Friday, June 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces

It seems the week has been in bits and pieces this week with lots of starts and stops.  I don’t seem to have accomplished much, but I do have a decent excuse.

We had four of our grandchildren with us for several days while their folks managed to get off to Palm Springs for some R&R and a little sunny, warm weather.  Of course we had a wonderful time with the children as well so it was a win, win situation. 

Do they look sad leaving their children?????

On one evening we took the little ones to a BBQ and carnival.  They had lots of rides and games, but we were fascinated with the balloon artist and the face painter.

This fellow could make anything.

I think this was Luigi.

Help...there is an owl that landed on my head!!!!

A green frog is better than that silly face stuff for this guy.

Is it crawling up my arm?

Totally hot with flames.  That ought to impress the girls.
As was to be expected, the following day was filled with laundry and cleanup so sewing was placed on the back burner until yesterday.  I did manage to finish up the quilting and binding on my last PhD project – ahead of the end of June deadline.  Whew!

The D9P red and aqua swap from last year.

I am also caught up with my Civil War blocks.  These are the most recent ones.

Most recent ones that I haven't shown lately.
A few weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by Niki at Butternut Street.  It was a delicious four yard bundle of Sweet Nothings by Riley Blake from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  These are sooo my colors.  I just love them and will have to come up with something special to do with them.  Thank you so much, Niki.

Sweet Nothings is appropriate for this line of fabric.

While most of you seem to be very selfish about keeping all of the warm weather for yourselves, I believe we are still in the winter months.  If any of you feel so inclined, please send a little our way.  It still hadn’t reached 60* by noon today.  So much for sunny California.

So…that was my week – other than my oral surgery on Thursday.  Now I look like I am storing nuts in one cheek.  At least my frown line on one side of my mouth has disappeared.  Always something good to balance the bad!!!!


  1. Glad you had fun with the Grands!! Love your win & blocks!! Hope your surgery goes well!!

  2. What a fun time with your grandchildren! They must have been thrilled :-) I loved all of your pictures and the captions! Congratulations on your fun win and your lovely blocks :-)

  3. Sounds like a busy and FUN week! Your quilt and blocks are great. Love the fabrics you won...lucky you!

    Hope you heal well from the oral surgery.

    Take care!


  4. Lovely projects you've worked on and the photos of the kids are always delightful. I can spare 10 degrees or so for you and still have it be warm enough for my taste here. Be on the lookout tomorrow, okay? I'll send the warmth then!

  5. How wonderful you got to spend time with your grandchildren (doesn't look like there was any room for them in that car).
    You sure have been on a winning streak - good for you.♥

  6. Wow those balloons are great. It looks like everyone enjoyed the fun of Mum and Dad going away

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the grandkids.

    That balloon artist was amazing! I've tied a few balloon pups in my time but nothing like that!

  8. WOW !! what a lot of fun and those ballons are just fantastic. Love the look on the granndies face with the snail crawling up his are.
    Great blocks, love the DP9 patch finish and what a lovley win too.
    Hope your mouth heals quickly.

  9. Lots of good things going on over there. Enjoyed your family and quilt.

  10. I know you loved being with those Grands!!! Looks like they had a ball! Love that quilt and your blocks. I just don't know how you get it all done!!!! You amaze me!

  11. The quilt is beautiful! Love your fabrics too.

  12. Loe your red and aqua quilt! Looks like you all had a great time! :0)

  13. Looks like a fun time with the grands!Quit is so pretty and love those CW blocks. Hope your surgery will soon make your cheek better...;-)

  14. I love your D9P from the swap. I have my top done, and hope to get started on the quilting this summer.

  15. I am still playing catch up here. I honestly do not know how you manage to get so much sewing done with all the activity in your home! Fun kind of activity, though not the oral surgery, I am sure.
    I spent a few hours with Missy last Sunday, and oh, what a joy she is. I can just imagine that joy multiplied by all your grandchildren! How lovely to have them to stay and for the parents to have a break.
    Our heatwave is gone for now. Though the drought is now official.The UK simply does not have enough reservoirs! Mind you, we usually have so much rain that they are not necessary, I suppose!
    have a good weekend, and try to take it easy while you heal.

  16. How blessed you are and Mum & Dad are looking excited.
    Amazed you managed quilting too.

  17. Forgot to say, hope your mouth heals quickly Mary.

  18. oh those pics of the grandkiddies are adorable! looks like a fun time had by all~thanks for the mention! you deserve it!

  19. The parents were driving away in a spiffy red car!!!

    I love having my grands and I know you had a great time with yours! What a fun and busy time!

  20. Your Civil War blocks are really coming along. I learned about that project a little late in the game, and toy with the idea of stepping in and completing two blocks per week for the rest of the year. I'm so drawn to the fabric colors, and I love to read all the precious stories.

    Also, that red and aqua one of yours is a real stunner!

    Love your sweet stories about your close knit family. You are quite a blessed lady!

  21. Love your PhD quilt, it looks great. And congrats on your winnings, those fabrics are very pretty. I look forward to see what you do with them. And as far as the weather goes, you can have this 90 degree weather, I am melting.

  22. You always do such fun things with your grands. Their parents did look very sad!!

    Those balloons are amazing - and the painting as well!

    You are about as lucky as Pea in your winnings. Amazing. And as usual, wonderful beautiful quilts.

    Did I let you know about the job situation? After 4 interviews on Monday and one on Thursday, 3 of the 4 first ones offered her positions (I don't know if she's heard from the 5th). But she accepted the ob/gyn one - the first one that called her, at my house that day she came home from her trip out there for the interview.

  23. I so love seeing your grandchildren's photos. I can't wait to take mine to an art/craft fair. Somethings are only fun with little ones in tow. :o)

    Oh..rats..there you go again showing off those gorgeous quilts!! I know I say this every time..but I feel it every time! Memories of quilt bee, my first year, just come flooding in when I see your Civil War blocks. I so remember the excitement of working on quilts that were block of the months or part of a kit. I don't know if yours is that or not. They really are lovely. :o)


  24. PS. Your quilt is GORGEOUS! I love it!

  25. Terrific Civil War blocks and your Red and Aqua quilt is so fun. Congratulations on your finishes.

  26. You really have been busy. Busy and happy is the way to go. I love your Civil blocks and you are all caught up! I have 4 or 5 to catch up on after my trip. Enjoy those GKs - Hugs Nat

  27. Lucky Grandma and Grandpa. No, their mom and dad don't look at all sad :)
    I think those grandkiddies are very lucky as well to have you two for grandparents. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Love those balloon hat! :)
    The red and aqua quilt is beautiful. You are a truly gifted seamstress.
    Sad to say the second plumeria cutting didn't make it, but the clivias are growing...slowly, but surely....and looking very healthy.
    My big clivia is blooming but the blooms are at the base of the plant as sometimes happens. A while back I researched why that happens but can't remember what I read. Will have to google it again.
    I hope by now your mouth is feeling better. Oral surgery is no fun!

  28. Oh Wow! Sooo much fun going on there!!! love it all:) Fun and Busy indeed!!!

    gorgeous quilt as always too:)

  29. I hope you are feeling better from your surgery. I LOVE, L-O-V-E that red and aqua pretty and cheery! And, that owl balloon is the coolest balloon animal I have ever seen! What a beautiful family you are blessed with!

  30. Hello dear Mary, I do pray that your mouth is all healed by now!! You always have so much fun with your grands and I love seeing the pictures of all your adventures:-) Isn't it amazing what can be done with balloons? And the face painting was superb as well.

    It's been sunny and in the 80's here all think that last week our furnace was running and this week it's the a/c! lol I do hope you get warmer weather soon, it seems funny to hear how cold it is in California when it's usually so warm there.

    Hope your day is a lovely one, dear friend. xoxo

  31. Looks like you had a great time with the grandchildren there, and their parents did look quite happy to leave them with you!!! lol! 8-)

    Congrats again on your PhD finish there! Love red and teal together! 8-)

    Civil War blocks looking good, and what a wonderful win! Good for you!!

    Hope you are healing well from your surgery...

  32. Another busy weekend with the grands, what fun! I've had mine a lot too which you know I love but I have been going to bed about 8:45! ha!

    Your Phd is very pretty, what does the Phd stand for? The Civil War blocks are lovely, can't wait to see the whole thing put together!

    How are you feeling since your surgery other then the swelling? Do you have to have any more done?

    The carnival looks like so much fun~ I love the balloon hats and the tattoos!

    Love the little red car, that looks very CA to me! :o) Hope they got good weather and had a great time. We are back into a rain pattern but we need it for the gardens so I shouldn't complain. We haven't been to the lake and plan to go today if we can find time between raindrops. I got R a new recliner chair and we want to take that down but not in the rain. I need to work on my gardens a bit too and put in some annuals. Seems awfully late but better late then never I guess.

    Tell E Happy Father's Day! Will you have a big get together at your place?

    I'll have the check out Butternut Creek. You win lots of goodies!! :o)

    Miss T and I have been doing lots of trail riding this week until today and the rain. Yesterday was gorgeous and we went for a LONG ride. Had one deer jump out in front of us and it scared Kipper and he jumped a bit but she stayed on thankfully!

    Lots of love and hugs to you and E!!! xoxox

  33. Oh what fun with the grandchildren! Your quilt blocks are gorgeous! I am working on a pinwheel quilt, hope to have it finished soon. Still have 2 other larger ones to finish, too. BIG HUGS, K

  34. Looks like a great day out...those balloons are amazing!
    Your quilt is beautiful...didnt know you could do Phd in quilting...what is the course name?

  35. Looks like you had a great time with the grand kids! Your civil war blocks sure look great. The fabrics you won look great :)

  36. Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog. I'm in a race with your niece to see who delivers first.

    How wonderful to have had that time with your grandchildren. Hope you feel better soon.

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