Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still Here

I am still here, but have just been too busy having fun to do a decent post.  More important, life is good and we are having fun.

Along with a little wallpapering at my mom's and painting at my daughter's, this is a recap of the last two weeks.

Celebrated a birthday.

Babysat for the pianist.

Entertained this charming houseguest and......

her brother.  Their parents came as well.

Spent time in the sewing studio working on.....
Our blue and yellow swap blocks this month (exchanged with Emily).

Completed block one of the Jelly Roll Quilt Along.

Finished the first two Barn Quilt blocks.

Worked on my Pinwheels for the Pinwheel Quilt Along.

Finished piecing my March Schnibbles.

Completed my Shamrock quilt that I was going to do last year.  I did this in the Carol and Amanda Get it Done Sewing Retreat yesterday.  Now I can use it as a table topper for St. Patrick's Day dinner this week.  This was a pattern that was offered here if anyone is interested in doing this quilt.


Made another doll school uniform for the grandchildren's school auction last weekend.  This one brought in $500+.  Each year I am amazed at what these little uniforms will fetch at the auction.

The siggy blocks have also been arriving.  I so enjoy seeing where they are from and reading a little about everyone who is exchanging them with me. 

Sooooo........that has been why I have not posted and visited lately.  I will try to be better.  I hope everyone has a great week ahead.


  1. WOW...what a great time you've been having!!! I love the school uniforms for the dolls...very much like the uniforms at a Catholic school where I once taught. What is the siggy block thing? I've happy to send one to you if I knew the size for the blocks. (I THINK I can see how they are made as long as I know the size of the background blocks and then the size of the blocks...or triangles...that were put on each corner.) Let me know if you want me to do one for you. LOVE all the things you have made and also the adorable kiddies...big and little!

  2. That's a full week!!
    Love the grandkids pics,adorable!!
    The quilts are fantastic wow!
    Your a busy person!!

  3. Oh my goodness you have had a busy few weeks, your little ones are just darling.
    I love the school uniform and 500+ that is wonderful!! Have a great week, Jane

  4. The school must just love your contribution for the auction!!

    My favorite of all your work that you showed - the barn blocks. Love them!

    The grands are adorable!

  5. Lots of fun going on! Love the fabrics you used for Roundabout!

    I too did the Shamrock quilt - I loved it, it was a real quick fun sew!

  6. Ah, such fun, and so much sewing gettign done! Perfect. I love all the blocks, and often think of getting involved in the swaps. Maybe I should do that in the autumn. So many things I want to do! I just love the photos of the little ones too. You are definitely having fun!

  7. So you had a great time with the grandchildren.
    And how wunderfull all your sewing work
    You made a lot of things,
    Why I have somany Siggies.
    I send emails to some one on the list of Annelies and ask to change.
    So i made many and send many.
    It is so nice to send and receive so amny.
    Have a good time big hugs Dorine

  8. YOu have been one busy beaver. I just love your house guest....

    Love the block, quilt..everything...thanks for showing them...

  9. Wow have you been busy!
    Enjoy your fun time!!

  10. Boy, you have been busy. Love the doll uniforms! What a great idea.

  11. My goodness! You did a lot! The children are precious, and the blocks are beautiful! I liked the barn best, I think, but it would be hard to choose, they are all so great!

  12. Your house guests are adorable! Love your Roundabout too~ I'm working on it! Looks like you've kept plenty busy~ they are all great projects! :-) Have a fun week!

  13. My goodness! You have been busy and I'm've gotten a lot more quilting done than I have!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting the other day!

    Donna at Comin' Home

  14. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I really love your blog and have added you to my blog roll!

  15. Love your pinwheel blocks. You must have a lot of patience to sew school uniforms for the dolls. They are great.

  16. You have been a very busy girl. With lovely quilts and beautiful visitors. Life is good.

  17. Well I have to say, I haven't been reading blogs too much lately but I have checked in on you from time to time and have missed you. Love all those pictures!

  18. My goodness!! you have been busy, I love all your quilting projects you have done, you are so gifted...and the little uniform is amazing. Your family are so cute. Have a great week!

  19. You've been very busy! But in a good way!

  20. Wow! look at you, you are on fire......the little doll clothes are amazing and I love all the blocks.....The kids are just the is great to have fun!

  21. WOWEEEEE!!!
    Look at hose Beautiful children!
    Beautiful quilts, And clothing! You are so awesome!
    Love it all!!!

  22. Love your March Schnibble.. so pretty in blues and greens..:o)

  23. Lots of fun. And lots of really cool sewing. I love the school uniform. Are they mineature? or for wear?

  24. Love the colors in your March Schnibbles.

  25. My goodness, you have been so busy! Lovely quilts and blocks! I am in Sandi's bunny hop and wanted to stop by for a visit. HOP over to me now for a visit!


  26. You have completed such wonderful projects!
    I love the barnhouse blocks!

  27. Everything's so pretty. I love the schnibbles one. Your grandkids are so cute!

  28. You are the Quilting Queen! Wow, you have accomplished allot this month.

  29. Sounds like you've been very busy tying up a lot of loose ends! It's always great to get projects finished.

  30. That's an amazing amount of stuff to accomplish and all of it is just wonderful. You are very talented!

  31. Busy Bee :-) thank you for joining my giveaway.

  32. Love your Schnibble! Also your Clover quilt looks great!

    Looks like a bunch of cuties were at your house :)

  33. Came to see your wonderful Schnibbles. So cool and beachy looking it is.