Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's Check In

I have to go shoe shopping today.  I HATE shoe shopping!!!!  I so wish that I had an easy foot to fit - preferably a size 7 with a B width.  NOT SO!!!  I wear an 8.5 AAAA.  No one carries that size and the cute sandals are never in AAAA widths.  What's with that?

The weekend was wonderful.  Our newest little grandson came home to an adoring family and is now being  spoiled loved to death. 

Gotta love the double chin and red hair!!

Here are a few more pictures of that darling quilt in the Maternity Ward.  I tried to get some detail to show, but there was a large flourescent light right above the quilt.  Sorry about the reflections.  The one on the upper left was so cute - an Asian mother - but the reflection was atrocious.


I was also able to spend some good time sewing and working on a few blocks in my Quilt Alongs.

Sorry about the shadows!!!

2 most recent blocks from the Civil War Quilt Along.

Thread Head Quilt Along block #14
The Mug Rugs are also finished.  These things can really be addictive.

Mary of Quilt Hollow gave me the best idea.  Why not save all of the little snippets for the birds to use for their nests. is my contibution to the building of nests.  Just think how colorful they will be.

There appears to be a big storm moving across the country.  I hope that all of you who are in line to receive it will stay safe.


  1. Okay Mary, I just had to comment. We have the same shoe size! I've had some success with cute things from Maryland Square catalog. Or Clarks online from or (free return shipping)I can get by with an AA sometimes. No one around here carries by size. Unlike you, I LOVE to shoe shop. We should go together. :) Your grandson is precious.

  2. I do hope you find some shoes - my problem is that I have a large foot - a UK size 8, and until recently, getting big shoes was a real trial. However, my daughter's generation have even larger feet and finally the sizes are spreading upwards. About time too!

    Your little grandson is actually the spitting image of my older son. The hair, hair line and little face, not to mnetion the colour! I must get out a photo and show you. Maybe we are long lost cousins!

    No snow here, but oh, it is cold. I am so over winter and cold weather now. I can't wait for some sun!

  3. How lovely he is your grandson!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the quilt with the expected women beautifull.
    And you made beautifull mug layers.
    big hugs Dorine

  4. Oh look at that darling wee one!!! So worth the wait!
    Have am a 9 1/2 AAAA also hard to find, good luck!

  5. Mary, Love your mug rugs. Another sweet pic of your little darling too.

  6. I've never heard of AAAA shoes....sorry to say I'm the usual 7-7.5B...don't hate!!
    Must comment on your mug rugs...they are so cute with the mugs! I need to do that when I see cute mug! Great idea.

  7. I wear a 7 B ....sorry.

    Your new grandson is so cute!!! Our last grandson has red hair and I really thought he would all along and kept saying it but nobody believed me. When he was born I got some suspicious looks! :) I just looked at mama and daddy's hair color and I don't see how anyone could be surprised!

    I love your rug mugs!

  8. Your grandson is so cute. He'll be fun to hold and rock!
    Your blocks are amazing as usual.
    Those mug rugs are fasinatingly beautiful and match the mugs so well!

  9. The mug rugs are SO cute! The baby is adorable. The quilt in the hospital - amazing.

    Your shoe size - really difficult. I thought 10AA was tough to find.

  10. wow! that quilt is incredible! I never seen anything like it! AMAZING!!!

    That grandson is gorgeous and what a keeper indeed! I must have baby fever!:) I wish they didnt grow up! HA!!!

  11. Your grandson looks so sweet!
    All the blocks and mug rugs look fantastic - I love you choice of fabrics.♥

  12. Oh what a sweet baby! He is beautiful! I know you are going to have such fun with him!
    I love your mug rugs! Very beautiful! Love all your work!

  13. Hi Mary, what a cutie your new addition of the family. Love that quilt of expected mothers, must be fun to make...Nat

  14. Ahhhhhh soooooo cute and you are soooo lucky.

    That quilt was adorable...

  15. WOW He is such a contented little fellow. Love him.

    Your sure have been busy stitching all your blocks. I never seem to have enough hours in my day.

    Good luck with the shoe shopping.

  16. Your grandson is such a cutie!!
    I'm amazed that you can find shoes at all - what a challenge it must be!
    That quilt is even more amazing than I orginally thought with all of the detail - what work!
    All of your blocks are beautiful!!
    The snippets for the bird nest are fantastic. I used to do that when I raised finches.

  17. Congratulations! What a cutie pie!

    That is an adorable quilt! What a great idea! Love your little projects. I can see how they could become addictive! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  18. 1. i hate shoe shopping, too!
    2. your grandson is ADORABLE!
    3. thx for sharing more of the maternity quilt - what a wonderful idea!
    4. and thx for sharing idea of helping the birds to build their nests - love it!

  19. Oh congrats on that darling little baby! Precious. Love all of your mug rugs and quilt blocks too! That quilt is so cute. You got great pics of it. And that is a great idea about the birds. I hate shoe shopping too!! Good luck!

  20. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He's adorable. We're expecting our very first grandchild this summer. I can hardly contain myself!!

  21. I love the way your mug rugs match your mugs. They look great.

  22. Congratulations on the new baby in the family :) What a cutie! Thanks for sharing photos of the maternity quilt.....very nice :)

  23. Congratulations on your new grandson! How wonderful. I'm sure he has a quilt already.
    I wear 10D, so it could be worse. Haha.
    Those are great embellishments on the moms-to-be quilt. I especially like the beaded hair and earrings.
    I like your quilt blocks too.
    Boy, you really got your money's worth with this post! Full of good stuff.

  24. Your grandson is a sweetie.

    Love what you are doing with your blocks and the mug rugs are so cute.

  25. I'm with you on shoe shopping. Hate it! And I have an average sized foot. It's just so hard to find comfortable shoes that I like!
    What a little cutie your new little grandson is! Congratulations to all and glad mommy and babe are doing well.
    The quilt is adorable and a real work of art. I love those details! :)
    You always manage to fit so much in. Fancy getting all those floors cleaned and fridge and freezers too! Not to mention quilting as well! You're amazing.
    The storm dumped a few inches of snow on us this morning in a very short time. More is expected overnight and tomorrow, plus very cold temps, high winds and some freezing rain thrown in for good measure. It's going to be a good day to stay home and bundle up.
    Glad you've had some lovely weather. Send some our way, please!

  26. Mary, great blocks you are working on. Love Mary's tip to give the strings to the birds. In this cold weather the fabric will keep the birds warm.

  27. That is a very cute baby, don't you just love to sit and hold them when they are that age. That was a very cute quilt at the hospital. Your blocks are great and I love your mug rugs.

  28. Congratulations on your new grandson, he is soo cute. Beautiful maternity quilt, lovely detail and the mug rugs, wow!

  29. That sweet little grandbaby is adorable. I love the quilt from the maturnity ward. Your blocks are looking wonderful.

  30. I wear a size 8B shoe and even though that's a pretty normal size, I still hate shopping for shoes! lol I hope you were able to find a pair that fit you.

    Your newest grandbaby is so precious, how I'd love to hold him!! There's no such thing as spoiling a baby!! hehe No doubt he will be well loved:-)

    That maternity ward quilt is just so sweet and whoever made it did an excellent job of it. I can't get over all the details and it's so cute the way the babies are represented.

    The mug rugs you made are so darling and look at that, they match the cups:-) Yup, the birds in your neighbourhood will have some lovely and colourful nests! hehe

    No doubt you are with MM right now, wishing you a really fun time and make sure you give her a big hug from me:-) Really wish I could be there with the both of you, oh what trouble we could get into! lol Love you. xoxox

  31. I hate shoe shopping also. I can never find a cute pair in the wide width.
    Your new grandson is adorable.
    have a great weekend.

  32. la,la,love that quilt that you took a photo of and shared with us! Toooo cute!

    and Congrats on the new family member! ;) What an angel!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  33. He's a cutie. Don't mention shoes. They have been atrial to me all my life. I am a size 6 ( 7 and a half US)AAA. There was a time when I could pay a lot and get the right size in London. Then the time came when I had to settle for 6AA and have them specially ordered.
    These days I live in sandals in the summer with several fastenings. I have some everyday shoes for indoors winter with velcro fastenings and wear trainers whenever I can get away with it.

  34. Your grandchild is just so sweet. I loved seeing the quilts too. As to your shoe size, I have a size 7, so it is pretty easy for me, but I am still not used to the European sizes.

  35. What a gorgeous babe... How can you not love it to bits!!! Precious...

    Your blocks and mug rugs are great! I'll have to make some... some day!