!!!!!!

June 2010 005

June 2010 006


  1. Aww how sweet those 2 cuties are!! :-) Love your Birdie Stitches! I lost my scissors in the car one time too~ it was on the seat track~ we could see it from the backseat, but not the front. Good luck finding them! Very nice looking winery. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Oh, those guilt trips we inherit! I've had my share too. I think they would be nice appliqued to plain blocks with sashing between and call it done.

    I love your embroidered blocks. I'm going to have to do some embroidery to either prove to myself I still can do it or realize the arthritis in the thumbs is too bad.

  3. Garden clippers that you keep in the car??

    Okay. You win. :-)

  4. Needled Mom, your yo-yos are to die for!! And your embroidery is so pretty. :o)

    I'm a yo-yo addict. I use them to decorate everything!!

    Love the darling picture of your grandkids at the bottom of the post. Priceless!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

    PS. I inherited a bunch of needlepoint and plastic canvas. Oh My!!!

  5. Those yo-yo are true beauties. I have no idea what she was planing to do. They are yours now, good luck with the new project. Your embroidery scissors will turns up. You have got the borrowers in your car. They must be quilting too hehe! Have a lovely weekend - Hugs Nat

  6. That is a load of yo-yos! I recall seeing the bed pillows made with these and spreads. They just sewed yo-yos to fabric making blocks then sewing up the blocks.Whatever you do with them will be lovely I am sure.
    Sweet stitchery too but those babes are adorable!You have some darling grands!

  7. Cute stinkers!!!

    I too have a few "inherited" ufo's that have been sitting. One if a grandmother's flower garden I believe. It was hand pieced but they washed the top so I have somewhat of a raveled mess with unsewn seams. A darned shame.

    Your get-away days sounds devine by the way. :-) I can't stitch in the car or read without feeling ill.

  8. I think I am surrounded by the Bermuda Triangle. Or an amazing number of Black Holes. That embroidered square is so cute! Which reminds me that I still haven't finished the embroidery on David's memory quilt. Groan.

    Fascinating re the roses - what an excellent idea. And how nice to get away for a day out! Have a great weekend. We had rain last night - EUREKA!! And now summer is supposed to begin. Maybe tomorrow.

  9. Good luck with the YO-Yo's.Not sure about that PINK ??
    Looks like a beautiful day out with DH.
    Gorgeous photos of the little ones. Lovely sharing.

  10. Good luck with your yo-yo's. I make a few every so often from scraps but don't know what I will use them for. I have a friend making a quilt but don't know if I will do that. Love the wine pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I didn't know that about the roses and the grapes. Love your birdie stitches blocks! Those little sunglasses are so cute! :0)

  12. Oh my, the maiden aunt was prolific with her yo yo making, wasn't she? Good luck finding the right project for them.

  13. What a grand gift...the yo-yos!! I have my mother's left overs in a small bag and the cardboard circle she used too!! Not sure about the pink embroidered wording either!?!?

    We never know who will end up with our special things , do we...

  14. Adorable little ones sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the yoyos. It will be great to make them up and think about their journey.

  15. I have never worked with yo-yos, but they look like a fun project. Your embroidered bird blocks look really nice. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  16. What a wonderful little bag of treasures. The yo yos look almost like they were sewn into a Grandmother's Flowers garden block. Love your stitchery blocks too.

  17. Your yoyo's are so beautiful sewn together like that! You just must finish your husband's aunt's yoyo quilt. IMO, if you don't like the rose pink fabric, definitely change it up and add something you do like so you'll cherish the quilt when you're done. The story behind it will be awesome!

  18. Good luck with the yo-yos, sorry can't help you with pattern ideas since I never got into them.

    I do love your birdie embroideries they are so cute. I just may have to put them on my future to do list.

  19. I so enjoyed this post. The yo yo's are lovely. How about appliqueing the yo yo florets (not sure what to call them) to individual blocks, then piece the blocks together? I keep scissors in my car but not garden clippers. :-) The little ones are so sweet as they share there treat. :-) The birdie blocks are coming along so nicely. I thought about doing them but too many others "irons in the fire". LOL!

  20. You are talking to the queen of guilt right here! I love the yo yo's, but I can't help since I know nothing about quilting!

    I found my long lost watch in my car recently so they'll turn up eventually.
    Your little ones are adorable. Don't you love having them? :)

  21. Oh those little ones are darling. I love your stitchery and LOVE those yo yo's!! I lose things in the car too all the time!!! I lost a needle the other day but luckily I found it.

  22. Sweet, sweet baby pictures. :) I have a friend who loves yo yo's and has made a bedspread from them. Perhaps your aunt was planning something like that but I can't imagine what the pattern would be. blessings, marlene

  23. Oh those unfinished projects never end do they? Best of luck deciding what to do with your precious bag of yo-yo's.

  24. Ooooo, I love all your projects. I like the idea of using yoyo's for those hexagons.

  25. The little boys looks so cute together!

    Losing things in the car drives me crazy - I know there's a place that swallows library books, but it has not been found. Hope you find the scissors soon!

    That's a lot of yo yos - not that I knew what they were before now! Hope you figure it out, and I know if anyone can, it will be you - can't wait to see what you do with them and the bright pink!

    Yep - a road trip to Colorado - northern Colorado - necessary for you!

  26. I love seeing all of your buried trasures! I have never seen yoyo's in that type of pattern before! Very sweet! I enjoyed seeing your travels to the wine country too!

  27. The only yo-yo's I know about are the ones you play with! lol How wonderful that you inherited all of those from your husband's maiden aunt. It truly would be interesting to know what she was making them for!! I have no doubt you will make something special with them:-) That framed embroidery piece is just precious.

    I sure do know who Fess Parker was and in fact, a few years before he died last year, I had written to him asking him for his autographed photo. I received back a note from his secretary that he was much too busy with his winery to answer mail. Phooey! lol I remember I use to swoon when I'd see him on tv, he was so tall and handsome:-)

    His winery estate is so beautiful. What a coincidence that you should mention the roses at the end of the rows...they do the same in Niagara on the Lake and when I had asked a tour guide at one of the estates why they were there, she explained about diseases/bugs attacking the roses first and they they could treat the grapes. Pretty interesting stuff!

    Oh dear, I do hope you can find your scissors. I think I have the Bermuda Triangle in my car as well, I don't know how many things I've dropped, never to be seen again! lol I'm sure if they ever removed the seats in it they would find all kinds of things!! Love your Birdie blocks, so adorable.

    No doubt you enjoy every minute spent with these precious babies:-) xoxo

  28. awww love the babies! so precious!
    Gorgeous winery!
    How interesting are those garden clippers and in the car?;)
    Love all the embroidery! such talent!

  29. What a treasure to find - all those yo-yo's. I have no idea how many it will take to make a quilt but I would say bunches.
    I hope you find your scissors soon. I can't imagine trying to use garden shears :)
    Interesting info about the roses and the grape vines. Now I have somethine to pass on to DH next time we pass a vineyard.
    Just love your birdie block. The little bird with his sun glasses and the bee flying off in the corner is just too cute :D
    The grandkids are adorable - looks like they were having fun.

  30. My Mom used to make yo-yo's all the time and loved it! Will be anxious to see what you come up with to make out of them! I don't think you really need another challenge!! heehee!

    What a beautiful ride through the wine country. My best friend Ann has a daughter and SIL that lives somewhere in wine country and says it is just gorgeous there too. I'll have to find out where to see if you know the area. Interesting that they put the roses at the ends of the rows. Oh yes, I remember Davy Crocket!!!!! I think I had one of the coonskin hats!

    I hope you find your scissors!!!! I hate that when that happens!!! I lost one of my watches in one of our cars once and NEVER found it!!!Darn!!! Those gardening scissors at least did the job! :o)

    Such good kiddos sharing, so precious!

    Hot here today, Miss T is coming over and we are going trail riding. The men are working on the new sun room, so far the weather has cooperated. I'm getting used to the hammering and sawing I think! ha!

    Love to you my dear friend! xoxoxox

  31. Cute little birdie blocks. Sorry you lost your scissors glad you were able to find something that worked. I have no idea on the yo yos. They are lovely though. And the grandbabies are darling.

  32. The last picture you posted is just priceless!

    Absolutely join the Yo Yo Quiltalong. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I think the pink fabric makes the yoyo flowers pop, no?

  33. That is a heck of a lot of Yo-yos that your are faced with there! Wow!!
    I have no suggestions for them...

    Your embroideries look great! I went to look, but I couldn't fine the alternate block for June...?

    I'm wondering if your lost little scissors may have fallen into a back/purse, instead of the floor of the car...?

    Those certainly are 2 little cuties sharing there! 8-)

  34. What an awesome treasure having all of those yo yo's. I wish I could help you figure what to do with them, but I can't. Love your handwork. Good luck on finding the scissors.

  35. Ahhh, yo-yos. Think of the possibilities! You could create your own central design, a central medallion, or appliquéd wreath or something of the sort and then frame it with the yo-yos. They're made of neat fabrics. The pink might look better elsewhere! I inherited a couple of my grandmother's blocks and accompanying fabric and I loved every minute that I spent on making that quilt. I did a central floral wreath that included some of her fabric and then made blocks similar to hers to frame the wreath.
    best, nadia

  36. I love the yo yos.....My grandma in the 70's made a yo you quilt that I think is what you are talking about....I wish I had a picture or the quilt itself! she even made me a yo yo vest which I loved!
    The birdie blocks are just are the babies...Happy summer! Melinda

  37. Looks like you've got a great head start on those yoyos!
    What beautiful pics of the wine country you visited!
    Like you...I always take handwork on the road too. When I am booked weekend after weekend doing is the only sewing I get done sometimes!

  38. What a treasure to have those yo-yos. I hope you use them for something special.

  39. Yes I remember Davy Crocket.
    Cute last photo.