Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Week Down ALREADY

Whew!  I can't believe that we are already in the second week of 2011.  If it continues like this we will all be asking where the year went. 

The first week has been a busy one around here.  The dismantling of Christmas decorations always seems to take so long.  Maybe it is because it is less fun that putting the things out.  Why is it that you think you have it all done and then you find that one stray item which means you have to go back and dig all of the stuff out to put it back?  Is it only me?

I attended a great machine embroidery class this week and really felt that I learned a lot.  Even though I have been doing machine embroidery for about five or six years, it is always fun to get together with others and pick their brains.  It is also fun to see the newer products which make hooping easier.

The biggest chore at this time of the year is rose pruning.  The roses were so late this year with our cold summer so they don't look as though they are in need of pruning yet.  They are still covered with beautiful leaves, a lot of buds and roses.  But....I need to get them finished and get some dormant spray on them before winter is over.  Have I mentioned before that I have over 100 bushes????

The weather here has been really cold.  The snow levels have been way down and it has made for stunning views around our valley.  Our local farmers have their field fans going all night to prevent freeze damage to their crops.  

I think even the birds are cold this year.  This is my little friend who has been hanging onto my screen for the last week.  I think he is begging to come in and get warm.  I can relate!

The grandchildren went back to school this week, but not before we got a day of sewing squeezed in.  Unfortunately, I can't share a picture because I forgot to take any before their dad showed up.  They made themselves darling skirts with godets and yokes - both new techniques to them.  I think I need to make myself one as they were soooo cute.

I am also working on some of my PhD projects.  I managed to get the red and aqua squares all put together and started to work on my siggy blocks as well.

I added another row to make it the size that I wanted.

Blocks #11 for the Thread Head quilt along are done.

Blocks # 1 and 2 from the Civil War quilt along are also finished.

I received my wonderful hearts from Judy at Sew Fun Quilts this week.  She had a giveaway for them and I won!!!  I want to make them up into a Valentine's quilt as they will be perfect in it.  Thank you, Judy.

Sooo....that's been my first week of 2011.  How about yours?


Julia said...

That's what the mountains in E TN look like right now, too. We are in for a real storm with ice, snow and sleet, they say. I like snow, but not ice.
I'd love to see the skirts.
Your quilts are always amazing.

Michele said...

Beautiful projects! Yes, the past few weeks have flown by for me too.......I have been busy with taking down decorations and cleaning out some areas of the house that were neglected during the holiday rush! I have a few spare Christmas items that were left out when things were packed up that I need to put away....I don't know how I missed them!

Quilt Hollow said...

I have to agree....before we know it the holidays will roll around again and we'll be asking where did the year go? But for seems those warm days of Spring are so far off in the distance.
Someday....someday I hope to stitch with grandkids! Did I read 100 rose bushes? OMGosh!!!! Your yard must smell devine when they bloom!

Pat said...

Have you ever posted a photo for us of those rosebushes in bloom? I sure hope you do that someday. When I saw your siggy quilt, I realized (with regret) that I never did end up making a siggy block to send to you. I'm BAD! *sigh*

Barb said...

I love all of your projects especially the red and aqua, I have been saving those fabrics for a while myself.

Time sure does fly by.....see you next week.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

*blink* and my week was gone! :-o Hopefully this week will allow a little sewing time as I want to do those CW blocks. ;-) Yours look great! Have a happy week!

Dawn said...

I finally got the decorations down Friday - and yes, I left out one of the kids' nativity sets. This afternoon Katie said, "Where's the tree, Grandma?" So cute..

I didn't know you had so many rosebushes! Wow, that's a lot of work.

I would have loved to see the dresses - too bad you forgot to take a picture!

Callie went home last night with Angie and the girlies cried. Quite a change from a month ago when she arrived!

Notjustnat said...

Mary, I totally agree with you on packing the Christmas decorations away. I did our yesterday and it wasn't fun! After sealed the boxes and put them away I found the whole small box left out!!! You are on to a busy year with all your projects. I like the idea of Civil war BOM I might go over to Barbarras and have a look. Yours are gorgeous color.

The year does seem to go too quickly these days. It won't be long before we have to bring out the Christmas boxes back - Hugs Nat

Tonya said...

looks like you've been super busy......i like the siggy blocks, i've always wanted to exchange those

Heidi said...

Wow you have been busy! That's quite a bit for the first week.

I also love taking classes. I always take away something that I didn't already know.


I love those red fabric hearts--
and that picture of the mountains--wow!!!
have fun this week--
Hugs, Di

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh My gosh, What a start to the new year!! Of course I love your red and aqua quilt, and the siggy also looks great.
Just love your blocks for the Thread head, all those HST and they are perfect. Way to sew girl!!
Stunning picture, and poor little bird.
100 rose bushes!! My favorite flower and I cannot grow them at all!

Midlife Mom said...

I am STILL finding a few Christmas things here and there to put away. It does seem nice to have the house so clean and bare again although I love all the Christmas stuff during the holidays. Makes the house look so cozy.

My goodness girl, you have been busy in the sewing room! I need you here for about a week to help me finish up all of my UFO's!!! Miss T has been sewing up a storm too. She went through all of my leftover squares and went home with a big box full. She made me a tote out of horse material. I'm so glad she loves to sew.

100 rose bushes! Yikes, that is a big job! They must be very confused with the way the weather has been out your way this year.

We have our plans booked for NY and we will be seeing The Jersey Boys and The Lion King. Rain is finished on the 15th of this month so we won't get to see that one. I can't wait to take a carriage ride around Central Park!

Going to get a little snow on Wednesday but not the blizzard they thought we would get. Darn!

See you in a few weeks!! xoxoxox

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great pics, love your blocks. 100 rose bushes!! WOW!! Bet your yard sure is beautiful when they are in bloom!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness, 100 rose bushes? I have 3 climbing roses on the fence that were here when we bought this house and they are pitiful because I'm not a rose person and have no idea what to do with them or when! blessings, marlene

PEA said...

I pretty much said the same thing on my post this morning regarding the first week of January going by so fast!! I just wish it would slow down for a while! lol

I agree with you, it's a lot more fun putting UP the decorations than taking them DOWN! Once I had everything down I went through it all and packed up some of them to give to the thrift shop. I'm trying to minimize how much I decorate for Christmas.

How lucky you are to have roses blooming through the winter months!! I won't be seeing a rose until at least June/July! lol I can well imagine all the work involved in pruning over 100 bushes!!

Wow, what a view! The mountains look so gorgeous with the snow on them. Field fans...that's something I've never heard of.

Love all of your quilt blocks! Congratulations on winning the heart giveaway, can't wait to see the Valentine quilt you'll make out of them:-) Much love xoxoxo

Donna said...

Oh..I just about hate to visit you Needled Mom!! You just kill me with your lovely quilting projects. Ahh..for retirement! I adore my teenagers but I'm also torn between SAT test registration, new jobs, teaching Algebra I and II to a 10th and 12th grader...and wanting to quilt and sew. Sigh..

I did get to design my own shower curtain and posted it today. Every now and then..I get a little bit of free time. :o)

I love your snow..and your pretty quilt projects in the making!


Val said...

Well, you have been a busy bee. I wish I could say that I had that much done! How do you do it??

Talin's Corner said...

That always happens to me. No matter how many times I check and then check again, there is that one item (okay sometimes two) that I find. I used to go to the trouble of finding its rightful place, but now I just shove it in a box and hope I will find it next year.

Your projects are beautiful. The red, white, and blue quilt looks great (Split 9 Patch, right?).

nancygrayce said...

I looked to my left just now and my Christmas flowers are still on the dining table as well as two red berry trees! Although I'm seriously thinking the red berry trees might work for Valentines!

100 rose bushes! Oh, my you are one busy lady!!!

em's scrapbag said...

No you are not the only one that finds those stray Christmas decorations. Ewwww that drives me crazy. Love all your projects. I feel for your little bird friend I don't think we have been abouve freezing for over a week. BRRRR

Barbara said...

I had to double click to see all the names on the quilt.

The bird certainly looks like he wants to come inside.

We do not prune roses until March I am glad to say.

Mary, you are not alone. Never a year goes by when we do not find something that did not get packed away. This year it was the spare light bulbs for the tree. Alan decided to put them in the general light bulb box. Now I hope we remember that next year!!

John'aLee said...

Love, love those quilts.
I too used to have over 100 rose bushes when I lived near Las Vegas. Pruning was a job...but oh so worth it come Spring time. Good luck with that and don't let those bushes eat you up!

Kerrie said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I would love to see the skirts the kids made, hope you can get a picture later on. Hugs, K

Melinda Cornish said...

I love roses....someday I hope to have more than I do now...I think I have 8 bushes!
I really love the aqua and the red together....such a pretty a fresh combination...
I also wanted to say thank you so much for your kindness and are a great friend and I appreciate it!

Micki said...

Beautiful projects! You are going to have so much fun with those hearts!

Micki said...

Beautiful projects! You are going to have so much fun with those hearts!

JJ said...

I love roses but mine are under a couple of inches of snow. We did warm up and the snow is melting and there are ponds of water everywhere. Your projects look perfect. I finished a couple of projects this week and I have one more that needs to be done before I can move on to one I have been thinking about.

Diane said...

Wow, you're off to a productive start for 2011. I love the way you set your signature blocks.

Donna said...

Hi Needled Mom,

I just wanted to let you know that I featured you and gave you the Versatile Blogger award. If you would like to accept it, you can read all about it and yourself on today's post.


Alice Grace said...

It sounds like it is colder than you are used to there this year, also! We have been so very very cold, with nine inches of snow! It still is lingering after over a week. I love your quilt blocks! Absolutely beautiful!

Trudy Callan said...

Thanks so much for the welcome back and for the compliment of my photo shoots. I'm so glad you like them. It's good to know what draws others to one's blog. I am always curious.

Your quilting is so beautiful.