Monday, June 20, 2011

GO, Go, Go

The first day of summer and we actually have sunshine and temperatures into the 70s.  It is heavenly.
The week was filled with lots of activity with out of town company, not a lot of sewing and not too many pictures.

Joanne ( provided us with a wonderful quilt along earlier this year and had a giveaway for those who sent her a photo of the completed project.  Not only did a have fun completing the quilt, but I was her winner of her favorite quilting items.  They arrived in the mail this past week and I could not be more pleased with what she chose as her favorite things.  Just look at all these goodies.


She included a stack of Apple Core blocks that she cut from her Accuquilt GO.  The fabrics are perfect for my décor and although I was a smidge intimidated with all the curves, I thought I would give them a try.  They went together so much easier than I thought they would and I am pleased with what will be a table topper.  There is no way I would have ever cut these out by hand, but for you with the GO cutter, you should give this die a GO.  Thank you, Joanne.


I am participating in the Mug Rug 2 swap and finished my mug rug for my partner.  I thought it came out so cute that I made another one for myself.


That was about the extent of my sewing this week other than 18 bean bags that three of the granddaughters and I made this morning.  The girls are riding their bikes over each Monday to “hang out” with me during summer vacation.  We are really having fun together.  Can you imagine that they want to help me clean??????  They love cleaning and helping with the laundry.  How do I keep them permanently?????

The other exciting news is that Momma tortoise started digging her nest to deposit her eggs.  She is about a month late this year and I think that is due to our wet and cool temperatures.  She dug five hours yesterday and another three already today.  They do NOTHING fast which is probably why they live to be 125+ years old. 


We had a wonderful Father’s Day here as we celebrated all of the great, loving, and dedicated dads in the family.  We heated up the pizza oven and everyone had fun making their own pizzas.  I don’t have a lot of pictures because the wives were too busy waiting on the guys!!!!


It sounds like it was a pretty boring week around here, but it was truly just go, go, go.  I just don’t have pictures to show for it.  It is nice to have a semi normal week this week to get caught up with all that did not get done last week while entertaining. 


  1. Hi Mary. Looks like a fun weekend! Love that apple core quilt.

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  3. The apple core quilt is very pretty . Sounds like you are keeping busy.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the family! 8-)

    Wonderful goodies from Joanne, and your apple cores are nicely done! Your mug rug is adorable!! 8-)

    Do I understand correctly, you have a tortoise!?! Laying eggs yet!! Wow!! My daughter would be soooo very jealous! She loves turtles of any sort!! 8-)

  5. Love the apple core topper, and that's a very cute mug rug too!

  6. Temperatures in the 70s sounds like a dream. The apple core quilt is gorgeous. And what a wonderful time with family. You are so blessed.

  7. I just love that table topper - so cute! And the mug rug is wonderful as well.

    Wow, those girls are gems! Send them over any time! Laundry never ends around here with the girls around so much.

    I think the first time I read your blog, the turtles were starting their process.

    Thanks for the comment today on my 5th anniversary post!

  8. I really love the Mug Rug you made, such a cute little bird.

  9. Enjoy your week. I would rather be busy than boring, but I don't think we know how to live a quiet life hehe - Hugs Nat

  10. I'm completely in love with that mug rug. Did you design that bird yourself? He is wonderful!

    I love your apple core table runner too. That was a fun treat to receive in the mail. I've always admired that pattern, but I'm super intimidated by it. It is encouraging to hear that it went together easily. That makes me one shade greener for a GO cutter.

  11. I love all the stitching and detail on your mug rug! The recipient is very lucky!

  12. I always enjoy your post! Love the apple core quilt. The turtle is cute too!

  13. Great colours in the Apple Core table topper.
    No wonder you made two Mug Ruds. One to keep ,it is gorgeous.
    How nice that your GDs what to spend time with you and do housework. Enjoy.

  14. Your applecore tabletopper turned out so sweet! Good job overcoming that fear of curves and going for it!

  15. Your weather sounds devine! We are supposed to reach 106 today - yuck!

    Love the apple core table topper you made. The colors are wonderful.

    The mug rug is adorable!! I just love the bird and the little ladybug! How cute :D

    Kids that clean? Do you rent them out - lol!

    Sounds as if you are having a busy but wonderful time.

  16. Mary, your mug rug is so darling...what a wonderful gift. Your partner is going to treasure that. Nice to see your apple core quilt...what did you think of the pieces? I was thinking of buying that die cut.


  18. What a nice gift you received - there's just something about getting quilting stuff in the mail that makes me smile. And I love your mug rug. I bet your swap partner did too. :) blessings, marlene

  19. congrats on the cool win....LOVE LOVE LOVE the mug mat!!!!!!
    how fun to have your grandkids so close...Im blessed that way too!!!!

  20. Love the kiddy chairs and table. I guess it gets well used at your house.
    Congrats. on your win Mary. I am sure you will make good use of it all.

    Grands adorable as usual and what fun to have the tortoise nesting. They are a protected species here and one has to have a licence.
    Do not know if the protesters are still in Trafalgar Square. I doubt it.

  21. I really like the Apple Core...I need to get that die! Yep, you have sparked my energies for this quilt!

    Busy...but, fun? Family adventures can make a big dent in the quilting schedules...but, they are worth the denting... =P

    =) new follower =)

  22. Love your apple cores! And that turtle is too cool! :0)

  23. That apple core rug is adorable.
    Sounds like lots of fun with the gds.
    What memories that will be for them.
    Our first day of summer is 61 and rainy and windy.
    Have a nice day.

  24. Your apple cores look great (btw good luck on your win). I really like your mug rug. Is this your own design/patter? I can see why you made one for yourself.

  25. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with family. The apple core quilt looks great!

  26. Your mug rug is fantastic! You did a beautiful job.
    For your apple cores, did you machine or hand stitch them? I have done some, but they were with english paper peices and I sewed them by hand.
    Congrats on having mini house keepers! I wish I had one =)

  27. Busy weekend for you! Love your apple core. I may need to get that die yet!
    Love the Mama layn her eggs. I missed our big snapper this year. Hope she is okay.

  28. Apple core. A perfect name! I love the quilt you have put together, and your mug mat is super cute! I am not at all surprised you wanted to do one for yourself!
    You enjoy having the grandkids around, and oh my word, if they want to help, what a joy! Cleaning never was top of my list!

  29. Wow! Your week does not sound boring at all. You have been so busy. I like how the apple core topper turned out and your mug rug is beautiful. I still have to make my partner's mug rug. I've been traveling but did find just the right fabric for the mug rug I'll be sewing up. Happy sewing!

  30. Great mug rug!
    I am so pleased that the apple cores turned out so well.♥

  31. Congrats on your win. Your apple core quilt is looking lovely. If I ever make one I would have the blocks cut on a die cut machine like a Go. There are quilt shops around here that will let you use theirs if you buy the fabric from them. Oh how the list of quilts to make grows.

  32. The first day of summer, we had must have sent it here and taken our sunshine...waaaaaa! hehe I know how it's been unseasonably cold over there so hopefully you'll now have a beautiful summer season.

    Congratulations on winning that giveaway, I can well imagine how pleased you were to receive the sewing goodies:-) Love what you made with it!!

    That mug rug is so gosh darn cute, it's no wonder you just had to make one for yourself!!

    How wonderful that your granddaughters come over to help you with the cleaning...can you send them here after??? lol

    How exciting that momma tortoise is getting ready to lay her eggs. That's a lot of hours she took to dig her nest, glad we don't have to do that! lol

    Good to hear the dads in your family had such a wonderful Father's baked in the pizza oven sounds perfect to me:-)

    I hope you're enjoying a more relaxing week, my friend. xoxo

  33. What a sweet post NeedledMom. I love the quilt..and those curves would give me a turn too!

    And I adore your turtle!! How precious! I love turtles and we've tried to keep several in our pond but then never stay.

    How fascinating that you have one! And how wonderful that your grandchildren can visit during the summer. I would love that. :O)

    Donna @ Comin' Home