Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Along with everyone else, I wish to extend my wish for a wonderful 2011 filled with rich blessings to all.

Our New Year's eve was quiet and we were enjoying the view of the inside of our eyelids by the time midnight rolled around here.  We did see the ball fall in Times Square so that counted for us.  We had a quiet dinner with my mom, sister, BIL and our daughter with her two little ones.  (Her husband had to work.)  It was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed cooking for a smaller crowd this time.

This morning was spent watching the Rose Parade and enjoying my coffee while lounging in my nightgown - a perfect start to the new year.  Despite our very chilly temperatures the last few days, the sun was shining on the Rose Parade.  It is magical how that happens.  The rain even held off until later today which is not what they had forecast.  Yeah!

I have been enjoying some nice peaceful time in my sewing studio this week as well.  I had several projects that needed to be caught up on and I was able to get them finished.  The first was my block for my Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt. 

Then I had my blocks for the Thread Head Quilt Along.  I had gotten a bit behind on those, but did get caught up on all of them.  I just need to work on my alternating blocks now. 

I joined Myra's PhD Challenge and have committed to finishing up at least four of my Projects half Done by the first of June.  I really need to tackle more of those this year.  It is a shame how I can move on to something more fun when I am not completely finished with one project. 

DH took the day off of work on Thursday and we took a drive to enjoy the beautiful new green grasses that have sprung up in the hills with the recent rains.  It was a gorgeous day and we both enjoyed it.  There is one bridge that we pass over as we head up past Santa Barbara.  The engineering fete of the construction is really a sight to see.  It spans over a canyon and if you take a little side road you can enjoy the view from underneath the bridge.  Unfortunately, the beauty of the bridge is marred with numerous crosses of those who opted to leap from the bridge.  Very sad.


To end this post I will leave you with this lovely gift that I received over the holidays.  I have been wanting the white Christmas Cactus for awhile and this has a combination of the red and white in the same pot.  It is just covered with blooms and I am so excited to have it in bloom at the moment.  My large cactus that is a piece from my grandmother's plant is just starting to get a lot of blooms setting on it so I will enjoy this one now and the pink one in a few short weeks.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Sounds like you had a nice quiet New Years! Our evening was quiet also. After tiring of t.v., we read and sleepily turned in before 12.

    Your Raggedy Ann blocks are so sweet! I love the other blocks you showed....very pretty.

    You certainly have a green thumb! Your Christmas cactus is awesome!

    Have a blessed 2011......


  2. A very happy New Year to you and your family!
    We also spent a quiet evening at home but didn't stay up to see the New Year in.
    I really like everything you are working on. You reminded me that I am way behind on the Thread Head SAL - maybe later this week I can get to them.

  3. We too had a quiet NY Eve. Well myself and Cocoa Kitty saw in the New Year at 12. DH had helped son put in flooring all day so was gone by 9...;-)
    We had a nice day to ourselves today as well. Your Annie blocks are cute! Oh goodness those thread head blocks are awesome!
    Our 'antique' cactus is beginning to bloom as well..came from DH's grandmother and grt GM.
    Great start for the New Year!

  4. "Here's to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold."

    Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Mary, wishing you all the very best that 2011 has to offer!!

    I'm back to blogging and let's hope that I'm more consistent with it now that the busy season is over! I've just read your post about Christmas and I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the wonderful "chaos" in your home that day:-)

    Your New Year's Eve also sounded lovely. I had a very quiet evening, being so stuffed up with a miserable head cold, I didn't feel up to doing much. Took me everything to stay awake to see the ball drop in Time Square! lol

    I so look forward to another wonderful year of friendship with you. xoxoxo

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family! I made it until midnight and watched the ball drop on TV with my son and his friend that stayed over, then fell off to sleep. I have been pretty tired today, but at least finished the laundry!

  6. beautiful.Belated wishes for the happy and properous new year 2011

  7. Happy, Healthy, Safe 2011 to you and your family!

  8. Pleased you had a nice New Year.

    Just love your blocks, the points are so perfect.Nice colours.

    Your Cactus Flowers are lovely. It seems strange to see them in flower now as ours flower in June/July.Our winter.So pretty to have some colour at that time of year.

  9. Happy New Year to you! I love those Thread Head blocks!

  10. I have a piece of Christmas Cactus that was my grandmothers. I had a talk with it just before Christmas pointing out its lack of blooms and that it would need to get a move on. 2 days before Christmas a couple of the tiniest buds you'll ever see appeared :) they're still hanging in there...don't look very hardy tho!

  11. Your blocks are so amazing, looks very complicated and you did a fantastic job.

    Enjoyed your cactus...

  12. Happy New Year! I cannot believe how much you have already done. I have been taking a hiatus and hope to be back soon. Your blocks look great. I love the colors you used in them.

  13. Happy New Year right back and good luck with the PhD project.

  14. Oh I loved seeing all of your projects. We were in bed at midnight too. I love your cactus! Beautiful. Happy New year!

  15. Happy New Year to you! Love the cactus plants and the little pineapple quilt under your new one is stunning.

  16. These Raggedy blocks everyone is making are do darn cute. Kaaren is very talented and so generous. Looks like you have projects to keep you busy in the new year. Have a creative 2011.

  17. You do such a great job on your blocks, I just love the stars. Quiet is a good way to start the New Year. Very nice blooms on those cactus'. Good luck on finishing your projects.

  18. Stopping by your blog is like catching a ray of warm sunshine. Love the photos you share and often wish I could be there enjoying the California sun. This year as I watched the Rose Parade in my PJ's, I reminded my husband that seeing it in person is on my "bucket list". :-) If we don't make it next year, I hope we can swing it in 2013. He will definitely be retired by then so "the sky's the limit" and I expect to hit "Route 66" as he has always said we would do when he retires. LOL! Love your quilt blocks!!!

  19. happy new year! what fun blocks you have going there.

  20. Hi Needled Mom, Oh how you make me miss my quilting bee friends!! That was the best year of my life. I love your newest blocks and quilting. :o) It's all gorgeous!

    I replied to your comment on my blog, but thought I better bring it to you here too...

    Dear Needled Mom, Obviously, you use your juicer for the right reason...the old fashioned one..fresh squeezed juice!!:o)

    That makes sense to me, but to take pounds of good apples, carrots, and other vegetables and turn them into juice instead of lightly steaming them and eating them..that's painful to think about. (Just the money issue of course.) Health-wise I'm sure it's great.

    I would LOVE to have a small juicer to make my own fresh squeezed juice though...I think... EEk! I'll have to go check one out at our local thrift store. Ha!


  21. Hi M!!!
    Your Raggedy Ann block is adorable, and your other blocks look great!!! I must pop on over to Joanne's blog for a catch-up!!!
    Love your Chirstmas Cactus!!! Both my grandmother's used to have huge ones with tons of flowers... Me, no luck...
    Happy stitchings!

  22. Thanks for coming by.
    I love your work your very talented!
    Love your Christmas cactus !

  23. Your quilt blocks are just gorgeous!

  24. Happy New Year to you, too!

    I joint Myra last year, it is a lot of fun!

    All your blocks are very pretty! I just saw my Christmas cactus is going to bloom, too! Yours is very pretty with the 2 colors!

  25. Good morning! I smiled as I saw your Sweet Raggedy doll and was reminded of my Halloween costume when I was 3 years old and then yesterday....I saw a new line released of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Have you seen it yet...Could be kinda fun to mix in maybe...Thank you for finding me so I could find you, Em

  26. Hope your New Year is going well. I love your blocks, esp. the Raggedy Ann blocks.

  27. So many beautiful things in this post! I love your blocks...and the table runner underneath the cactus is amazing!

  28. Good luck with the challenge. I wished I could commit to something like that :( Happy New Year Mary - Hugs Nat

  29. That is a beautiful Christmas cactus.