Thursday, June 2, 2011

I’m Still Here

It has just been a little busy around here and I haven’t had much of a chance to consider blogging lately.  So sorry.  As well,  everyone seems to be noticing the problems with Blogger of late.  Thanks to Terry(, I unchecked that little box requesting that I stay logged in and I am now able to leave comments once more.  My apologies to all those posts that I could not leave comments.
Here is a bit of what has been occupying my time of late. 
Our DIL threw a 40th birthday party for our son.  His birthday gift was a dog which he has wanted F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  The dog was not born yet, but was due last weekend, Needless to say,  the gifts were all dog related.  Unfortunately, the mother dog had one puppy that was dead at birth so they are once again in the hunt for the perfect dog.  It will be fun for him to help in the search so that is the positive side of the story.

June 2011 081
He even has his dog named already.

June 2011 061
Cousins "hangin' out" together.

June 2011 076
40 candles in one blow....I kew he was windy.

June 2011 071
Monkey see....monkey do????
The following morning we left for Orlando for a business meeting.  I am always amazed when I look out at the terrain and the flatness of it all.  We are so used to having our views interrupted by hills or mountains, but you could see for miles.  It was hot and humid for them and the downtown historic area was packed with the media crews covering the Ca*sey Anth*ony trial going on there.

June 2011 006
Isn't there a song about seeing forever?

Returning home, we had a busy Memorial Day weekend with two grandchildren graduating to high school.

June 2011 035
Notice the three year old in a stubborn spell???

June 2011 044
Mom and Dad with the graduates.
This week has had some wonderful celebrations in our family.  Dh and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary on the 31st and today is our son’s 38th birthday.  In a big family there is always something to celebrate.

June 2011 073
Birthday boy.

I received the most wonderful surprise squishy in the mail.  It came from Linda (, a fellow blogger and friend.  If you do not know Linda you must check her blog out.  She is an amazing daily blogger and you will find yourself educated, inspired and uplifted each day by reading her posts.   She accomplishes more in one day than anyone I know!!!   She is my morning wakeup and I feel as though I learn something with each cup of morning coffee and her reads.    I do hope to someday meet her as she lives just a few hours away from me.  But…look at this wonderful pincushion she made.  I LOVED it from the moment I saw it on her blog.  Thank you, Linda.

June 2011 054

Although I haven’t had a lot of machine time lately, I have been doing a lot of hand sewing while we were away or spending time in the car.  I finished my Lil’ Twister table runner and love how it turned out.

June 2011 013

I also got the binding on my Raggedy Ann quilt that Mary quilted for me.  She did such an amazing job on this quilt.  I tried to get some details of the quilting, but my pictures do not do it justice.  Please go to Mary’s (  blog (if you are one of the few who do not follow her incredible work) and see the pictures of the quilting that she did on it.  Thank you so much, Mary.  I just love the work you do.

June 2011 096

We have a darling couple with three children who live next door.  They are wonderful neighbors and Monique has always admired the Christmas stockings that I make for my grandchildren.  She wanted me to teach her how to do them since she does not sew.  That was about 12 years ago!!!  She got the kits, started one and gave up.  Each year I ask her if this is the year she will finish them.  Well…I finally talked to her DH and asked him if he would be able to find the kits without her knowing.  He did!!!  I completed the stitching on the first one in FL and am working on the second one now.  I think she will be pleasantly surprised when Christmas rolls around.

June 2011 086
Christmas in May?
Whew!!!!  Are your eyes glazed over by now?  I’ll try to do a better job of posting so it isn’t all in one loooooooong post next time.  I’ll leave you with this since I am having some oral surgery next week.

June 2011 056
Brush, floss, brush!!!!!
P.S. I see that I cannot add the links using blogger.  I did my post with Windows LiveWriter, but the photos are blurry when enlarged on Blogger so what!  Sorry.


  1. Whew! You have been busy! Cute photo with the 3 yo turned~ save it for when he gets older. LOL Sorry to read abt your DS's dog. Good luck with surgery!

  2. have been sooo busy. I enjoy seeing your family and especially the grandkids. The runner is adorabe and it is so nice what you are doing for your neighbor....she will be soooo thrilled.

  3. I'm so glad unchecking that little box worked for you! Enjoy your summer! :0)

  4. Good luck with your oral surgery. I enjoyed your post. Blogger has been fussy with me and I can't seem to get photos where I WANT them in my posts, so I've resorted to only using one photo at a time now.....*sigh*

  5. Amazingly busy time for you, Mary! Hope your son finds a puppy soon. The family pictures are great...I always enjoy seeing them. Your runner is those colors!

    Hope your oral surgery goes well! Will be thinking of you!

    Hugs, Karen

  6. You have been busy, busy, busy! I really like the table runner. I just ordered the twister tool and am axious to give it a try.
    Your Raggedy Ann quilt is adorable. Mary's quilting is beautiful and sets off your stitchery perfectly.
    Your neighbor is going to be so surprised and happy come Christmas time. You are a fantastic neighbor!!
    I hope to meet you too, in the not too distant future :D

  7. Sounds like you have been having fun :-) Did you add the * so someone searching for that wouldn't find you blog? That's a good idea! Love your family pictures! Your projects and treats are lovely :-) I hope you recover from surgery quickly. My son had his wisdom teeth out recently.

  8. I love that 'squishy'! So cute! Your quilts and that runner are just beautiful!

    I can understand the busy part. You have my sympathies. LoL! Blogging just has to wait sometimes for sure. :o)


  9. Spending time with family and loving the grandchildren is what it's all about :) Will be thinking of you next week.

  10. I can see that you sure have been busy.
    I love the runner and the pin cushion.
    What a great friend you are to finish her project for her.
    I hope that your son gets a puppy soon and Happy birthday to him.
    Congrats to the grands also.

  11. Thanks for sharing- your project are all very nice. Hope you had a great anniversary.

  12. They all looked fine to me! What a lot of busyness and fun.

    I love the picture of the cute little tooth brusher.

    You are a good neighbor! I should pay you to make some of those wonderful stockings for the 4 girls. They are so wonderful!

    It's HOT here today, after so many days of cold. I don't know why we can't ever ease into summer!

  13. Mary I really enjoy reading your posts and sharing all your wonderful family occasions.
    I am sure you would have had a Happy Anniverary.
    Oh how cute the Monkey see Monkey do photo.
    Lots of lovely projects too.
    Get well soon after your surgery.

  14. OH, I'll bet the media was ALL over that trial! Yes, it is very flat here in Florida....when we go to the mountains, I get panicky it is so mountainous! :)

    I was ready to pick up a puppy a few years ago and even had a vet appointment already made.....I didn't hear from the breeder and when I finally got her on the phone she told me the puppy died. It was really sad!
    What kind of dog is your son looking for?

    I think that is the nicest thing you are doing for your neighbor! She will be delighted!

  15. You have had such a busy time as usual. Yes I unchecked that box too which sorted out my blogging problems. Sad about the puppy but looking forward to seeing photos when he/she does arrive!

  16. lovely celebrations and photos. Your raggedy quilt is gorgeous, I've seen the quilting Mary has done on it-beautiful! the table runner is lovely.Hope all goes well with the surgery.

  17. I understand how hard it is to keep up with blogging when you have so much other stuff going on in your life!
    You are a busy, busy lady!
    I loved catching up with all you've been doing.
    You have a lovely family!

  18. Sweet pictures. Congrats to the graduates. Thanks for sharing Terry's tip.

  19. wow! super busy indeed!!! /the grandkids are so beautiful and precious and absolutely LOVE all your amazing work!
    I always enjoy your posts and photos!!!
    Hope and praying your oral surgery goes well!

  20. Okay, I am going to resist commenting on each event. Sounds like you have had some wonderful family get togethers (babies are sooooooo cute!). What a nice gift - I like anything with sunflowers. Your twister tablerunner is adoreable. Mary quilting is wonderful and your quilt is wonderful. How nice of you to finish your neighbors stockings! Whew! I think I covered it all. ;o)

  21. I will bethinking of you when you go have the surgery. That's no fun is it?!! R is getting some new teeth and I sure hope they come out good and not huge like chiclets! ha!

    You have been busy sewing and finishing up things. Your Raggedy Ann quilt is just beautiful!!!!! Love the pin cushion that Scrappy Quilter sent you, I read her too.

    Happy Belated Anniversary! You are up on us by two years! :o) Lots of parties and graduations going on here as well. Our triplets are graduating tomorrow and I just can't believe they are 18 years old! I remember the day they were born three months early and only weighed about 2 lbs. each!!! My SIL and BIL will sure suffer from empty nest when they all go to college in the fall!!!

    So sorry about the puppy. Sometimes that happens and no one seems to know why. The right one will come along and he will be all set up for it!

    Got to head out to a b-day party for my brother's wife, she turned 50. I'm glad it's nice out as they are having it outside.

    How was your trip to Orlando? What did you do for activities? I made our arrangements for Universal in October the other day. The air line is charging $59.00 per bag!!!! Good grief, when will it stop?!

    Hi to E and love to you both!

  22. I meant to say Stray Stitches!

  23. Yes there have been problems with blogger and different ones for different people it seems.

    The Florida scenes are so different to your local ones as you say. Always blow up full screen which gives me a good look at your family on my
    23 inch HD screen.

    From swim towels to graduation outfits.

  24. love your L'il Twister runner and your adorable Raggedy Ann quilt...your are very talented...thanks for showing.
    Just ordered a twister...

    Is the RA pattern yours?

  25. It sounds as if you're having so much fun with your busyness and so much productivity!! Thanks for the visit, so nice meeting new bloggers. I have a huge family too and we're always getting together to celebrate something~so wonderful to have all that love! Congratulations on all your events and creative goodness!!

  26. Happy Anniversary to you.

    The tablerunner is so cute! :)

  27. I can only see te first photo, don't know if it's just my computer or what? Sorry to hear about the pup, can always be relied upon to be a birthing disaster when people actually WANT the babies!

  28. I always enjoy seeing your family pics. The pincushion really is lovely. I also love the runner...stunning!

  29. Thanks so much for the encouragement. :o) Loved seeing these family photos again.


  30. Hello dear Mary:-)

    I know what you mean about life being busy this time of year, sometimes I forget to take a breath! lol There's a thunderstorm going on right now and with temps in the 90's this afternoon, I've got the a/c going and it's the perfect day to do some visiting.

    Happy belated 40th Birthday to your son, that looked to be a fun birthday party he had:-) Did he get his puppy yet? A man and his dog...can't argue with that!!

    I never thought of it but I guess Florida is a very flat state. It's like our province of Saskatchewan, it's the flattest province in Canada, only prairies as far as the eye can see. Travelers say it's the most boring part of Canada to travel through!

    Congratulations to the graduates:-) I wish them the very best of luck in high school!!

    I see you also celebrated your anniversary and your other son's 38th birthday...wonderful!!!!

    That pincushion your friend Linda made for you is just darling. Also loved seeing the latest projects you've been working on. Leave it to you to do something so special as to finish the Christmas stockings for your neighbour as a surprise:-) She will be thrilled for sure.

    I do hope your oral surgery went well!! That little cutie is adorable with the toothbrush:-) xoxo

  31. Wow, always such a busy gal! I'm always amazed at the size of your family! What a blessing! How sweet of you to finish your neighbour's project! Wanna be my neighbour? I've got a closet full for you! ;o) lol You are too kind. Thanks for sharing! Keep well! Cheers!

  32. Mary, good to hear from you! :)

    Re: your Dufus moment... been there, and done that. I feel for you!


  33. So good to reconnect! You are one busy lady!! Congratulations on your anniversary. You have a lovely family also!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  34. Mary, I so much enjoyed reading all about your latest activities. I truly don't know how you're able to fit in so many beautiful sewing projects.
    I hope your son finds that 'perfect' dog soon. Sad that the puppy was born dead.
    The 'Monkey see..' shot is absolutely precious, and so is the toothbrush shot :) I enlarged the photos and they weren't fuzzy.
    I've hardly been blogging at all lately. Just trying to keep up with everything around here takes all my time, and I'm too tired at night to post or read blogs. I miss all my blog friends.
    A belated happy anniversary! 42 years of wedded bliss is a wonderful accomplishment. May you have many, many more.
    We celebrated our 40th on April 17th. Don't the years fly by?
    I hope you get some warm, summery days very soon. We've had a chilly, rainy day but it's not hard to take after the heat wave we endured last week.
    A happy medium, with some good gardening weather would be nice.