Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Waiting

Each week I think I will have the news to report of our newest grandbaby, but this little one is playing stubborn.  It is actually due next Monday, but our DIL has delivered each of her babies three to four weeks early.  So....we wait.  It is actually good that it is late as they have had strep throats and the H1N1 in their household.  You would not want to bring a baby home to that.

Our weather continues to be just gorgeous.  We have been able to enjoy beautiful sunsets each evening as we sit outside.  I love seeing the days becoming longer and know that spring and summer won't be far off now.

What has been going on in my sewing this week?  Actually, there is not as much to show as I would like.  I got into a deep cleaning mood and cleaned all of the floorboards and polished ALL of the wood floors.  Then I cleaned my refrigerator and freezers before I moved onto the pantry - a huge job after the holidays.  My husband even asked if I was the one expecting.  It did feel good to get those jobs out of the way.

I am working on a large embroidery order of eighty shirts.  Each design takes 15 minutes to stitch out. 

One box down....

Two to go.

As well I finished my setting blocks for the Thread Head Quilt Along.  I did not like the ones that I had made as they did not show the blocks off enough. 

This is block #13.  I am making two of each block and will have twenty sets of blocks when finished as well as forty setting blocks.

My Birdie BOM for the month of January is completed.  I am using the Sunkissed fabric line.  I love these cheery fabrics. 

My ALQS5 mini quilt is finished, but we aren't suppose to show it yet on our blogs.  Also, I have my mug rugs cut out for the Quilting Gallery swap.  We received our partner's names this week so I now know the colors that she prefers.  Things are moving along slowly here.  I have so many projects that I really want to do, but the days just seem to slip by in the blink of an eye.

Hopefully, my next post will bring news of a new baby in the family.  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. The sunset is so pretty.

    Best wishes for the new baby on the way!

  2. It does sound like you are nesting! And as always busy, busy, busy!!!

    Can't wait to hear that the new baby is here!

  3. Gorgeous photo of the sky. I know what it's like waiting on a grandbaby! Hope the waiting ends very soon!
    What a lot of shirts to embroider. That will take a long time!
    Your blocks are so pretty! Great job!

  4. What a beautiful sunset picture! And if this is your idea of not getting much done - well, I'm just a slug! I know I am when I hear of all your cleaning. I need to get SOMETHING cleaned - desperately.

    When you're always early, it seems like you're late when you're on time!

  5. You have beautiful sunsets like us.
    Just fabulous!!
    Your blocks look great,as does the stitchery.
    I have made a coulpe of Mug Rugs but may do a few more.

    Looking forward to seeing the new Grandbaby.
    It is a good thing he/she has not arrived yet with the nasty bug in the house.

  6. blocks look fabulous, hope the family gets to feeling better before the little one arrives, looks like you've got a lot of time at the machine with all of those shirts and the weather!! Jelous!!

  7. Love your Birdie BOM, it turned out great.

  8. Isn't it the pits when a baby waits until his due date to be delivered? LOL!
    Your sunset is something to behold - beautiful.
    If you run out of things to clean I have plenty you could do at my house.
    Your THQA blocks are wonderful. I'm so far behind - I think I've only made the first 5 blocks.
    Your birdie stitchery is wonderful. That is such a great line of fabric.

  9. Oh Mary....I'm envious of that beautiful sky in comarison to my dark gray!
    You have been busy! OMG! You get to embroider shirts too! I used to have to embroider EOD emblems on my husbands while in military.

  10. That is a beautiful sunset. We have been having some pretty sunsets but it is way to cold to be sitting outside.
    I will be waiting to hear about the new baby's arrival.
    Have a nice day

  11. As you know they come when they come, maybe it knows things are not good out there so staying put until all are well

  12. Gorgeous sunset photo! 8-)

    Great blocks, and your stitchery is wonderful...

    Baby can wait till all the bugs are!

    Take care!

  13. What a beautiful sunset! The waiting is always the hardest part, isn't it, but not long now and we will be reading all about your newest grandbaby - how exciting!
    You know, I am constantly amazed by the amount of beautiful sewing you manage to do. You put me to shame! One of these days I will have to start joining in the quilting exchanges/challenges/swaps etc. One day.

  14. Oh how exciting! A new baby! I can relate! And I love love love block 13! Sounds like with all that cleaning, you have still accomplished a lot at the sewing machine! I am envious of your beautiful weather. It is still cold here, altho not as bad as it has been. There is nothing more pleasing to the spirit than a beautiful sunset or sunrise! Best wishes on the new baby! Hope it gets here soon.

  15. You sure have alot going on there....and the sunset is just amazing.

    I am jealous of the grandbaby....hope we hear news soon.